Top 50 Black Millionaires And Billionaires of 2021

We are back with our 2021 Black Millionaires and Billionaires Top 50 edition, today we look at some of their expensive toys, houses, cars, yachts, private jets and more.

places to visit in New York City

50 – Pharrell Williams – Miami Penthouse

$30 million dollars is the estimate price of this mega home which is located in the gated and very secure community of Coral Gables, Florida.

The 17,025 square foot estate gives Williams access to 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 35 feet of waterfront and 3.3 acres of land.

It has some insane features too, including a wine cellar, pub-style bar, elevator, spacious balconies for every upstairs bedroom, swimming pool, BBQ area, boat house and private dock.

And with a kitchen fit for a royal cook it’s clear to see why Pharrell chose to make this his home during the Pandemic lock-down.

49 – Floyd Mayweather – Money Team Private Jet

y far one of the most expensive jets in the world, money team man Floyd Mayweather has access to this amazing Gulfstream G650.

Mayweather literally had his name written on the fuselage and the jet also has the teams logo branded all over it.

The wings of the plane display the 50-0 and the inside of the plane has had all of its features upgraded to include gold trim and fittings.

Penny change for Mayweather he snapped the jet up for close to $70 million dollars and it has a top speed of 982 km/h.

48 – Denzel Washington’s – Beverly Hills Mansion

Heading over to the west coast now and we arrive at Denzel Washington’s amazing Beverly Hills Home complete with 8 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

Within its 28,887 square feet sits its own park, large swimming pool, entertainment area and koi pond.

He has Eddie Murphy as his neighbor and the $16 million dollar home sits just meters from the world famous Mulholland Drive, one of the most expensive streets in the United States.

47 – Mohammed Salah’s – Bentley Continental GT

World famous Egyptian Footballer Mohamed Salah has played for both English club Liverpool and the Egyptian National team, and he also loves his $175,000 silver Bentley Continental GT.

This car has a top speed of 333 km/h and can go from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds thanks to its incredible 6.0 litre V12 engine.

Out-performing many other cars in its class, the continental has an 8 speed transmission which provides Salah with smooth fast and efficient gear changes.

46 – Lil Wayne’s Miami Mansion

Nicknamed The Number One Hot Boy On Fire, Wayne owns this amazing $16.75 million dollar home located just off the coast of Miami Beach.

The impressive 10,632 square foot home sits on Allison Island and boasts 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

This beast of a home also features its own personal theater, cabana house, outdoor heated pool, outdoor kitchen and even its own staff quarters.

Wayne also recently sold another home in the area for close to $10 million dollars, so he’s well known in the area!

45 – Morgan Freeman – Cessna Citation 500

I bet you didn’t know Morgan Freeman had a pilots licence?  Well he does and he is often seen flying about in his Cessna Citation 500 which comes with a price tag of $256,500.

The plane has a range of 2,459 km, has a cruising speed of 662 km/h and has a maximum top speed of 749 km/h.

The plane can carry 5 passengers, 2 crew and the plane has an on-board toilet for those slightly longer flight duration’s.

44 – Barry Bonds – California Mansion

Inspired by grand European architecture, home run king Barry Bond is looking to sell this amazing home for close to $33 million dollars

With 17,100 square feet of space, the mansion features Italian stone floors, 30 foot high ceilings and the grand foyer has an arched door made from wrought iron.

Features inside Bonds home include seven bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, an elevator, billiards room, a sports room, sauna, spa and swimming pool.

The 14-time all-star also has access to a sports court and fully equipped home gym with security tight too thanks in-part to its location, the gated Beverly Park Estate

43 – Koenigsegg – CCXR Trevita – Floyd Mayweather

Featuring some of the most amazing carbon weave bodywork around, Mayweather’s Koenigsegg Trevita is renowned for its perfection and uniqueness.

Looking like it has millions of tiny white diamonds sparkling on the body work this car has access to some unique features including a double carbon rear wing and numbering just two cars ever produced.

