42 Things That Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth Dies

Today, Vidello Productions is taking a look at 42 things that will happen when Queen Elizabeth dies.

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42. Money Changes

When Queen Elizabeth dies and Prince Charles becomes King Charles III, new currency bearing his portrait and name will immediately begin being produced.

It is believed that Prince Charles has already sat for these portraits to be made and it will be used on the new currency immediately.

Old currency featuring the queens image will very slowly be collected by banks and post offices however its thought this will take place over several years to make sure all the old currency is out of circulation.

41. Prime Minister Informed

One of the first people to hear about the death of the Queen Elizabeth will be the Prime Minister at the time, who will receive a call directly from Buckingham Palace.

This call will come directly from the Queen’s private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, who is actually the first person who will know.

The code word used for this notification has been revealed to be “London Bridge is down” and will be mentioned upon the sovereigns death.

40. Further Semi-Public Notifications

One thing that must happen before the full notification of the public is The Foreign Office’s Global Response Centre will notify the 15 governments outside the UK.

This is where Queen Elizabeth is head of state for 36 other nations of the Commonwealth who will also be in mourning upon her death.

This notification includes heads of state within the commonwealth and their respective governments.

39. World Media Notified

Due to the huge nature of the event, the Press Association will be the first media organisation to be notified.

Many people think that the BBC is the first, however it is actually the Press Association that notifies them and they conduct their own programming from there.

The Press association is also responsible for notifying the worlds media of the death, which includes all major media broadcasters from every nation on Earth.

38. The Footman

One of the traditions of Buckingham Palace when a sovereign dies, is the footman, dressed all in black, who approaches the gates of Buckingham Palace and places a notice on the gates.

This black-edged notice informs the public who are stood directly outside the palace, and whom may not have access to media at the time, that the Queen has died.

Its thought that someone is always ready to carry out this duty at a moments notice and that it has been rehearsed several times when few people are about of course!

37. BBC Alert System

Unbeknown to most, the BBC has what is called an Emergency Radio Alert Transmission System that is used in the death of Major Royals

The system has also gained the rather unsavoury nickname, “Royal About To Snuff It” as it has become quite a feature in articles.

The alert system is automated once activated and a pre-recorded message is played cross all major radio stations and TV radio stations.

Blue obituary lights will start flashing in commercial radio stations, and DJs are told to switch to the news in the next few minutes.

36. Newsreaders

Newsreaders are ready at all times for the death of Queen Elizabeth and in preparation for the national event they keep a set of clothing ready just incase.

Its understood that upon the death of the queen, a short break will take place while the anchor at the time changes into a black suit and tie.

These are kept ready at all times in the wardrobe area of the studio so the media do not get caught out.

35. Pilots

It’s thought that pilots are ready at a moments notice worldwide, to announce Queen Elizabeth has died to people travelling on commercial flights.

This is due to most people not having access to 24 hour live news while flying commercial flights for up to 12 hours at a time.

Pilot’s will announce the Queens death to passengers on all commercial flights, regardless of destination of language spoken.

34. London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange is expected to close as a mark of respect when Queen Elizabeth dies and all trading is expected to be suspended.

Its not clear how long the stock exchange will close, however it is thought that the cost to the UK economy during the downtime could be in the billions of pounds.

Should the funeral be held on a weekend however, the Stock Exchange may not be affected, as they usually only trade on weekdays

33. Death In Scotland

If Queen Elizabeth were to be in Scotland, let’s say Balmoral when she dies, then Scottish tradition states that her body will lie in Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.

It will then carried up the Royal Mile to St. Giles Cathedral, and finally put on the Royal Train down the east coast.

32. Parliament Recall

Within days of her passing, Parliament will be recalled and all MP’s will be required to swear allegiance to the new sovereign.

Charles, if he is the new king will not have to be present for this, as he automatically obtains the position the moment the Queen dies.

During the process the Oath of Allegiance will be read which is a promise to be loyal to the British monarch, and his or her heirs and successors.

31. Church Services

Many churches will begin to hold immediate services across the country, regardless of the time, as will many others around the world.

Its thought a formal statement of condolence will be issued from the Vatican in Italy and flags around the world will fly at half mast

This does not include the Royal Standard, which is never flown at half-mast due to a new King automatically ascending the throne.

30. Department of Culture

A team will assemble at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, including government, police, security and armed forces

These teams will begin to make plans for the funeral of the monarch and issue advice on logistics for travelling in and out of London during the coming days.

They are also responsible for the security, before, during and after the period of official mourning.

29. Period of Official Mourning

The United Kingdom’s period of official mourning will last for 12 days after the death of Queen Elizabeth and during this time many people will pay respects to her.

Many private sessions of mourning will take place and this will be time for some of the bigger church services to take place.

28. Comedy Removed

During the last death of a Monarch in 1952, the BBC stopped all comedy for a set period of mourning after the announcement was made.

They also plan to do the same duringQueen Elizabeth passing and it will not appear on our screens until after the funeral.

