12 Expensive Things Owned By Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has a current net worth of close to $99 million dollars and made history in the MMA world, today we look at 12 expensive things he owns.

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12 — Las Vegas Mansion (The MAC Mansion)

With spectacular views over Las Vegas and Nevada, this massive mansion has everything the star needs to relax before his fight.

The mansion features a state of the art kitchen thats covered in marble and features two sub-zero fridge freezers, double convection ovens and its own built-in microwave.

The kitchen has a built-in breakfast bar, large sink area and multiple work tops while other features include a luxury dining area where he can eat his meals all the while enjoying the stunning views of Las Vegas.

The home features a family room which incorporates a breakfast bar and living area that will allow the star to chill out with friends while watching television.

The house features a custom gym that is complete with a treadmill, weights and other amenities with a large garage that he uses to store his large collection of cars.

Outside there is a large area that overlooks the city with a 50 foot infinity swimming pool, top of the range Gas BBQ and covered entertaining area.

The home features six bedrooms in total and each has an en-suite bathroom and walk in wardrobe.

The house also features a pitch and putt area that will keep McGregor and guests entertained for hours.

Located on Sunrise Mountain, the 12,000 square foot home is thought to be valued in the region of $20 million dollars.

11 — Rolls Royce Ghost

Costing around $350,000 dollars, this car was a gift to Conor Mcgregor ahead of his UFC fight against Eddie Alvarez in 2016.

The car features a custom wrap with his nickname Notorious and an image of Conor on the side.

The car features a 0–60 time of 4.7 to 4.8 seconds and has a top speed of 155 miles per hour thanks to its 6.6 litre V12 engine.

The interior of the car features sumptuous leather seating and handsomley crafted wood vaneers along with a satellite aided gearbox and GPS road mapping.

10 — BMW i8

Another fast car preferred by the UFC champion is the $250,000 dollar BMW i8 which he was seen driving around in his home city of Dublin.

The car features a 1.5 litre turbocharged 3-cylinger engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission and 357 horsepower.

The 0–60 start time is just four seconds and the car has a top speed of around 156mph.

The hybrid electric car is made largely out of carbon fibre and has both eco friendly tires and can run at 38 miles per galon.

9 — Luxury Watch Collection

If there is one person on our lists that has an impressive collection of expensive watches, then look directly at Conor McGregor.

The MMA star has a number of collectables that include a Nautilus Mechanical Blue Dial worth $62,000 and a yellow gold Rolex Sky Dweller worth $34,000 dollars.

He owns an Audmars Offshore Chronograph worth $32,000 dollars and a Franck Muller with a diamond bezel that costs around $25,000 dollars.

Topping off the collection is four very expensive watches that include an all-diamond Audmars worth $40,000, a yellow gold Rolex Yacht Master 2 worth $30,000 an everrose gold Rolex Sky Dweller worth $45,000 and a 60th anniversary Rolex Day Date Presidential in Rose Gold with green dial worth $38,000 dollars.

We think Conor McGregor may have other watches, however at the current time these have not been made public, so leave a comment below and let me know.

8 — Lamborghini Huracan

Costing $230,000 dollars and wrapped in a dark green, this car is another favorite of MMA star Conor McGregor.

Its been said that this car is currently the only on in Ireland and it features a top speed of 201.9 miles per hour, a 0–60 speed of just 3.2 seconds and a 5.2 litre V10 engine.

The interior of the car features seats with embroidered logos, custom steering wheel and technologically advanced dashboard.

The car features an electronically controlled all-wheel drive system, 20 inch alloy wheels, electric stability control and servotronic power steering.

7 — Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Costing around $100,000 dollars, this amazing concept soft-top has a top speed of 298 kilometers an hour.

The car features a 6.2 litre supercharged and intercooled LT4 V8 engine with Rotocast aliminium cylinder heads.

The car has 650 horsepower and 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission that gives it true race track performance.

Other features include an attention grabbing exterior, illuminating detailing with Bi-Xenon headlights, edge-lit indicators and a high mounted break light in the aerodynamic spoiler.

6 — Luxury Suit Collection

The Notorious style collection of Conor Mcgregor features many things, but none more so than his collection of hand made suits.

Each hand stitched suit is thought to cost the star around $5,000 dollars and its thought he has around 10 made for each fight.

He is extremely patriotic and loves the Irish look of hand-woven-tweed, check patterns, dicky bows, hankerchiefs and flat caps.

Its anyones guess as to how much this insane collection is worth, but if you want a guess, throw it down in the comments section below and dont forget the shoe and sunglasses colllection too!

5 — Cadillac Escalade

Nicknamed “The Franklin” by Conor McGregor, this large platinum edition people carrier is thought to have cost him around $91,000 dollars.

The car features a 6.2 litre Ecotec3 16 valve V8 engine, has a top speed of 130 miles per hour and can go from 0–60 in 6.8 seconds.

The interior of the car features a touch center console, seats wrapped in basketball style leather and matte-finished wood accents.

Outside there is 22-inch alloy wheels and door handles that feature amazing LED light strips.

4 — BMW 730M Sport

With a recommended retail price of $90,000 dollars, this car has a 0–60 acceleration speed of 6.1 seconds.

The luxury vehicle has a 3-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine and a top speed of 155.3 miles per hour.

Inside the Conor McGregor car, you will find a 2.2 inch touchscreen on the dash and drivers have access to on-board pre-heat climate control and the ability to check if you have the doors locked or un-locked and the lights off without the need to walk outside and check.

The car features advanced automated parking for sliping into those hard to reach parking spaces and a new feature called gesture control, allowing the driver to use handsignals to control volume and answer and dissmiss phonecalls while on the move.

3 — Dublin Mansion

Another home owned by the Notorious Conor Mcgregor, this amazing and smart home is locate din his home city of Dublin, Ireland.

The large estate, called LadyCastle is located on the grounds of the K Club in County Kildare and is thought to have been snapped up by the star for close to $2.5 million dollars thanks to just 13 seconds work that earned him $16 million dollars.

The stars massive mansion features a large parking area for numerous cars at the front and inside there is numerous bedrooms and bathrooms with a fitted kitchen and home gym.

Unfortunatly, no pictures of the inside of the home currently exist.

2 — Mercedes Benz S500

With a top speed of 155 miles per hour and a 0–60 speed of 4.5 seconds, this car was added to the Conor McGregor collection sometime in 2016.

The car features a 4.7 litre V6 engine, georgous exterior and aparently has the upgrade of 47 Swarovski lights.

On the top, the panoramic glass roof covers nearly two thirds of the local roof area with the magic sky control option offering varying levels of transparrency.

The inside features a large display, front passenger and side airbags for safety and all the tech you can ask for including the Magic Body control suspension system and control pannel next to the touchpad gear control.

Looking for pricing, then you can expect to pay around $96,000 dollars before optional upgrades.

1 — Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Coming in with a price tag of $400,000 dollars, this has to be the most expensive car currently owned by Conor McGregor.

The car features a curbweight of close to three tones and has a 6.75 litre V12 engine under the bonnet.

The car has 435 horsepower that can achieve 0–60 in just 5.6 seconds and gives it a top speed of 155 miles per hour.

The interior of the car is also top of the luxury scale and has been inspired by the J-class racing yachts of the 1930’s

Features include a hidden radiator beneath the teak floor of the picnic boot, amazing leather seats and has been hand crafted by 60 skilled hands.

The limited edition Rolls Royce Zenith collection has only a select number made and is one of the most luxurious cars in the collection.

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