Top 15 Weirdest Homes For Sale In 2021

Would you live in a mountain home that didn’t need temperature control or a crazy alice in wonderland mansion house? This is the 15 Weirdest Homes For Sale In 2021!

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15. Mountain Cave Mansion

Sitting on 37 acres of land in the heart of the Arizona desert is whats known as the Mule Mountain Cave Mansion that was purchased by a couple in 1985.

The home ws constructed using a sweedish mining technique that makes the home not only waterproof but also open to a kind of singing wall phenomenon.

Spanning an impressive 2,500 square feet, the home has no windows, yet the light inside is just as good as if there were and the home includes an office and laundry room.

Other features include a spiral staircase, loft bedroom, tropical themed bathroom, natural swimming pools on the outside and the rocks surrounding the mansion keep the temperature exact, even during winter.

Only one buyer has been tempted in the last 13 years, the home was listed for sale in march 2020 for almost $1 million dollars and is yet to attract a new buyer.

14. Underground Rainbow House

Many people live off-grid and this amazing hobbit style underground home is no exception with 40 rolling acres of land and a monolithic style dome submerged completely underground that was built in 1999.

The home has access to a full propane electric generator, deepwater well and co-op electrics, providing full self sustainability.

Accessed via a concrete entrance that leads down a long tunnel into the 3,000-square-foot property that is painted in a vast array of colours with elaborate murals decorating every surface.

Glenn Young owns the home which includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan living area, meditation room and a panic room is also included.

Outdoor space is also vast and incldes a 2,600 square foot warehouse and 5,000 square foot workshop coming with a price tag for the whole complex of $1.9 million dollars.

13. Alice In Wonderland Mansion

Now abandoned, this Alice in wonderland-style home is now for sale and falling to bits.

The estate sits abandoned due to unfortunate circumstances involving the family and everything from the wallpaper to the toys and furniture was once a childrens playground.

A fantasy world left behind, this home is now up for auction, however we are currently unable to give you a proce tag.

12. Beer Can House

Owned by Houstonian John Milkovisch, this home has over 50,000 beer cans covering the outside alone.

The beer-can house is located just off I-45 in Rice Military, Houston, Texas and a number of religious signs and symbols in the decorations are also present.

Nothing in the beer can house has been spared and everything from the fences and doors to the chimney are covered in the cans.

The home has become quite the tourist attraction and even tho the home is for sale, visitors can still come and see the unique home with an entry fee of $5 being charged.

11. Bubble Palace

Described as the palace that no one wants to buy, the Bubble Palace is a Côte d’Azur holiday home owned by fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

The home, which has gone un-sold for the last two years, sits on the side of a volcanic hillside and took 14 years to build.

The home includes psychedelic decorations, large swimming pools, water ponds, 11 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and has a current asking price of $350 million dollars.

The home looks like something out of the flintstones and has a vast array of rooms with high walls protecting the property and an advanced CCTV system on the inside.

10. Star Trek Mansion

Fans of Star-Trek will love this amazing home that has been decked out in the style of Star-Trek’s Voyager and comes complete with LED lighting and intergalactic sounds.

Previously listed for $70,000 dollars on rightmove, the home was built by Tony Alleyne who was later forced to hand it to his ex-wife.

Also included in the property are a computerised flight deck, voice-activated lighting and a set of ‘transporters’ to complete the authentic look.

9. The Front Row Residences

Described as an eyesore by some, this set of residences went up for sale in October 2020 and are situated right beside the race track at Silverstone in the UK.

The homes, which have price tags of between $855,000 and $2.2 million are the first phase of the Escapade Silverstone development, a 60-unit project that are located a mere stone’s throw from the tarmac of this iconic Formula 1 circuit.

The whole development comes with a range of community features including a bar and restaurant, a huge swimming pool and a gym.

Other features of these incredible homes include under floor heating, climate controlled garages to keep you expensive toys and specialist sound proofing for non-race days.

