11 Expensive Things Owned By John Travolta

John Travolta has an estimated net worth of $120 million dollars, today Vidello Productions is looking at 11 expensive things he owns!

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11. Santa Barbara Mansion

Having homes on both the east and west costs of the United States, John Travolta and his wife purchased this home in 1997 for a little over $ 7 million dollars, quite a steal for the area at the time.

Complete with tennis court, pool, library and 6 fireplaces, the home is surrounded by a high fence with greenery.

The compound has a guest house located at the end and one of his famous neighbors includes famous rapper and friend of Eminem, Dr. Dre

10. Calabasas Estate

Located in a celebrity-filled suburb, this massive $2.65 Million dollar Mediterranean-Style Mansion is situated in Calabasas, one of Los Angeles biggest gated communities.

The six bedroom, six bathroom home is located behind a guarded gate and at the end of a cul-de-sac and covers 7,500 square feet of space.

The sweeping tiled staircase in the impressive foyer lead to a formal living room with a green marble fireplace and cozy library with wooden built-in bookshelves.

Towering palm trees, large fountain, and Terra-cotta tiles line the outside driveway and a great room complete with wet bar and temperature-controlled wine closet complete the downstairs.

Other features include a home office, a gym, a chef’s kitchen, dining terrace, large swimming pool, luxury spa, and a gazebo for entertaining.

Unobstructed mountain views from the backyard are breathtaking and well worth the price of this amazing home.

9. Aviation Estate

The second and quite simply amazing home of John Travolta, his massive Aviation Estate has access to its own runway and private parking for several aircraft.

Recently listed for sale at $10.5 million dollars, it would seem Travolta is moving on from parking his private planes next to his house which he originally purchased for $3.5 million.

The exclusive Jumbolair fly-in community comes with a runway long enough to land a 747 jumbo-jet and boasts the longest private runway in the United States.

The stars 6,600-square-feet home has two runways that lead directly to his front door and plenty of space to park his car collection with a swimming pool located at the front.

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8. 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

Often found parked outside his Aviation Estate these cars now retail for a considerable $100,000 dollars in good condition.

Featuring a black leather interior, power steering, period radio the car comes in soft-top format and is an Iconic Classic which still proves very popular in the classic collector world.

The car has a 2.8 Liter petrol engine, 4 speed automatic transmission and comes in light blue with 2 doors.

These cars came with heated rear windows, which was something of a luxury at the time and also feature alloy wheels and sealed beam headlights without fog lights.

7. Jaguar XJ6

When it comes to exotic cars, John Travolta likes these just like he likes his planes… FAST and the British made Jaguar XJ6 with its top speed of 223 kph is right up his street.

The car can go from 0 – 100 kph in 8.4 seconds and features a 5.0 litre V12 supercharged racing engine and 8-speed automatic transmission.

The car is one of those used by the British royal family and an armored version was used for transporting two former UK Prime Ministers namely David Cameron and Theresa May.

The cars can be picked up second hand for the reasonable price of €31,950 in mint condition.

6. US Air Boeing 727

John Travolta is mad about aviation and he owns several large planes including the $22 million dollar Boeing 727 that he has turned into his own private palace.

His initials adorn the tail with the number N7070JT taking pride of place and is named Jett Clipper Ella.

Travolta is an Ambassador-at-Large with Qantas, a title he gained in 2002 and he has been seen flying the plane on a number of occasions and often parked it outside his Air Estate home.

5. New York Apartment

Purchasing a home on the upper-east-side, John Travolta landed this property After hitting it big in Saturday Night Fever.

He lived in the home until 1984 when he sold it for a cool $1.7 million dollars and the apartment included hardwood floors and a marble entrance-way.

Other features of the stunning 2,000 square foot home include 3 bedrooms, massive floor to ceiling windows, chefs kitchen and modern bathroom.

Today, homes like this easily sell for upwards of $55 million dollars.

4. Diamond Head Hawaii Home

Located in a gated community on the beach in Diamond Head, Hawaii, this massive home has 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms.

The home featured marble flooring and the ocean views were one of the main reasons why he and wife Kelly Preston purchased the property.

Now sold for $1.5 million in the year 2000, the home is currently being used as a rental by the new owner.

3. Boeing 707–138

Another plane owned by Travolta is this long-range narrow-body airliner produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

First flown in 1954, the original cost of these aircraft were $4.3 million, which in today’s money means the plane is now worth close to $43 million dollars and is of course in mint condition thanks to John Travolta’s love of flying.

Now back in Australia, the plane has been put on display with the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society which has over 700 members.

2. Rolls-Royce Phantom

Quite the fan of British-made cars, John Travolta owns a $450,000 dollar Rolls-Royce Phantom that also cost over $2,750 just to deliver.

The car is powered by an all-new 6.75-litre turbocharged V12 engine, built on an all-aluminium space-frame and features a stereo video camera that scans the road ahead.

The car has a top speed of 155 mph, has a 0-60 mph speed of 5.1 – 5.2 seconds and comes with televisions in the rear seats, a star-lit roof option and has its own wireless car hot-spot that allows several devices to connect via WLAN.

Each car is hand crafted using only the finest materials even allowing John Travolta to match the color of the exterior to a variety of complimentary materials.

1. Bombardier Challenger 601

Developed by Canad-air and then produced from 1986 by its new owner, Bombardier, The Bombardier Challenger 601 features refined wiglets to decrease drag.

A twin-engine’d business jet that is capable of performing short takeoffs while maintaining the speed and comfort levels.

The plane features a stand-up flat floor cabin and is powered by two General Electric CF34-1A engines with some models retrofitted with an additional fuel tank in the tail.

Over 1,066 aircraft have been built in the Challenger 600 series and Travolta’s jet can cost anywhere from $1.2 million dollars to $2 million.

Travolta has often been seen flying this jet to and from his many homes around the world.

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