0-100 km/h in this car takes Mayweather just 2.9 seconds and he can hit a top speed of 410 km/h and this car even produces 1.5 lateral G’s.

With regards to price, it’s no surprise that with only two ever made it comes in at $4.8 million dollars, and if one were ever to come up for sale… your guess is as good as mine.

42 – P Diddy – Los Angeles Home

This $40 million dollar home, purchased by Diddy in 2014 was done so, he says for three reasons, the weather, the kids and the family.

Another European style villa, this estate has a 3000 square foot guest house, large massage room, 35-person movie theater, wine room, beauty studio and another underground wine room.

The 17,000 acre property sits on 1 acre of land and the swimming pool has a grotto which is connected to the guest house by an underwater tunnel.

41 – Michael Jordan – Gulfstream G4

If you thought Michael Jordan was fast on the court, you should see him in the skies with his Gulfstream 4 having a top speed of 509 miles per hour.

This amazing aircraft has a maximum range of roughly 4,584 miles per hour, carries up to 19 passengers and cruises at an altitude of 41,000 feet.

900 of these planes were built between 1985 and the present day and the highest altitude the plane can fly is said to be 45,000 feet.

40 – Rihanna – Barbados Sandy Lane Home

In what was said to be one of Rihanna’s largest purchases ever, this massive home on the Caribbean island of Barbados cost her $22 million dollars.

Located at the luxurious One Sandy Lane resort, this 10,000 square foot home is only one of eight within the complex and features five en-suite bedrooms and both private terraces and dressing rooms.

When Rihanna is not staying at the property it is kept ship-shape thanks to  staff of 34 people including security teams, gardeners and plumbers, not that she needs security of course, with her bio-metric security system being one of the best on the planet.

39 – Burner Boi – Ferrari 458 Italia

Twenty nine year old Damion Ogulu, AKA Burner Boi has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million dollars and he shows it with a super-fast Ferrari 458 Italia in his collection.

The 458 has a top speed of 202 mph and includes a 4.5 Litre V8 engine and 7 speed dual clutch transmission.

Its thought Burner Boi payed around $200,000 dollar for his car, although private sales of the same model have gone as high as $300,000 dollars

38 – Will Smith – Calabasas Mega Mansion

Said to be one of the biggest houses in Calabasas, Will Smiths home is 25,000 square feet in size and sits next door to celebrity neighbors such as the Kardashian’s, Selena Gomez, Miles Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

Smith has starred in films grossing over $7 billion dollars, so its no surprise that he is able to afford this home costing $41 million dollars to custom build.

The home has access to over 150 acres of land, gourmet kitchen, mediation room, recording studio, screening room and formal lounge / living room.

Designed by architect Daniel Busbin, the homes outdoor features include a large free-form swimming pool, tennis court and basketball court as well as a private island with its own Gazebo.

37 – Ludacris – L.A. Mega Mansion

Standing on 10,000 square feet and costing over $3,000,000 dollars, Ludacris’s massive L.A. home has access to three floors and a two car garage with additional off-street parking.

Ludacris’s main home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms and a really interesting master suite features some complex state of the art electronic systems and its own wet bar.

A number of private balconies, dressing rooms and closets complete the other bedrooms along with dual bathrooms and great views of the Hollywood sign.

The living room and kitchen are both open plan and other amazing features include a home theater, wine cellar, infinity edge swimming pool and his spa is raised.

36 – Jay-Z – Malibu Mansion

Power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé once owned this amazing $50 million dollar home but it seems the property was just too big for them.

One of the largest mega deals to ever close in the beach city of Malibu, the home has sold for $50 million dollars and was known as La Villa Contenta.

Sitting on 6.3 acres, the home has a 2,500 year old lions head sculpture along with a wine cellar, screening room and gym.

Other features on this massive estate include a guest house, desert garden, a pool pavilion made from marble and specimen trees.

