10 Expensive Things Owned By Millionaire LeBron James

LeBron James has an estimated net worth of around $375 million. We take look at his expensive taste!

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10 – Ferrari F430 Spider

Coming in at a price tag of over $154,000, Ferrari fans will delight at LeBron James’s super fast F430 Spider.

With his height of over 6 feet, LeBron James has to have his cars custom made just to be able to fit in them.

He did this with the Ferrari F430 Spider that features a lightweight V8 engine that produces 490 horsepower.

The Spider is capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in a mere 4.1 seconds and achieves a top speed in excess of 193 mph.

The roof panel automatically folds away inside a space above the engine bay and the conversion from a closed top to an open-air convertible is a two-stage folding-action.

9 – Dodge Challenger SRT

The second car on our list is the Dodge Challenger SRT which comes equipped with monstrous 6.4-litre V-8 engine and LeBron James is often seen driving family about in this car.

The car features dual zone climate control, has a top speed of 199 miles per hour, and can go from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

It’s thought this version of the car was upgraded by LeBron James; however, more modest versions come in at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of around $50,000.

Another great piece of information that I can bring to Dodge fans—the 2018 version of this car is set to cost only $85,000.

8 – Coconut Grove Mansion

Located in the ultra upmarket area of Coconut Groove, Miami, Florida, this $9 million mansion is spread over an area of 15,000 square feet.

The luxurious mansion has grounds that include three fountains, room for two 60-foot yachts to dock, 6 bedrooms, and 8.5 bathrooms.

The mansion features a huge kitchen, impressive and well equipped laundry room, infinity pool overlooking the bay, large home theatre, and huge wine cellar.

The whole complex is surrounded by lush palm trees, sprawling gardens, and security is tight.

7 – Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 is the perfect type of car for LeBron James to drive and it is apparently also his favourite car to be seen in.

The yellow Hummer 2 was a gift from his mother on his 18th birthday and is equipped with 8-way power front seats and BOSE premium sound system.

It has a top speed of 177km/h and features 393 bhp with an acceleration speed of 0-60 in 10 seconds.

If you are looking to purchase a new version of this car then expect to pay around $103,000.

6 – Chevrolet Camaro SS

Being an NBA player, LeBron James gets paid a large amount of money and that’s one of the reasons why he owns this amazing all white Chevrolet Camaro SS.

The 2010 car is entirely decked in white except for the gloss black emblem, the tinted windows, and a thin, black, pinstripe racing stripe.

The car is engineered for both speed, performance, and efficiency and can go from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, has 6 speed manual transmission and its thought LeBron James paid roughly $37,900 dollars.

We were unable to locate a top speed for the car so if you know it, let us know.

5 – Rolex Collection

LeBron James is defiantly a man of time and this is clear with his £100,000 pound watch collection.

The collection includes a Rolex Day-Date II, valued at close to £24,000 pounds, a Rolex Yacht-Master II valued at near £50,000 pounds, and a Rolex Sky-Dweller with a price tag of £26,500 pounds.

It’s understood that Lebron James likes to add to his impressive luxury watch collection each time he hits a major milestone in his NBA career.

4 – Orange Jeep Wrangler

LeBron James likes to be seen driving in style and class, with white being almost the chosen color.

This car, however, differs from the norm, with it being bright orange and black.

With a recommended retail price of £32,000, this massive vehicle pulls all the punches with a 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 engine, top speed of 111 miles per hour, and an impressive off-road performance, this vehicle can tear through sand, rock, snow, or mud with ease.

3 – Porsche Turbo

At a cost of around $165,000 dollars, LeBron James can often be seen driving in his black-colored Porsche Turbo.

The sports car is powered by a high end turbocharged 3800cc flat-6 engine that delivers an output of 530 brake horsepower.

The Turbo can touch speeds of 100 km/hour from start in less than four seconds, and can clock a top speed of 320 km/hour.

The car’s stylised interiors feature leather upholstered seats and the controls provide smooth handling experience.

2 – Ohio Mansion

While playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James purchased this house for around $2.1 Million Dollars in 2003.

He immediately began a massive upgrade project that now sees a mansion covering over 35,400 square feet.

The 19 room house features a two lane bowling alley, 6 bedrooms, 6 and a half bathrooms, private home theater, and even a barber’s shop.

The grand master bedroom is located in the first floor, has a two-story walk in closet, and there is even an online casino on-site.

The house also features a sports activities bar and aquarium with initial estimates putting the whole complex at $9.2 Million Dollars in today’s money.

1 – Special Maybach 57S

Being one of the most famous basketball players in the world, you like to be seen in expensive cars and this car has a number plate which says King of Ohio.

The all white Maybach 57S comes with a rather hefty price tag of $376,300 dollars and is the epitome of dynamic elegance and power.

The car is fitted with an electric tilting/sliding sunroof made from 0.25 inch laminated glass, has a 5.5 liter V12 engine, and can achieve a top speed around the 170 miles per hour mark.

It’s understood that LeBron James sold the car sometime around 2013.

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