11 Expensive Billionaire Apocalypse Bunkers For The Super Rich

These Billionaire Apocalypse Bunkers cost millions and could protect you from the next apocalypse but are only available for the super-rich, Today Will from Vidello Productions explores 11 Expensive Billionaire Apocalypse Bunkers!

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11. Tifton Millionaire’s Bunker

$15 million dollars is what you can expect to pay to live the life of the rich and famous during the apocalypse in Tifton, Georgia.

Built in 1969 during the peak of Cold War tensions, the fortified shelter can withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear blast without suffering so much as a scratch.

This underground super-bunker can accommodate more than a dozen people in its luxury-style apartments.

The bunker also includes a home theater, nurse’s station, and outdoor firing range along with a master kitchen, plenty of storage and a dining area.

10. Survival Condo Bunkers, USA

Designed as a nuclear hardened bunker and a second home, Developer Larry Hall transformed this abandoned Atlas missile silo into a number of luxury condos.

The secure home’s are located underground and include features such as stainless steel appliances, LED lighting, washers and dryers and a home automation system.

The complex also features a swimming pool, rock climbing wall, movie theater, dog park and arcade and each condo comes with Each unit also comes with a five-year supply of food for each resident.

Security is tight and is thought to be at the military-level, and before you think of breaking in, you may need to consider that this place has 9-foot thick walls and a 161-foot protective dome.

9. Vivos Europa One

Located in Rothenstein, Germany and Dubbed ‘the world’s ultimate Doomsday escape’, Vivos Europa One is the creation of Vivos CEO Robert Vicino.

Unlike Survival condo USA, the $1.1 billion dollar Vivos Europa One is a converted former Cold War bunker thats embedded deep within a limestone mountain and can survive a close range nuclear explosion.

For peace of mind this facility can also withstand a direct airline crash, severe flooding and earthquakes, as well as biological and chemical attacks.

The self contained apartments within the invitation-only bunker are not cheap and thought to cost around $5 million dollars each.

The whole bunker covers 227,904 square-feet, has access to private swimming pools, movie theaters and gyms and you can even have a massive tropical aquarium in your bedroom.

Vivos is also building a medieval-style chapel within the complex and Vivos Europa One also has its own community movie theater and bar with micro-brewery.

Just when you thought we were done… oh no Vivos have left nothing to chance with the addition of its very own zoo, mini museum and artifacts room, as well as a DNA and seed vault.

8. The Oppiduum, Czech Republic

Looking like one of those underground presidential bunkers from the movies, The Oppiduum, located in the Czech Republic features a communications room, hospital and dental surgery within the facility.

The Oppiduum has also been crowned the largest billionaire bunker in the world and covers over 323,000 square feet.

Above ground facilities include a golf course and a helipad that has special automatic defense technology built in.

The underground complex features a large 6,750-square-foot master apartment, seven 1,720-square-foot suites and there is a climate-controlled wine cellar with space for thousands of bottles.

It was recently thought to have been purchased by a single billionaire investor who plans to use the bunker as a bug-out location for friends, family and staff.

7. Vivos X Point, South Dakota

Consisting of 575 Private Military Bunkers Affordably Priced For Your Entire Family, these secure bunkers are said to be 100 miles from any known military nuclear targets.

This massive complex is spread over a sprawling and remote, off-grid area of approximately 18-square miles and is strategically and centrally located in one of the safest areas of North America.

Each bunker is built and fortified to withstand a 500,000-pound internal blast, while being strategically separated from the next bunker by an average of 400 feet.

There are two on-site underground water wells, and other on-site facilities include General Store, a members-only Restaurant & Bar, BBQ areas, a Community Theater, Hot Tub Spa, Gym, Medical Clinic, Hydroponic Gardens, Meeting Rooms, Classrooms, a Chapel, Horse Stables and Shooting Ranges.

Each bunker provides accommodation for between 10 and 24 people and includes a massive existing concrete and steel blast door that can withstand any catastrophic natural disaster or man made event.

These bunkers have a one-time upfront lease payment of $25,000 and then an ongoing annual rent of $1,000 per bunker with a place in a shared bunker costing $7,500 dollars.

6. Safe House, Poland

One of the only bunkers on our list to not be completely underground, the Safe house in Poland is certainly one of the more secure on our list when it comes to technology.

Described as the safest place on earth to survive a zombie apocalypse, this fortress is situated in a small village at the outskirts of Warsaw.

The home is situated inside a “safe zone” that has massive panels that block out windows, a drawbridge and a shutter that protects the front.

Thick courtyard walls slide back into the house and the shutter is a great place to watch live television on an evening.

Without the security in place the home covers 6,100 square feet, has floor to ceiling windows, panoramic views of the surrounding country side as well an indoor swimming pool.

5. The Genesis, Colorado

The Genesis dome’s, located at a secure site in Colorado, offers some of the most secure space in the world to ride out the apocalypse.

These 2 story underground homes include electro-magnetic and geomagnetic pulse protection along with Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Air Filtration protection.

They have TEMET blast doors and blast valves and are resistant to multiple earthquakes of 10+ on the Richter scale.

These “Dome’s” are also expandable through the Genesis “pod” system that allows communities to inter connect and help to build a small underground city, comparing them to something that could one day be used on mars and other hospitable planetary civilizations.

As well as full living accommodations, the domes also come with a 25 foot by 70 foot gathering area with small garden and bar area.

4. The Aristocrat

Priced at around $8,350,000 dollars, The Aristocrat series of luxury bunkers comes loaded with game rooms, sauna, gym, media room, bowling alley, gun range, and a swimming pool.

These bunkers are said to be completely customizable for anyone who can spend the incredible amount of money they cost and these luxury bunker’s also have an above-ground safe house.

Security features include bullet resistant walls made of 1/2″ plate steel, 1/2″ plate steel blast door and a 2 foot plate dead-bolt locking system.

The second layer of protection is a false wall made from 1/4 plate steel that hides the bunkers entrance and is completely undetectable to the human eye.

The solar generated charging system with batteries for back-up power, can run things like water pressure pumps, showers, water heaters and 12 volt LED lighting, all of which can run off-grid.

3. The Coloradoan, Colorado

With defense systems including fire walls, defensible space and double fire resistant vents, The Coloradoan bunker, located in… you guessed it Colorado is a square shaped above ground bunker.

The Coloradoan has Exterior walls that are made of an insulated concrete core that can withstand temperatures up to 1,177 degrees.

2. Trident Lakes, Texas

Costing $300 million dollars and spanning 700 acres along Highway 56, Trident lakes will contain 400 subterranean condos that house about 1,600 people.

On site amenities include golf course, a spa, three 15-acre lagoons, running trails, a gun range, an equestrian center, restaurants and numerous shops.

The Condos which will range in size from 900 to 4,500 square feet, are made from reinforced steel and run on off-grid power to supply food, water, and electricity and cost around half a million dollars

Security around the site is thought to be extreme with a 18 foot high perimeter wall and 24/7 marine patrol units.

1. Silo Home, New York

Built inside an Atlas nuclear missile silo, this was where defense workers awaited orders to initiate an intercontinental ballistic missile strike.

If your looking to shell out a 6 figure sum of money then you can get your hands on some underground real estate located on an 8.3-acre parcel of land in Lewis, N.Y.

The complex boasts 3,000 square feet of space, has one bath and one bedroom and is also connected a deeper safe area that lies far below the ground.

The concrete command center, which extends two floors and 40 feet underground has a marble Jacuzzi shower and blast-proof steel doors.

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