35 – Shaquille O’Neil – Hawker 800XP

With an acquisition cost of $2.2 million dollars, Shaq’s Hawker 800XP costs $3,170 per hour to keep in the air.

Capable of transporting 8 passengers and 2 crew, this plane has a total cabin space of 550 cubic feet while the jet can take off from much shorter runways.

This super luxurious private jet has a top speed of 514 miles per hour and has a maximum range of 2923 miles.

34 – Tiger Woods – Jupiter Island Home

Another massive home that’s located in a very private place, Jupiter island literally has its own police patrols just to keep out the paparazzi.

The home has access to a 100 foot swimming pool, an outdoor basketball area and a flood lit tennis court.

The $41 million dollar home has its own mini golf course that includes six bunkers and the huge mansion is split in two with over 14,000 square feet of space.

33 – WizKid – Lamborghini Urus

$180,000 dollars is what Nigerian singer and songwriter Wizkid paid for his amazing Lamborghini Urus with its 4.0 litre V8 engine.

The car has a top speed of 189.5 mph and accelerates from 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds with an all-round super sports mode and the ability to handle almost any terrain from sand ice gravel and large rocks.

The car is fully configurable and is fully connected to the world around you thanks too  3D city view, Google Voice search and a screen that displays real time traffic updates, traffic light information and Local Hazard Information.

32 – Oprah Winfrey – Neo Georgian Mansion

More of a small personal city than an estate, Oprah Winfrey paid over $100 million dollars for this incredible estate that is located in Montecito, California and after several upgrades, is now thought to be worth in excess of $165 million.

Nicknamed The Promised Land, the mansion alone covers 23,000 square feet and has 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, library, theater, wine cellar, 10 fireplaces and a gourmet kitchen.

The outside of the home is just as luxurious as the inside and features an equestrian ring, luxurious garden and fruit garden with a massive fountain and paved driveway.

31 – Kevin Durant – Cessna Citation XLS

Kevin Durant’s mid-sized Cessna Citation XLS has a range of 2,100 nautical miles and a top speed of 802 km/h with the plane first announced in October 1994.

Costs for the plane range $8.7 million to $13.7 million dollars brand new and Durant’s plane has a cruising speed of 783 km/h.

Powered by a pair of Pratt and Whitney Canada PW500 turbofan engines, this plane can accommodate up to 10 passengers and 2 crew depending on the cabin layout.

30 – Bonang Matheba – South Africa Home

South African television presenter, radio personality and businesswoman Bonang Dorothy Matheba owns this stunning new build home located out in the country side.

Bonang shows off her style with a contemporary decorated living room, modern bathroom with wooden floors and white and black themed relaxation room.

While the garden is small it has a relaxation area with a table and sofa and its own private swimming pool.

29 – Magic Johnson – Southern California Home

Now well into his retirement, the hall of farmer and former point for the Los Angeles Lakers is most defiantly in chill-out mode down in his beach front home in Southern California.

With its Mediterranean beach front style, rooftop terrace and 17 different rooms, he admits that he sometimes falls asleep on the roof watching the sunsets, but hey you can do that when your worth an estimated $600 million dollars.

28 – Asamoah Gyan – Accra Mansion

Heading over to Ghana now and professional footballer Asamoah Gyan’s impressive McCathy Hills mansion is said to be worth $3 million dollars.

Asamoah completed this mega build, from the ground up, in 2015 and it features everything from a massive swimming pool to its own secret escape route.

The all-time goal scorer for the Ghanaian team now plans to work hard to maintain the three story home which has the best sea views in the area.

27 – Samuel Eto’o – Bugatti Veyron

Fast cars have always been a thing for Cameroonian professional footballer Samuel Eto’o but out of his $4 million dollar fleet emerges the creme de la creme of cars, the Bugatti Veyron.

Eto’o had this car specially delivered to his clubs training ground in London and the car is thought to have cost him $1.55 million dollars.

