10 Expensive Homes Owned By The Bilderberg Group

Vidello Productions takes a look at 10 Expensive homes owned or previously owned by members or former members of the Bilderberg Group.

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10 Expensive Homes Owned By The Bilderberg Group

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10 — Chappaqua Estate — Bill Clinton

Owned by Former President of the United States Bill CLinton,this massive 17 acre estate was purchased by the former president in 1999 close to the end of his second term.

The dutch style villa was built i the year 1895 and the whole estate is currently valued at over $8 Million Dollars.

The estate is located in the northern Westchester County of the American state of New York and features landscaped gardens, large swimming pool, tennis court, guest cottage and a pool house.

The house has been equipped an indoor pool fitted with a sauna, wet bar and a sun room, multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and guest suites.

One of the people who owns a house close to the clintons is singer Vanessa Williams.

9 — River House Apartment — Henry Kissinger

River house is a co-op apartment building located on the site of a former cigar factory in New York City.

The building used to feature a pier where residents could dock their private yachts however this was removed after the construction of the FDR drive.

Their is a gated cobblestone courtyard featuring a fountain, and on the lower levels of the building was the River club.

The club was open to half or more of the buildings residents who pay a $10,000 yearly fee to be members and includes a restaurant, indoor pool and tennis courts.

The club was later sold and became Manhattan’s most expensive residence at $130 Million after being converted into a private residence.

8 — Atherton Mansion — Eric Schmidt

This $3.7 Million dollar estate is located in the affluent neighborhood of Atherton, California.
Schmidt’s sprawling abode covers approximately 4,840 sq ft and boasts 5 spacious bedrooms and 3 full and 1 half bathrooms.

The estate features large open plan gardens, large private pool and several private guest houses.

Other notable residents of Atherton include Willie Mays, Shirley Temple and Bob Weir.

7 — Bedford Mansion — George Soros

Built in the pristine pasturelands of Bedford, New York, $23 Billion Dollar man George Soros owns this large estate.

The massive mansion at is centre features 19 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms with a large pool on the outside all linked in with stunning landscaped gardens.

The mansion was built in 2003 and its not thought many pictures, if any exist of the inside.

The price paid for the estate is also un-clear, let us know down in the comments below if you acquire the information.

6 — Georgian Townhouse — Tony Blair

One of the main homes owned by the Former Prime-Minister of the United Kingdom Tony blair, this house is located in Central London.

That property, which is owned together with the house immediately behind it, is estimated to be worth more than £8.5m.

The Blair’s also own a large amount of other properties in London including 27 flats and 9 homes, most of which they rent out.

Their entire property portfolio value is thought to be worth around £27 million dollars, so look out for us profiling them in one of our 10 most expensive videos coming soon!

5 — Belgravia Home — Margaret Thatcher

Before her death in April 2013, Margaret Thatcher owned a massive house in Belgravia since she bought it in 1991.

The Grade II listed building on №73 Chester Square, one of London’s most prestigious addresses, now boasts a lift, a newly constructed mews house with a roof terrace and a private garage .

The house features 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, bomb proof steel door, large dining room and study that are understood to have not changed since she owned it.

The drawing room and library have also not changed much and its reported that these rooms have 3.5 meter tall ceilings.

Renovators have since added a pair of original Louis XVI fireplaces, cinema, bar area and a gymnasium as well as 500-bottle temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Its understood the property is now worth £30 Million pounds.

4 — Bush Compound- George H. W. Bush

Located in Walkers Point, Southern Maine, is the summer home of 41st President of the United States George H. W. Bush.

The property has been a family retreat for more than a century starting with his Father and Mother, Prescott Bush and Dorothy Walker.

The estate was purchased in the late 19th century and the large central house, has nine bedrooms, four sitting rooms, an office, a den, a library, a dining room, a kitchen, and various patios and decks.

Next to the main house are a four-car garage, a pool, tennis court, dock, boathouse, and guesthouse.

The flagpole at the property flew both the US flag and the presidential flag when a president sitting in office visited the compound.

3 — Textile Museum Home — Jeff Bezos

If your looking to live in the same neighborhood as Ivanka Trump then you can expect to pay roughly $23 Million dollars and thats exactly what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos decided to do.

The property was a Textiles Museum for nearly 100 years before it moved to a university campus in 2013.

Located in Kalorama, one of Washington DC’s most exclusive neighborhoods, the property spans 2 mansions and features upgraded security systems, home office and lush green gardens.

The home features 9 bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms and covers over 27,000 square feet.

2 — San Francisco Mansion — Peter Thiel

This 4 storey mansion was purchased in September 2009 for $6.5 million dollars by Venture capitalist and Philanthropist, Peter Thiel.

The mansion which faces the Palace of Fine Arts on one side and has the Golden Gate Bridge on the other, is located in the Marina District.

While the mansion is now up for sale it has some impressive features on the inside including 7,000 square feet of living space that was actually converted from 2 houses.

The house features a large modern fitted kitchen, large lounge, new fitted bathrooms all with views of the outdoors and study with library.

The one thing that makes this home stand out from others in the area however is the expansive roof deck that gives great views of the palace of fine arts and the city

1 — Southampton Estate — George Stephanopoulos

Along with Ali Wentworth, this American journalist and former political advisor owns or owned one of the largest estates in Southampton.

The whole estate is valued at just under $7 million dollars and the mansion features 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and covers an area of 4,800 square feet.

Some of the other features inside this amazing home includes a media room with fitted bar, personal gym, custom 1000 bottle wine cellar, recreation room and bunk room.

One of the bathrooms features a large soaking tub and double vanities while outside the large open veranda has a view of the Gunite pool and even a sunken tennis court.

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