10 Expensive Things Owned By President Cyril Ramaphosa

Estimated to be one of the richest men in South Aftica with a net worth of $450 Million or $8 billion Rand, President Cyril Ramaphosa owns a multitude of luxury properties, fast cars and even his own cattle farm.

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10 – Cape Town Property

Located in the suburb of Rondebosch, an affluent area near the city center, lies one of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s many Mega-homes where he works and entertains guests on a regular basis.

Details about the interior layout, amenities, and size of Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cape Town residence are no publicly available due to security and privacy concerns.

The home is known to have a swimming pool, private office, large kitchen, outdoor relaxation area and numerous bedrooms.

The home also offers a safe and secure business working enviroment whenever the President is on official duties in CapeTown, including meeting foriegn dignitaries.

Prices are currently unknown for the property, however it is thought to stretch into the millions of dollars.

9 – Boeing Business Jet

One of the most luxurious and private planes in the Boeing family, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s state 737 takes the epitome of travel to a whole new level.

This jet features three times the normal living space of a standard private jet and can fly for 15-hours, non-stop, around the world, covering Up to 6,600nm or 12,220km.

With multiple lounges, private rooms and walk-by isles, the jet can carry upwards of 19-passengers and features relaxing couches and in-flight entertainment systems.

The plane comes with its own private bedroom with king-sised bed and a private bathroom with marble sink.

With ultra fuel-efficient engines, on-board Wi-Fi and a cockpit with one of the most advanced capabilities in the world, Ramaphosa is in safe hands when flying on this plane.

Boeing business jets come with an estimated retail value of around $71 million in todays markets, however it is understood that the South African Government aquired theirs for $41 million.

8 – Armoured BMW 7 Series

A flagship model of the German automaker BMW, the BMV 7 series is known for its luxurious features, advanced technology, and high-performance capabilities.

Cyril Ramaphosa takes this one step further with his luxury sedan being specially reinforced to provide high levels of protection against various threats, including ballistic attacks, explosives, and other security risks.

The armoring process typically involves reinforcing the vehicle’s structure with ballistic-grade materials such as hardened steel, composite armor, and bullet-resistant glass.

These enhancements add significant weight to the vehicle, which necessitates modifications to the suspension, braking system, and sometimes even the engine to maintain performance and handling.

Armored BMW 7 Series vehicles are often customized to meet the specific security needs of their owners, which can vary depending on factors such as the level of protection required.

This can involve the perceived threat level, and any special requirements for features like communication systems, emergency escape options, or additional security measures.

7 – Pretoria Residence

Situated in the administrative capital of South Africa, Ramaphosa’s Pretoria residence is known as “The New Dawn”.

Serving as the primary residence for the President when conducting official duties in Pretoria, the expansive property is located in the suburb of Bryntirion.

The residence features extensive grounds, security measures, and facilities necessary to accommodate the President and all his official functions.

Specific details about the interior layout are not publicly available, however, the house is known to provide comfortable and secure accommodation.

Used for various official events, meetings, and engagements, both domestic and international, this prestigious property impresess all who visit.

6 – McDonalds Franchises

While belonging to the Coca-Cola Company International Advisory Board and the Unilever Africa Advisory Council, Ramaphosa paid for a 20-year master franchise agreement.

That agreement saw him take full-control of 145 McDonald’s restaurants in South Africa, at a time when he became one of South Africa’s Richest Men.

At the time, Ramaphosa believed he could turn round the company’s fortunes in the country and by 2023, over 300 McDonalds now exist in the country.

The partnership lasted only for a short time, however, and in 2016, The President sold the McDonalds franchises to MSA Holdings, a company based in the United Arab Emirates.

5 – BMW X3 M40i

Powered by a potent engine that delivers strong performance, the X3 M40i typically features a turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine.

Equipped with a range of features aimed at enhancing performance, comfort, and convenience, President Ramaphosa truly travells in style whenever he is in this vehicle.

Features include sport-tuned suspension, upgraded brakes, sport seats, larger wheels, a panoramic sunroof, advanced infotainment system, premium audio system, and driver assistance technologies.

Prices for Ramaphosa’s X3 start from around $56,000 and can go as high as $60,000.

4 – Cattle Farm

Located in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, near the town of Badplaas, Ntaba Nyoni Estate is a 5,100 hectare farm where Cyril Ramaphosa breeds Ankole and Ankole-cross cattle.

Valued for their hardiness and ability to thrive in various environmental conditions, the cattle are a breed native to Africa, known for their distinctive large, elongated horns.

Ramaphosa’s involvement in farming, particularly cattle farming, is well-known and he has often spoken about the importance of agriculture in South Africa’s economy.

He has also advocated for land reform initiatives aimed at addressing historical injustices in land ownership, with cattle farming, being a significant aspect of Ramaphosa’s life.

One cow can sell for roughly SR700,000, or the equivilent of around $37,000.

3 – Lions Head Mansion

Situated on Lion’s Head, a prominent peak overlooking Cape Town, this large home is known for its stunning views of Cape Town, Table Mountain, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Located in one of Cape Town’s most prestigious and affluent neighborhoods the home is understood to be an opulent residence befitting of Ramaphosa’s stature.

Features of this luxurious accommodation include extensive grounds, and high-end amenities and a state-of-the-art security system alongside its own security force.

The triple-storey home features a modern architectural design with infinity pool and large balconies with a private office and many floor to ceiling windows.

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, as with the other properties on this list, only exterior and ariel photos exist.

2 – Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

The third motor in the collection of President Cyril Ramaphosa, his Mercedes Benz C63 AMG is one of the most powerful with aggressive styling, and impressive driving dynamics.

Traditionally, the C63 AMG has been powered by a handcrafted, hand-assembled V8 engine, yet, most recent iterations have featured a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

Thanks to its powerful engine, the C63 AMG can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 4 seconds, making it one of the quickest cars in its class.

Features include a more aggressive and sporty exterior design compared to the standard C-Class with unique AMG body styling, larger wheels, and quad exhaust tips.

Ramaphosa’s C63 is thought to cost in the region of $81,000.

1 – Boran Bull

Considered to be one of the most expensive purchases at the Mpumalanga auction house, Cyril Ramaphosa is estimated to have paid around 3.5 million South African Rand for the animal, named Jester.

Originally bred in eastern Africa more than 1 000 years ago, these cattle are known for being very well adapted to harsh conditions on the continent.

Incredibly docile and easy to handle, Boran cattle have long been raised by President Ramaphosa on his private cattle farm.

The bulls have lived in Africa for over 1,000 years and have adapted well to the local conditions and have often been used for DNA Sampling.

The price of the bull purchased by Ramaphosa, set a record for the sale in South Africa.

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