26 – 2Face Idibia – Million Dollar Duplex

With a 20 year career in Afro pop music, 2Face Idibia, AKA 2Baba has one of the nicest houses in Nigeria.

The fifth richest Nigerian owns a massive new build and modern home on Banana Island, one of the most luxurious estates in all of Nigeria.

Features include top of the range security and four floors with a swimming pool out the back.

25 – Scottie Pippen – Gulfstream G200

American Former professional Basketball player Scottie Maurice Pippen no longer has to worry about airport queues thanks to his $6 million dollar Gulfstream G200.

This plane costs roughly $1 million dollars just to fly 400 hours a year, has a maximum top speed of 541 mph and has a range of 6,300 kilometres.

24 – Casper Nyovest – Johannesburg Mansion

South African Rapper Casper Nyovest is regarded as one of the most successful artists in the country and he owns this massive home located in a posh area of Johannesburg costing him 10 million South African rand.

The massive property reportedly includes a cicada lounge, entertainment area, four garages, a recording studio and enough rooms to accommodate his entire family and staff.

23 – Jay Z – Bombardier Challenger 850

Venturing once again into the world of the private jets and billionaire Jay-Z does not mess around when it comes to his flight plans.

The rapper and songwriter owns a Bombardier Challenger 850, one of the fastest and most expensive jets in the world with a price tag of $31.2 million dollars.

Crushing altitudes of 41,000 feet, a top speed of 1,041 km/h and a range of 5,206 means Jay-Z can get anywhere faster than you can.

22 – DAVIDO – Banana Island Mansion

Nigerian singer DAVIDO is a popular edition to many of our lists and he takes center stage once again thanks to this amazing $1.5 million dollar home in Banana Island.

Located in the exclusive Highbrow part of the island, he purchased the home in May 2020 and it even features its own elevator, something of a bragging right in Nigeria and the property covers a massive four floors.

21 – Seal’s – Richard Mille Gold Watch

British singer and songwriter SEAL has splashed out on a gold version of the Richard Mille RM 011 which comes with a price tag of close to $200,000 dollars.

With an 18K gold case measuring 55mm, this watch also features an automatic annual calendar and fly back chronograph movement.

Being worth $40 million dollars means SEAL can tell the time in style.

20 – Adebayor – Ghana Mega Mansion

Another professional footballer and another multi-million dollar mansion, this time Owned By Togolese striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

The Ex-Arsenal star has a massive home located in Accra and his impressive car collection fits on the huge driveway.

The mansion has a massive Greek style outdoor area with swimming pool and relaxation area with marble staircase and numerous bedrooms and bathrooms.

19 – Floyd Mayweather’s – Jacob And Co Billionaire Watch

One, if not THE most expensive watch in the world, former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather owns this amazing $18 million dollar Jacob and Co watch.

A self-styled lover of bling, the watch was made exclusively for Mayweather, the watch is covered in 260 carats of emerald cut diamonds.

It features a white gold case and bracelet and the diamonds are set in a pyramid style with stones that weigh as much as three carats each.

It has a rectangular case with skeletonized movement and is equipped with a tour-billion escarpment that is constantly in motion.

18 – Don Jazzy – Banana Island Home

Banana Island is defiantly the go to place for Billionaire style life and Nigerian record producer Don Jazzy is yet another resident of this super luxury location.

After setting up Marvin Records in 2012, Jazzy decided his living location also needed a change and he purchased this amazing home for around $400,000 dollars.

Being one of the richest celebrities in Africa, Don Jazzy has access to a large swimming pool, massive living areas and more than enough space to park his massive, and we mean MASSIVE, car collection.

17 – MORGAN Freeman’s – Emivest SJ30

You recognize him from many a movie including the Fallen series and The Shaw-shank Redemption but $250 million man Morgan Freeman likes to fly private.

