14 Expensive Things Owned By Billionaire Pablo Escobar

Today Vidello productions takes a look at 14 Expensive Things Previously Owned By Pablo Escobar including his mansions, cars and luxury billionaire items.

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14. Hacienda Napoles

Located approximately 150 km (93 mi) east of Medellín and 249 km (155 mi) northwest of Bogotá, Hacienda Napoles was the main estate and home of Pablo Escobar.

The estate covers roughly 20 km squared and included a Spanish colonial house, a sculpture park, and a complete zoo that included many kinds of animals.

The ranch also included a private airport, a bullring, and even a kart-racing track with one of the drug lords first smuggling planes fixed atop the entrance gate.

Since 2014 a Jurassic Park style theme park has been setup on the site which is now valued at around $2.3 million dollars with a water park, a guided safari attraction and several aquariums.

Escobar kept four hippos in a private menagerie at Hacienda Napoles however these have no escaped, breaded and spread to nearby rivers.

13. La Catedral

Costing millions to build its thought this cartel hideaway-prison cost millions to build and was designed to protect Pablo Escobar from assassination.

Built to exact specifications and ordered by Medellín Cartel leader Pablo Escobar, under a 1991 surrender agreement with the Colombian government, this prison was home to Escobar and many of his associates for one year and one month.

The prison was nicknamed Hotel Escobar and Club Medellín due to the lavish facilities that were installed to keep the inmates entertained.

Features included a football pitch, giant doll house, bar, Jacuzzi and waterfall with a large telescope installed for Escobar to see his daughter while talking on the phone.

The prison had its own catering facilities, guards hired by Escobar himself, a helicopter landing pad and numerous bedrooms and cocaine storage areas.

A large weapons cache hid a tunnel to the rear of the prison that led to the other side of the mountain.

Today a chapel, library, cafeteria, guest-house for religious pilgrimages, workshops and a memorial to victims of the cartel stand on the site, built by a group of Benedictine monks who now live in the area.

12. Miami Home

Before he was wanted in the United States on Drug Smuggling charges, Pablo Escobar owned a large home in Miami, Florida.

Purchased in 1980 for $765,500, Escobar’s former residence was a 7,336-square-foot pastel pink mansion that featured a manicured courtyard, custom lighting, and multi-car garage.

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls, wrap-around terraces, expansive lounge decks, outdoor kitchen, infinity-edge pool, and soaring palm trees also once sat on the site.

Escobar’s estate had four bedrooms and six bathrooms before it was finally seized by U.S. Marshals in 1987.

The home was demolished in 2016 however its boat slip and dock still remain and was once owned by Miami attorney Roger Schindler for $915,000.

Two safes which were found during the demolition mysteriously dissapeared and were never recovered.

11. Mercedes-Benz 600

The first of several classic cars on our list for Pablo Escobar, his Mercedes-Benz 600 was produced between 1963–1981 and featured a front-mounted 6.3 litre V8 engine.

The car featured Sequential fuel injection, Bosch injection pump, 4-speed automatic transmission and Recirculating ball steering that was power assisted.

There is a top speed of 155 mph, a 0–60 speed of 4.6 seconds and while the manufacturer suggests a retail price of $192,000, some modified models have sold for close too $3 million dollars.

10. Abandoned Caribbean Estate

Once a lavish party home for the Medellin Cartel, this archipelago of small islands are Hidden amid the tropical forest in the Caribbean Sea.

The decaying ruins of the Cocaine King’s luxurious island party home can be seen everywhere and several other homes are also dotted about, one even made out of coral lifted from the seabed.

Now home to about 800 islanders, his secret party home on La Isla Grande featured a mansion, waterfront apartments, a palm court, enormous swimming pool, and helicopter landing pad.

The complex had more than 300 rooms for guests, party-goers and cartel members, even featuring gold shower heads in the bathrooms.

A 30-foot luxury speedboat was docked at the private marina and the whole island was once described by a magazine as a strip from Miami’s South Beach.

9. Porsche 356

When it comes to such a car as the Porsche 356, who would not want to own one?

The 356 was an early model from Porsche, making this a coveted item and one not many people at the time could afford.

Having a Porsche 356 as part of your personal car collection just speaks volumes of a person’s status and wealth.