27. Books of Condolence

Books of Condolence will open in many areas throughout the world and especially in the United Kingdom and America for Queen Elizabeth.

Messages of condolence and statements will also be read out including the Prime Minister at the time and the Opposition leader.

Scotland’s First Minister and the Irish Prime Minister are also expected to read messages of condolence.

Many other world leaders will, of course, have their own statements ready to be read out.

26. Tourist Attractions Closed

Its thought most is not all major public tourist attractions will close after the news, with the Tower of London and most of the royal residences leading the way.

English Heritage will close all castles and public areas they control out of a mark of respect for the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

Many other businesses will also close out of respect, however some trading will still take place in places such as supermarkets and post-offices, as of course the mail must always get through!

25. Lying In State

The body of Queen Elizabeth will be moved to Westminster hall, where it is expected to stay for over five days.

There will be a short ceremony to mark the coffin’s arrival, after which the public will be able to file past and pay their respects.

The Hall will be open all but a single hour a day for the duration, at which time cleaning and a guard change will take place.

More than one million people are expected to file past the coffin to pay their respects to the queen, and this number may be higher.

24. Floral Tributes

Queen Elizabeth loves flowers, and received them wherever she went, this is thought to be one of the most popular tributes that will be bestowed upon her after her passing.

When Princess Diana died in 1997, flowers lay outside the gates of Kensington Palace for weeks and were five feet deep at times.

Its expected that the queens passing will eclipse this ten fold and some roads may have to be completely shut in the capitol to cope with the numbers.

23. Privy and Ascension Council

The councils of both Privy and Ascension will meet Lords, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, and High Commissioners of certain Commonwealth countries, amongst others.

As long as there are no unforeseen circumstances, they will declare the successor formally — Prince Charles as the new King of the United Kingdom, remember its not declared officially as its instant upon the death of the Queen.

22. The Commonwealth Status

Its currently unknown just what the effect will be on the Commonwealth during the passing of Queen Elizabeth, however its thought Charles will re-assure them of his continued support.

Some confusion exists as to who will become ‘Head of the Commonwealth’, as the title is not hereditary when the Queen dies.

21. King Charles Speech

King Charles will have prepared a speech that will be read out on live television, probably covered by most major world wide news organisations.

During the speech, he will pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth, his mother who will have been the longest reigning monarch in British History.

He is also expected to detail a few of his plans for the continuation of a successful British Monarchy.

20. The Proclamation

The proclamation of King Charles, if that’s what he decides to call himself, is nothing more than a formal matter.

During this event, both the privy council and the Ascension council declare him to be the new king and pledge allegiance to him.

Remember he is already King, it’s just this makes it feel a little bit more official in the eyes of the public.

19. Four Nation Tour

Possibly one of the most important things that will happen after Queen Elizabeth burial, yea we know the list is not in order, will be the tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales of the new King.

He will travel to church services and meet the leaders of the four nations of the United Kingdom to meet dissolved governments and have them pledge allegiance.

He will also meet members of the public during this trip and no doubt receive messages and gifts of condolence.

18. Queen Camilla?

Many people are interested in the fate of Camilla during the time Charles becomes king and it has been revealed that she will become Queen Camilla.

Her role however will be Queen Consort, much like the role the Duke of Edinburgh did with the queen during his time in public service.

She will not become Queen of the United Kingdom and will simply help King Charles in his day to day business and meetings after Queen Elizabeth passes.

17. Westminster Hall

Before Queen Elizabeth lying in state takes place, Westminster Hall will be closed, carpeted and decorated for the occasion.

Security will be tightened as many celebrities and heads of state are expected to pay their respects during this time.

There will also be the area where the queen lies in state to be assembled and the steps where people walk down to be managed.

16. Mall Security

Security along the mall will be some of the tightest London has ever seen during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, with officers almost stationed next to each other.

This will be to stop mourners running onto the road as the coffin passes, however people should still be able to throw flowers.

15. Military Parade

Representatives from all corners of the military will be involved in a grand parade that will celebrate the life of the Queen and her funeral.

The large procession will include serving members of the air force, army, navy, police and special forces, however its not yet known what vehicles will be involved.

The Queen Elizabeth guard and many of the red soldiers that Londoner’s have come to see as the norm around royal palaces will be involved heavily in any funeral parade.

14. Queens State Funeral

The state funeral of the Queen will be the biggest day in the United Kingdom in possibly the last 66 years since the death of King George V.

The funeral is to take place 10 days after her death, but there is no definite public announcement yet as to how many official days of mourning there would be.

Queen Elizabeth funeral is expected to become an automatic national holiday and politicians and heads of state would all be expected to attend the service.

There will be 2,000 people inside the cathedral and at 11 AM, the country will fall silent with buses stopping and drivers standing at the side of the road.

13. Gun Carriage

Her coffin will be taken from Westminster Hall and travel through crowds of thousands of mourners by gun carriage to Westminster Abbey for the service.

This is the same carriage that was used to transport both the Queen’s mother and her father, King George V to their final resting places.

