10 Expensive Things Owned By Billionaire Jerry Jones

Billionaire Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones owns yachts, cars and the AT&T stadium, today Vidello productions deep dives his wealth and looks at 10 Amazing Expensive Things He Owns.

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10. Dallas Home

Thought to be worth an estimated $28 million dollars, Jerry Jones purchased this home in 1992 for just a fraction of the price at $6 million dollars.

The Mediterranean style home is located in a private area of Dallas, Texas and covers 14,000 square feet while covering 2 stories and featuring six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The home has marble floors throughout and on the outside, Jones has access to a swimming pool, spa and flood-lit tennis court.

The library covers two floors and the ceiling is painted with his zodiac sign and sitting on 4.69 acres of land it is currently considered to be the 8th most expensive home in the Dallas metropolitan area, pocket change for this billionaire.

9. Gulfstream V

This large long range business jet is derived from the Gulfstream lV and produced by Gulfstream Aerospace with a minimum range of 10742 kilometres.

Flying up to a speed of Mach 0.885 the plane can carry four crew and 14 passengers while achieving a height of up to 51000 feet.

Jones plane has a top speed of 966 km/h and first flew on the 28th November 1995 and has also been used by the US military with the designation C-37A

Features inside include a 3 zone cabin and crew galley area with various seating arrangements and the engines on the aircraft cost roughly $1.25 million dollars each.

Back in 1998 this plane would set you back $36 million dollars each, today you would be looking at close to $61.5 million dollars and don’t forget the price to fill the plane… another $75,000 per flight.

8. Cowboys Road Bus

This multi-million dollar behemoth was purchased by Tyler for the Cowboys and attracts attention wherever it goes costing roughly $2.5 million dollars and adorned in white.

Named the Elegant lady it features nine couches, nine television screens and napa leather seats with an on-board kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for solo travelling.

The coach has a dedicated WI-FI connection along with satellite television so riders can enjoy a variety of entertainment on-board and keep an eye on the sports news.

Several ice boxes are dotted around the bus just in case someone wants a cool drink and not only can the bus be widened during parking, it also features a retractable awning on the outside.

There is a flat screen to on the outside of the bus for when watching games inside is not an option and the whole bus is controlled by one universal remote

7. Superyacht

One of the more recent purchases by Jerry Jones, his massive new super-yacht is 357 feet long, is named Bravo Eugenia and is often docked in whichever city the Super Bowl is held in.

The yacht has two helipads, room for a 30 person crew, is thought to have cost him $250 million dollars and has room for 14 lucky guests.

Guests have access to some amazing features on Jones Yacht including a sauna, spa, rain shower, beach club, steam room, complete gym and massage room.

Other features include bespoke artwork, maple wood flooring, a large tender garage, plunge pool and storage deck with the whole yacht having access to satellite broadband.

6. Comstock Resources

Located in the Haynesville region in the northwest of Louisiana, Comstock Resources has access to the third-largest natural gas area in the United States.

The company is currently thought to be worth billions and recently completed a $2.2 billion dollar expansion project which saw Jones issue millions in new stocks and shares.

Today Comstock Resources is traded on the New York stock exchange at $6 per share and has its headquarters in Frisco, Texas, United States.

Jones company has also begun exploring several new oil and gas locations in Texas, Louisiana and the Mid-continental area.

5. Art Collection

Jerry Jones owns an extensive art collection that he displays in his homes around the world, inside the cowboys stadium and on-board his luxury super-yacht.

One particular painting Installed at the stadium is Ellsworth Kelly’s White form which Gene and Jerry Jones paid $2.3 million dollars for and now takes pride of place in the teams stadium foyer.

Art in the Jones’s’ Mediterranean-style Dallas villa is largely limited to a small collection of football-themed paintings by Norman Rockwell with the price for these currently unknown.

Other works in the stadium include a wall mural by Mel Bochner covering 1,254-square-feet and entitled Win and a candy-colored, 126-foot-long red-and-white optical wave by English Artist Terry Haggerty.

Overall the art collection within the family is thought to be worth upwards of $100 million dollars.

4. Airbus H145 Helicopter

The Euro-copter EC145 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter developed and manufactured by Euro-copter, which was re-branded as Airbus Helicopters in 2014.

Prices for Jones’s model come in at between $2 million dollars and $5 million dollars and the copter has a top speed of 268 km/h with a decent range of 680 kilometres.

Over 1500 were built between 1999 and the present day and it’s thought Jones version features all optional upgrades including larger cabin space and increased maximum take-off weight.

The helicopter is fitted with an all-glass cockpit and a Thales Avionics system that features the Meghas flight control system with active matrix liquid crystal displays.

Eight passengers can sit in a club seating configuration and the cabin has a rear sliding wall that offers privacy for Jones and his guests.

A state of the art in-flight entertainment system provides movies and the on-board mini fridge allows for refreshments on the journey with ambient mood lighting installed under the seats and in the ceiling.

3. Florida Estate

Having quite the eye for real estate purchases, Jerry Jones Florida home is nestled in Santa Rosa Beach and sits on 11,482 square feet.

He purchased this massive estate in July 1993 for $643,000 dollars only six months after buying the home we mentioned in Texas.

The home features 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and an elevator between floors, while the mansion, which was built in 1990 now has an estimated price tag of a cool $5.6 million dollars.

The sparkling blue waters of the beach nearby can be seen through the many windows which line the property and flood the interior of the home with natural light.

There is a large driveway at the front with ample parking and the huge swimming pool at the back is heated just in case the sea is too cold for a swim.

2. Cowboys AT&T Stadium

Completed on May 27th 2009, this massive 105,000 seater stadium is the home of the Dallas Cowboys and cost $1.3 billion dollars to build.

Sometimes referred to as Jerry’s World, the stadium had a record attendance set in 2009 when 105,121 people crammed in for the Dallas Cowboys Vs The New York Giants game.

On September 29th 2009, Jerry Jones received a Guinness world record for the worlds largest HD Video screen installed at the stadium and the screen is actually larger than the basketball court in the stadium.

A pair of 300 foot tall arches spans one of the largest domes in the world, while 3000 televisions are installed in the luxury suites and the stadium features a retractable roof.

The football field has a special soft top convertible turf system that has 26 interchangeable panels to allow for different events to be held from concerts to motor truck events and even basketball and soccer games.

It has been claimed that the stadium, in full operation can use more electricity than the country of Liberia.

1. Dallas Cowboys

One of the smallest purchases for Billionaire businessman Jerry Jones, the Cowboys cost the billionaire just $150 million dollars in 1989 yet today the teams worth has ballooned to over $5.5 billion dollars.

Thanks in part to the success of the team over the years, they have won many major NFL championships including the 1993, 1994 and 1996 seasons while there division championship wins run from 1992 to 2018 while Jones was in charge.

The Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960 and racked up a streak of 190 sold out consecutive games beginning in 2002 making it to the Super Bowl 8 times and have the second most Super Bowl appearances behind the New England Patriots.

They became the first team, in 2014 to become worth $4 billion dollars and generated $620 million in revenue the same year.

The team also has its own flagship radio station called KRLD-FM voiced by the teams long time play-by-voice, Brad Sham.

Now the most valued team in the NFL for the twelfth year running, this was certainly a great investment for Jerry Jones and looks set to make him billions more in the future.

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