His Emivest SJ30 is quick at 900 km/h and does not come cheap with an estimated price tag of $7.5 million dollars.

Freeman’s jet is powered by two Williams FJ44 turbofan engines, has a range of 4630 kilometres and is manufactured by Syber Jet Aircraft.

16 – DJ Khaled – Miami Mansion

The $21.95 million dollar home of DJ Khaled is located in Miami Beach and he recently sold another home in the area for $4.8 million dollars.

The producer-turned-social media star purchased the 12,750 square foot residence which features minimalist living spaces and an eat-in kitchen.

The main level of the home features a massive dining room, expansive great room and large fireplace.

Other features of this insane mansion include a master suite, 80 foot swimming pool, two story gazebo and a guesthouse on the other side of the one-acre grounds.

15 – Tiger Woods – Privacy Yacht

Not only does tiger woods own planes cars and houses, he likes to sail the open seas on his massive 47 meter super-yacht named privacy.

Woods requires a crew of nine to operate this behemoth and the relaxation deck is large featuring an 8 person Jacuzzi and the whole boat costs $2 million dollars a year to run.

The yacht has its own elevator, personal gym room and a large computerized bridge with the vessel thought to have set the $700 million dollar man back around $20 million dollars.

14 – Pharrell Williams – CEO Mansion

Named the CEO mansion for its ultra-modern looks, Pharrell Williams is currently trying to off-load this home for a steep price tag of $16.95 million.

Sitting on a hilltop and covering 17,000 square feet, this modern luxury abode has access to four acres of manicured gardens and sits in the ultra-expensive Mulholland drive.

The property was designed precisely for entertaining and is covered in turquoise glass and has a 200 foot driveway with room for 30 cars.

Having 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a foyer with reflecting pool, crystal rock Chandeliers, koi ponds, waterfall and grotto area.

13 – Floyd Mayweather’s – Girl Collection Nightclub

Described as one of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas, this amazing venue even has its own free shuttle bus direct to doorstep.

Located on South Highland Drive, the club is open Thursday through Sunday and features a VIP lounge, DEN area and a special VIP BLACK area.

A large selection of food is served and the club has been voted as the best gentleman’s club in Las Vegas and being owned by one of the most famous and richest people in Vegas, Floyd Mayweather, no expense has been spared on style.

12 – Rihanna – West Hollywood Home

When Rihanna is not hunkered down in her Hawaiian home, she kicks back at her West Hollywood pad thought to be worth $7.4 million dollars

Camera security gates lead into over half an acre with six bedrooms, eight full and two half bathrooms and covering 7130 square feet in total.

There is a poolside guest house that sits atop a 2 car garage and the property features high ceilings and arched doorways.

Glitzy light fixtures and steel-framed windows means exquisite craftsmanship meats Mediterranean contemporary design.

11 – Tyler Perry’s – Gulfstream 3

Actor, writer, producer and director Tyler Perry has an estimated net worth of $130 million dollars meaning his $37 million dollar Gulfstream 3 was small change when he purchased it.

Perry said plane has a range of 6,760 km and has a top speed of 928km/h with two Rolls Royce Spey engines providing power.

Produced between 1979 and 1986, only 202 were built and today they come a lot cheaper at just $695,000 dollars.

10 – Kendrick Lamar’s – Manhattan Beach Home

Another New York home owned by Rapper Kendrick Lamar, this large 5,350 square foot home is a perfect addition for his ever growing family.

The home has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, was built in 2019 and is thought to have cost him roughly $10 million dollars.

The property was built by luxury home builders Powers Development and although interior features were never revealed you can bet it has the best of the best including the numerous wet bars in other properties built by the company.

9 – Beyoncé – Galactica Star Yacht

Recently re-named Illusion, this amazing super-yacht was built in 2013 at the Dutch Hessen Shipyards and interior design was completed by Bannenberg and Rowell Design.

With a length of 65 meters she has a 13 person crew, a speed of 27 knots and the ability to carry up to 12 passengers.