12. Final Journey

The final journey of Queen Elizabeth has been well planned and will be from Westminster Abbey to the grounds of Windsor castle and St. George’s Chapel.

The route is expected to be lined with over two million people throwing flowers and standing in silence.

11. Arrival at Windsor Castle

Upon the arrival of Queen Elizabeth at windsor castle the gun carriage will enter through the front gate and will proceed to St George’s Chapel for a private family only service.

It is thought that she will be buried next to her mother Queen Elizabeth and her father King George at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Some have speculated that she might be laid to rest at one of her private residences such as Balmoral or Sandringham.

10. National Anthem Changed

With Charles on the throne, the words to the national anthem will be changed to God save the King with the sovereign and her or his spouse are saluted with the entire composition.

The royal anthem which is played specifically in the presence of the monarch — of all the aforementioned countries, as well as Australia since 1984 and Canada since 1980.

9. King Charles Coronation

Prince Charles has been the heir apparent to the throne of Great Britain since he was three-years-old and was just four-years-old at his mother’s coronation in 1953.

Charles official coronation won’t actually take place for at least a few months after the accession, following a period of mourning

During the ceremony, Charles will take the coronation oath to “rule according to law and to exercise justice with mercy.

He is then “anointed, blessed and consecrated,” by the Archbishop and receives the orb and sceptres with Holy Communion celebrated After homage is paid by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

8. Celebration of The New King

Once Charles has been crowned king, major celebrations will break out across the country, with street parties and house parties held up and down the United Kingdom

Other places will also celebrate the arrival of King Charles on the throne including other countries in the Commonwealth and places like Canada and Australia.

King Charles will also be celebrated in the United States and heads of state will want to be the first to visit the new king.

7. Royal Heir’s Move Up The Line

With Charles on the throne all of the Royal Family who sit in line tho the throne move up the line to keep a chain of succession in place.

The most notable of these movers are Prince William and Prince George, who became first and second in line to the throne respectively.

Next comes Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and then Prince Harry will be fifth in line to the throne with him moving further up should any of the others die unexpectedly.

Other royals who also sit on the line of successions, such as Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice will also move up one step when Charles becomes King.

6. Charles Re-Opens Parliament

The modern parliament state opening ceremony dates to 1852, when the new Palace of Westminster was opened.

It is customary for the Sovereign to be present at the ceremony, which serves as a symbolic reminder of the unity of the three constituent parts of Parliament: the Sovereign, the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Famous for its magnificent pageantry and precise choreography, the State Opening King Charles will read the speech from the throne, which sets out the government’s agenda and key legislative plans.

It’s thought he will be joined by Camilla who will sit next to him with her seat being slightly lower, as no-one can sit higher than the King.

5. The New Prince And Princess of Wales

One of the more popular celebrations that will probably take place will be for that of Prince William and Princess Catherine.

Speculation is ripe as to whether she will take the title of Princess of Wales, especially with that particular title being so close to Prince William and his late mother Diana.

Prince William must undergo the Investiture of the Prince of Wales, just as Prince Charles did back in 1969 at a castle in Wales.

Many of the former Investiture of the Prince of Wales were held in front of Parliament, with the ceremony dating back to 1301.

4. Will it be King Charles III?

There is speculation as to whether Charles will use his own name when he becomes king of whether he will take on the name of his grandfather and become George Vll.

Back in 2005, multiple reports said the Prince had discussed giving up the title Charles III because of unfortunate associations with previous monarchs named Charles.

Royal name changes are not uncommon, Queen Victoria was born Alexandrina Victoria and was given the nickname Drina, but she went on to rule as Victoria.

Her eldest son King Edward VII, who was on the throne from 1901 to 1910, was christened Albert Edward.

3. Abdication, surely not?

Charles has been first-in-line to the throne for 65 years, more than any other heir in UK history, so when he becomes King he will become the oldest-ever British monarch on accession.

Some people have proposed that Charles might make way for his son because of his own middling approval ratings and to help preserve the monarchy’s future.

The Queen’s uncle King Edward VIII renounced his title in 1936 in order to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson and was replaced by his brother, the Queen’s father, King George VI.

2. Charles First Jubilee

Depending on when Charles becomes King will also decide if he will celebrate a Jubilee in his lifetime on the throne.

The first Jubilee of a reigning monarch is celebrated at 25 years on the throne and if Charles ascends within the next couple of years, then he may see the Silver Jubilee sometime in his 90’s.

1. Grand Tour of the Commonwealth

One of the main things King Charles will embark on when he first is a Grand Tour of the Commonwealth.

This trip will take several months and will see King Charles visit places like Australia, Barbados, Bangladesh and Cameroon.

Other places such as Canada, South Africa, The Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago will also be on the tour list, basically it’s a world wide tour.

Several British overseas territories will also be on the agenda for a visit and some of the more famous ones include Gibraltar, The Falkland Islands, The Virgin Islands and The Cayman Islands.

During the trip, King Charles will meet with each countries head of state, attend ceremonies and visit places of interest.

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