10 Expensive Things Owned By Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Former wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson was the sexiest man alive a few years back with a net worth of $185 million dollars, we look at 10 expensive things he owns.

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10 — Hidden Hills Home

While this property has now been sold, this home was Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s biggest purchase ever.

Located in Beverly hills, California, this massive mansion features a movie theatre and master suite bedroom with large bed and big screen TV’s.

Two luxurious guest bedrooms and an exotic kitchen are also included and outside you will find a rectangular swimming pool, cutting edge BBQ and fabulous garden overlooking the Hollywood Hills.

One of the signature features of this property is a spectacular two-story gallery entrance that looks like something out of the Roman Empire.

Its understood, Dwayne The Rock Johnson sold the mansion for close to $5 million dollars earlier this year.

9 — Ford F150 Truck

Featured in many of his Instagram posts, this truck is what the millions and millions of the Rock’s fans see him in most of the time.

Its no surprise the Rock has this vehicle as his favorite and has been spotted in a promotional advert for the company in 2016.

Its currently unclear when the truck was made for The Rock, however the 2017 model features everything including a terrain mangagement system.

The five Litre engine is accompanied by drive assist technology, 360 degree on-board camera, fully flat load floor and remote tailgate release.

Also un-clear is if The Rock had any personal features installed on his truck but what we do know is he has called it Black Gorilla for its color.

8 — Panerai Luminor 1950 Submersible Watch

Its a watch that The Rock is seen wearing in many of his films and it has some interesting features including sapphire glass, ceramic and titanium bezel, waterproof up to 300 meters and luminescent hands.

The watch has been described as being worn best next to the peoples elbow and Dwayne was seen wearing this timepiece during the making of his film San Andreas with a value of close to $9,000 dollars.

7 — Miami Mansion

This mansion is located in Miami city in Southern Florida and is currently The Rock main home for both him and his growing family.

The massive mansion covers an area of 13,150 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, a beautiful summer kitchen and even a garage that can hold up to three or four cars.

One of the luxurious bathrooms features a chandelier and sunken tub while the theatre room can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Outside there is a private bar, lounge area and massive swimming pool thats surrounded by gardens.

One notable bit of information about the property… it was previously owned by Miami basketball player Vernon Carey.

The Rock purchased the house in March 2012 for a reported price of $3.4 million dollars.

6 — The People’s Sunglasses

We often see The Rock wearing sunglasses, while laying the smack down on some unsuspecting Jabroni’s who have annoyed him.

The Paul Smith PS871 Sunglasses are said to be his favorites and they feature an innovative design which is made for both men and women and mainly for people who want sun protection with style.

The price of these rather expensive sunglasses is $250 to $300.

5 — Icetek Magnum Chrono Watch

Often seen while off-set on movies he is producing, The Rock owns this amazing Icetek Magnum Chrono Watch which he is often seen wearing to promotional events.

These watches have a truly elegant feel and its believed The Rock had the watch encrusted with 28 diamonds of various Karat’s.

The watch is Quartz and comes in a chronograph casing with some currently priced on the internet ranging from $1,500 to $2,800 dollars.

4–1971 Chevy Chevelle SS

While The Rock is thought to own many supercars in his collection, they are actually leased for many of the films he shoots on a monthly basis.

One car in the collection that is most defiantly not leased, is his 1971 Chevy Chavelle Super Sport which Dwayne drove in the movie Faster.

In the movie, the Chevy Chase races a Ferrari F360 on a busy freeway that sparked considerable debate in online driving forums.

The car can be heavily modified and unleash extra power from the engine that increases the horsepower up to 500.

There are no current known prices available for this car and some people say Dwayne leased the car rather than purchasing it.

3 — Custom Blackberry

Its well known that celebrities like their Blackberry’s and The Rock is no exception with his phone featuring some advanced features not currently available in other cell phones.

The Rock currently owns a Blackberry Curve and its thought that with his many social media posts, he is rarely seen without it.

2 — YouTube Channel

Created more recently, The Rock YouTube channel already reached 1.4 million subscribers and is the digital branch of Seven Bucks Production Studio’s.

The channel is updated every Tuesday and Friday and features some of The Rock’s interviews, behind the scenes movie footage and The Rock’s greatest hits, promos and many more interesting online shows that he is either shooting of starring in.

1 — Seven Bucks Productions

The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions Studio’s is an arm of his main entertainment franchise.

Its also a multi-platform production company that creates original content for television, film and digital networks.

With movies such as Universal’s The Janson Directive, New Line Cinema’s Shazam and DreamWorks Alpha Squad under its belt, this ever expanding studio also produces a major HBO TV series called Ballers.

Other partners in the productions of this company include CNN, DC Comics, Sony Pictures and USA Network while the company is also run by the Rock’s Ex-Wife Danny Garcia.

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