Today you can pick one up a tad cheaper at roughly $20,000 — $30,000 dollars.

8. Norman’s Cay Island

Another Island that was owned by Escobar and the Cartel as a whole was Norman’s Cay Island, used mainly as a drug running point to ship Cocaine into the United States.

The island was also the secret party place of famous drug smuggler Carlos Lehder, Pablo Escobar’s man in charge of smuggling.

The island had its own 3,300-foot airstrip along with a massive amount of security including armed guards, attack dogs and its own personal radar system to warn of unauthorized landings.

The island had its own nightclub, hotel, swimming pool, private dock and numerous golden sandy beaches where parties happened 24/7.

Today the island is littered with the remains of aircraft that were used buy the cartel, dumped literally because it was cheaper to leave them and buy new aircraft.

7. MK-3669X Plane

Escobar had many planes and helicopters in his collection, one such plane was the MK-3669X several of which can be seen rotting in different places after Escobar’s business ended.

The planes had a larger then average hold capacity meaning it was much more economical for cartel use than some of the smaller planes Lehder originally used.

After Escobar was declared the 7th richest man in the world in 1987, some of the other planes in his collection included the DC-3 at a cost of $200,000, several TBM 700’s each costing around $1.3 million dollars, his own personal lear jet was the first plane to transport drugs, a Piper Super Cub.

6. Mercedes S600 Pullman

Along with his Mercedes S600, Pablo Escobar also had a 1972 pull-man version of the car with both a longer wheelbase and extra security.

Only 304 of these were ever built with several featuring a convertible top over the rear passenger compartment.

His car was so famous that when Escobar’s Pullman was destroyed in an accident, he chose to keep the wreckage around just to show off.

5. La Pirana Boat

One of his private speedboats, it was mainly used for the purpose of transferring him from boat to land or vice versa.

Named La Piranha, or in English The Piranha it was also fast and could easily out-run some of the smaller police boats being used at the time.

Today the remains of the boat sit on his decaying estate, a public showpiece of a once great empire.

4. 1930’s Cadillac

While its currently un-clear whether he actually bought or purchased this model, Pablo Escobar certainly had great taste when it came to classic cars.

One of the reasons he acquired this car was to look like famous mobster Al Capone and his Cadillac V-16 was distinguished by its pioneering V-16 engine.

Only 4076 were constructed during its 11-years before world war II effectively ended production, however at that time, prices were cheap at just $7,125.

Its thought Pablo would have probably paid close to $100,000 dollars for one in 1980 and today roughly $169,000 dollars.

3. Simca 1000

With origins lying in Italy, Pablo’s Simca 1000 was a small, rear-engine, four-door saloon which was manufactured by the French automaker Simca from 1961 to 1978.

The fuel tank was located in the rear, behind the rear passenger seat, while the interior was considered “surprisingly” spacious for such a small vehicle.

The Simca 1000 had its spare wheel stowed vertically in the front luggage compartment and the car proved popular in France with over 154,282 being produced in 1962 alone.

2. Military Plane

As part of his massive drug empire, Pablo Escobar also owned a small number of Military Aircraft which he used on more secretive operations.

According to the Brazilian government, this plane was landed by Escobar and abandoned where it still stands to this day.

1. Edificio Monaco

Now demolished by the Columbia government, Escobar’s once luxury home in the center of the city was once called the Monaco building.

His wife and son stayed in one of the twelve apartments and the building featured two swimming pools, a tennis court, a panic room, vault, and 34 parking spaces.

The building was targeted by a car bomb in January 1988 at the beginning of a deadly feud between the Medellin and Cali drug cartels.

Located in Medellin’s Poblado district the home eventually became a tourist attraction after his death, along with the rooftop where he died.


As a bonus for reaching the end of the video we thought you would like to see a couple of other things owned by the famed King of Cocaine.

Over his many years as leader of the Medellin cartel he purchased a Harley Davidson Motorbike, Numerous Jet-Ski’s, Two submarines, fifteen helicopters, thirty two yachts, a hospital, several soccer stadiums, churches and a park.

He was nicknamed the local Robin Hood by the poorest people of the city after he created a Barrio, which still survives to this day.

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