12 Expensive Things Owned By Billionaire Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is the 9th richest person in the United States and the 14th richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of around $53.6 billion dollars, today we look at 12 expensive things he owns.

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12 – London Mansion

$25 Million dollars is what Michael Bloomberg spent to buy his amazing mansion in one of London’s richest borough’s, Chelsea.

This 6,266-square-foot house built in 1715, is located on a private street and included a drawing room, library, master bedroom, morning room and another six guest bedrooms.

The home has a baroque mural ceiling at the top of the staircase and outside there is a 91-foot long garden.

After paying $1.6 million over the asking price for the added security, its thought he may now need it after announcing he is considering running in the 2020 presidential campaign.

11. Dassault Falcon 900B

The creme-de-la creme of the business private jet world, Michael Bloomberg’s Dassault Falcon 900B costs a whopping $44.8 million dollars.

This tri-jet French-built corporate jet aircraft had its first flight on the 21st September 1984 and over 500 were built with the planes still in production to this day.

The cabin has a capacity for 19 passengers, with a maximum speed of Mach 0.84–0.87 and a Cruising speed of 950 km/h.

The jet has a maximum range of 7,400 km and a service ceiling of 50,900 ft, with on-board conference facilities and luxury seating also available.

The jet also has a fantastic safety record with only one accident occurring on September 14, 1999 in Bucharest, Romania that killed seven people, including the alternate foreign minister for Greece.

10 – Upper East Side Mega-Mansion

This five-story Beau-Arts home on the Upper East Side has over 7,500 square feet of space and is thought to have cost the former mayor of New York around $3.5 million.

He purchased the floor in 1986, and since then has purchased a total of five floors, with one thought to have cost around $30 million dollars, located on 19 East 79th Street.

The whole home was refurbished in 2013 and its thought he has now begun buying parts of the property next door, with one already sold for $14 million dollars.

The occupants of the top floor have apparently decided to stay, so Mr Bloomberg may have to offer a substantial amount if he wants that top floor penthouse in his collection.

9. Equestrian Estate

Located in New York’s prime upmarket area of West-Chester County, this home, along with his other properties in the area.

The stables has Palladian windows and white multi pane doors while there is a viewing area above the horse ring with lavish seating areas.

Outside a gazebo offers shade from the mid-day sun and there is a large pergola-covered patio with amazing swimming pool right next door.

The dining room is well lit and has a large oak table and the property is thought to have cost Bloomberg around $15 Million Dollars.

8. Augusta SPA A109S

Every billionaire needs a private helicopter, and none more so than Michael Bloomberg who has the Augusta SPA A109S as his mode of transportation.

This lightweight, twin-engine, eight-seat multi-purpose helicopter entered service in 1976 and has a multitude of uses including light transport, medical evacuation, search-and-rescue, and military roles.

The capacity is large and can accommodate up to 6 or 7 passengers, has a top speed of 311 km/h and a cruising speed of 285 km/h.

The rate of climb for the aircraft is around 1,930 ft/min and the range of the aircraft is great for business clients at 932 km.

Its thought Bloomberg’s version has been kitted out with conference facilities and leather seating.

7. West-Chester County Home

Located in West-Chester County’s North Salem is another home owned by Michael Bloomberg which he is thought to have paid $4.55 million for in 2012.

He also owns a property in the West-Chester town of Armonk however this home has been kept strictly out of the public view.

The 33 acre estate in North Salem became part of a local spat between Bloomberg and Bill gates, which is now known as the Battle of the Barns.

Gates purchased a 124-acre equestrian farm after Bloomberg snapped up a 33 acre one for his daughters horse riding passion.

6. Augusta Westland AW609 Tilt-rotor

The third of Michael Bloomberg’s private fleet, the Augusta Westland AW609 Tilt-rotor is a twin-engine tilt-rotor VTOL aircraft.

The plane has a top speed of 509 km/h, a cruising speed of 482 km/h and a maximum range of 1,390 km.

It is capable of landing vertically like a helicopter while having a range and speed in excess of conventional rotor-craft.

Often used by offshore gas and oil VIP customers, it had its first flight on the 6th March 2003 and also comes with a hefty price tag of $24 million dollars.

5 – Ballyshear Hampton’s Home

Featuring a beach cottage and a 22,000-square-foot Georgian mansion built in 1910 with 11 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, Hampton’s living for the Bloomberg’s has never been so great!

Purchased for a rumored $20 million dollars, the home features black and white marbled floors, a massive library, a pool, a tennis court, horse-riding trails, stables and grazing areas.

Located right next door to the National Golf Links of America, it can be considered one of the country’s most exquisite golf courses.

4. Bermuda Holiday Home

Located in Tucker’s Town, which is also known as the area’s “Millionaire’s Row”, this home site on 6,000 square feet and is mainly used by Bloomberg for holiday getaways.

It is thought he uses the home twice a year and fly’s down to the property on his private jet.

He has some interesting neighbors in the area including Silvio Berlusconi and Ross Perot.

3. Mountain Haus Ski Resort Condo

Rented out most of the year, Michael Bloomberg owns one, possibly more condos at the Mountain Haus Ski Resort Condo in Gore Creek, Colorado.

He is thought to own a larger property somewhere in the area and has access to all the local amenities that are on offer.

The site offers luxury accommodation along with world-class restaurants, bars and is a great place for skiing in the winter.

Homes in the area are considered 91% Platinum by the Lodging Quality Assurance program and range from one bedroom / one bathroom all the way to four bedroom / four bathroom mountainside accommodations.

Other facilities available to Bloomberg include Outdoor Heated Pool, dedicated Concierge Service, Free Wi/Fi, Free Movie Rentals, Complete meeting facilities and Complimentary Bikes for summer vacations.

2 – Bloomberg London HQ

Costing over $1 Billion dollars, Michael Bloomberg’s new European Headquarters in London was designed by architects Foster and Partners.

Clad in 9,600 tonnes of Derby-shire sandstone with bronze ventilation fins, the floors are linked by custom glass lifts and a 210 m helical bronze “ramp”.

The building houses 4,000 staff, is noted for its energy-efficiency using 500,000 LED’s to light all the floors and the ceilings are custom aluminium “petals” which act as light cooling elements.

Construction required 600 tonnes of Japanese bronze and 10,000 tonnes of imported Indian granite and it won the Stirling price in 2018.

1. Bloomberg L.P

Covering 167 locations and with almost 20,000 employees at its disposal, Bloomberg L.P. is a privately held financial, software, data, and media company headquartered Manhattan, New York City.

Founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981, the company is thought to be worth an estimated $22.5 billion dollars and has made acquisitions including radio stations and television networks.

Bloomberg tower on Lexington Avenue is the New York Headwaters of the company, which also has offices and computers in many airports throughout the world.

Working for the company can have its perks with free food pantries stocked with everything from fresh fruit and granola bars to potato chips.

The company’s Parental leave policy also covers primary caregivers from 18 to 26 weeks

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