Thought to have cost somewhere in the region of $42 million dollars you can rest assured that Rihanna’s summers are better than yours will ever be.

8 – Jay-Z – Bel Air New Build

Setting the record for one of the most expensive houses ever sold at the time in Bel Air, this home was sold to Jay-Z and Beyoncé for $88 million dollars.

Covering a mind blowing 30,000 square feet, the compound has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a 15 car garage with state of the art security installed to ensure the family’s safety.

Four swimming pools sit on the complex and it also has access to a tennis court, basketball court, floor to ceiling windows and large limestone driveway.

The addition of an extra living area underneath one of the pools has apparently pushed the value of the home up even further.

7 – Drake – Custom Made Home

Located in Downtown Toronto, Drake has completed his own eye popping pleasure dome which features 50,000 square feet of space.

Amenities here are almost limitless with an NBA sized basketball court, 21 square foot pyramid skylight and sculptures by Kaws Flank line the marble entrance-way.

Designed to stand for over 100 years, the custom home has been named “the embassy” and its master bathroom features a 4,000 pound tub of faceted black marble.

When all is said and done this comes in at one of the priciest pads on our list at $100 million dollars.

6 – Nick Cannon’s – 2008 Ferrari 599

With a 6.0 litre Tipo F140 engine and being famously named for its total engine displacement of 5,999 cc, Nick Cannons 2008 Ferrari 599 comes with its own extraordinary price tag of around $150,000 dollars.

This car has a top speed of 335 km/h and can reach 100 km/h in under 3.3 seconds with production completed between 2006 and 2012.

The bodywork features optimized aerodynamics and the car was named Top Gear’s super car of the year in 2006.

5 – Rihanna – Hollywood Hills Mansion

Yet another home owned by Rihanna and this one is often rented out when she is not living on-site, as are many of her other homes on this list.

Costing the singer $6.5 million dollars it has recently been listed for sale at $7.5 million and sits in Los Angeles gated Hollywood Hills neighborhood.

Built in 2015 the home has 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms with space to park up to 8 cars.

Luxurious features of Rihanna’s final home include infinity edge pool, billiard room, full home gym, movie theater and professional grade kitchen.

4 – Tiger Woods Gulfstream G550

Golfing ace Tiger Woods often travels to tournaments in various countries and he has access to his very own Gulfstream private jet costing $42 million dollars.

With a range of 12,501 km, woods can travel almost anywhere at top speeds of 941km an hour.

Fitted with Two Rolls Royce BR700 engines, there are currently around 450 in service and the final planes will be built in 2021.

3 – Kanye West’s – Hidden Hills Home

This futuristic, modern style home is located in Hidden Hills, one of Los Angeles most secure and upmarket neighborhoods.

Covering 16,000 square feet, the home was purchased in 2014 for the asking price of around $15.4 million dollars.

The home has a private theater, two-story children’s playroom, heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, large modern bathroom and several walk in closets the size of bedrooms.

2 – Oprah Winfrey’s – Bombardier Global Express XRS

Costing more than most private jets, the XRS comes with an astonishing price tag of $56 million dollars for the top model.

Oprah plane, which she regularly uses, comes with a top speed of 950 km/h and a range of 11,390 km.

The jet is fitted with two BR700 Turbofan Rolls Royce engines and a larger than average cabin that can accommodate up to eight passengers and four crew.

1 – Rick Ross – Georgia Estate

With 108 rooms, Rick Ross is said to have paid up to $8.5 million dollars for the former home of world heavyweight champion Evander Hollyfield.

The 45,000 square foot mansion features a double staircase in the foyer and was built back in 1984.

The swimming pool outside holds 350,000 gallons of water and also has an indoor pool, movie theater and bowling alley.

Costing roughly one million dollars a year to operate, the mansion also reportedly comes with a yearly electricity bill of $17,000 dollars.

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