8. Floating River Home

With an asking price of $850,000 this amazing floating home known as Aqua Star is located on the shoreline of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon and has been featured on HGTV’s extreme homes.

Built in the 1980s, the mansion comes wrapped in anodised aluminium, both inside and out and covers over 3000 square feet.

The home, which is Part futuristic, part retro in design, features domed ceilings and reflects the water outside and interior colors add to its uniqueness.

The home has a 1950’s inspired kitchen, large windows and sliding doors and even comes with free shares in the Oregon yacht club.

7. Stockholm Water Tower

Described as an altogether different way of living, The Vaxholm water tower sits on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden and was converted from traditional water tower in the 1990’s

The home features a church-like interior with exposed brick work and has unobstructed views across the surrounding area.

The interesting home features carport for two vehicles and a standalone 430-square-foot studio apartment that could be rented out to holidaymakers.

Other features include a personal sauna and the entire property is currently up for sale with Christie’s International Real Estate for $2.3 million dollars.

6. The Sheriff Home

Not a home for those that have just been released from jail, Mike Diamond’s house landed on the property market in August 2020 and almost broke the internet in the process.

Built in 1875 and offering 2,465 square feet of inside space, the three-storey home features a huge kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and marble countertops.

The property has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a formal lounge, a cosy dining room while other more interesting features include a hidden iron door in the kitchen.

This leads to a purpose-built 2500 square foot jail complete with real cells and once belonged to the local Howard County sheriff.

Currently for sale for just $350,000 the home has been rented out for AirBnB and can even be used as a panic room for those end of the world scenarios.

5. Embedded Boat House

Built literally into the side of a hillside this boat-style home features everything from a rum barrel bathroom sinks to authentic ship-inspired decorations.

Located on the banks of Lake Washington in Seattle, USA, the home was created from part of the old USS Manzanita ship and has some of the best views of Mount Rainier going.

With 1,400 square feet of interior space, buyers have access to a lounge, dining area and a kitchen with Aga appliances and a copper sink.

Porthole windows along with mounted steering wheels make this a ship fans dream home and while much of the home dates back to 1908, the asking price is still in the region of $2 million dollars.

4. Sand Mushroom Home

Personally, I would never buy a house in the shape of a mushroom, however this property, designed by John Covert Watson, is on sale in Texas for $2.2 Million Dollars.

That kind of money buys you an organic property has been listed for sale plenty of times with a spiral staircase and beautiful custom kitchen, the featurepoint of the home.

Full of exterior patios and suspended decks, the home has unobstructed views of Lake Travis in every room and spans 2,240 square feet.

Designed to imitate one of the world’s most memorable art galleries, the Guggenheim Museum, this unique property offers three bedrooms and bathrooms as well as floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and teardrop-shaped skylights.

3. Dar-al Hajar Home

Located in Yemen, this one-of-a-kind property was built for Islamic leader of the Yemen, Imam Yahya and is nicknamed the “Rock Palace”.

Known for its numerous secret passages that run underground, the home was built in the 1920 and was used as the summer retreat for the leader.

Sitting on top of a structure built in 1786 for the scholar al-Imam Mansour, the palace stayed in the royal family until the Yemeni revolution of 1962.

Now a museum, the palace was used as the home of Princess Dunya in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film The Arabian Nights.

2. Melbourne Dome House

With sharp jagged edged walls at the entrance, this home, located in Melbourne, Australia was designed by a company called McBride Charles Ryan.

The home includes a large kitchen area, dining room, a lounge and even an outdoor decking area and sits over two levels.

1. Sea Shell Home

Visually stunning and feturing 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool, this home looks like it has been washed up from the sea.

Shaped in the style of a sea-shell, this home is fitted with a vast array of cameras as it can be rented on AirBnB.

Described as a gated property, the home has a large BBQ area, two king beds , kitchenette and comes with free Wi-Fi when renting.

The nearest beach is just 15 minutes away and the property is close to Puerto Juarez located on the sun kissed shores of Cancun.

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