10 Expensive Things Owned By Hamad Bin Zayed Al Nayan

Sheikh Hamad Bin Zayed Al Nayan is one of the richest sheikh’s in the United Arab Emirates, today we look at his billionaire lifestyle of cars, planes, mansions and his 10 expensive things!

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10. Pyramid Car Museum

If you own one of the largest car collections in the world then you need somewhere to store them all and Sheik Al Nayan had just the plan, building a huge Pyramid Garage in the desert that can hold the entire collection.

This massive structure has multiple levels and is filled with almost every type of car on earth, and we will continue to cover some of his amazing collections in this episode.

9. Super-car Collection

As you can probably imagine, the sheikh owns most of the super-cars including the rare ones. These include custom made Bugatti Veyron’s, Ferrari, Lamborghini’s, F1 cars and more.

He also owns a rolls Royce Drophead, one of only 10 made in the world. The sheikh has admitted tho that he has not been able to get his hands on every rare super-car in the world with some private collectors wanting to hold onto there prize possessions.

8. World’s largest Bedouin Caravan

From the pictures you might mistake this for some type of office building, however its actually the largest mobile caravan in the world with many bedrooms and toilets and even a viewing deck on the top.

The sheikh had it custom made and it is still on display at the museum to this day with the original interiors.

7. Lamborghini LM002

We can see why Lamborghini did not get into the SUV market and the Sheik owns one of the Rarest SUV’s of all, the Lamborghini LM002 which is one of the only ones made in the world.

It defiantly has nothing on some of the super cars they produce today, however its value is probably ten times that.

6. Prototype Flying Car

Its not quite clear what this vehicle was based on however it seems to resemble either a flying car or a prototype Jet Engine car.

Looks like this may have been purchased after a record breaking attempt and been kept as a collectors item ever since.

There has not been much sight of his flying car today… it would appear to be locked away in the archives of his Pyramid Museum.

5. Worlds Largest Dodge Power Wagon

If you thought owning a Dodge Power Wagon was not enough check out this enormous beast.

It is currently the largest known Dodge Power Wagon in the world and towers over other cars that can actually be parked beneath it.

The interior has a fully fitted kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom that lets the owner travel places and not even have to book a hotel.

4. Day Of The Week Car Collection

One car for the week was just not enough for the Sheik and he decided to color code one of the same cars for each day of the week.

This gave him his nickname as the Rainbow Sheik and his fleet of color coded Mercedes cars are today housed in his Pyramid Museum Garage.

3. Replica of The World Motor-home

Were getting into the utterly ridiculous now, you may have seen this incredible vehicle featured on several documentary’s and Top Gear.

This globe type vehicle is actually a kind of hotel featuring 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms on multiple levels and can be ridden around the desert in style.

2. Mini Collection

Its thought that the sheikh has one of the largest Mini collections in the world, with the majority of his collection held in his Pyramid garage.

Some of his minis are multi colored and its thought he has one model for ever year the company has been building the cars.

In total Sheik Al Nayan is thought to own over 400 different types of cars and these are only the ones on public display and it appears he does not care much for large planes or massive houses, however we do have one more asset for you.

1. Private Island / Not So Private island

Somewhat Controversial this one, Sheik Al Nayan originally owned a private island off the coast of the UAE, however more recently he has apparently had his name struck off the island.

It was said that there were plans to convert the island into a massive home for the Sheik but with a lack of roads and travel time to the main land more of a problem than a convenience it appears plans for the whole project are off the table… for now, but at one point he defiantly owned an island!

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