10 Expensive Things Owned By Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers

Today Vidello Productions takes a look at 10 Expensive Things Owned By Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers.

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10. James Simmons – Archimedes Yacht

Billionaire Hedge Fund managers love the smell of the open seas and James Simmons, who was named one of the worlds smartest billionaires and has $18 Billion Dollars to his name, is no exception.

When it comes to his seafaring activities, they are partaken on his $100 Million Dollar Yacht Archimedes, a true Goliath of the open seas.

With a length of 222 feet she can sleep 12 guests in 6 cabins and 18 crew in 8 cabins with trips to the Netherlands and the Caribbean often seen as the norm.

Designed by John Munford Yacht Design, they yacht features a magnificent polished blue hull and the rest of the interior you ask? a closely guarded secret as Mr Simmons is a notoriously private person.

9. Michael Platt – Bombardier Challenger Private Jet

Ever heard of Michael Platt? We cannot think why not! The man has a net worth of over $6.5 Billion dollars and manages Blue-Crest Capital Management, Europe’s third-largest hedge-fund firm.

With a sizable net worth like this its easy to see why he owns a very expensive Bombardier Challenger Private Jet, coming with a price tag of $26,500,000 dollars.

This jet has a top speed of 891 km/h, a cruising speed of 871 km/h and was launched at the 1999 Paris Air Show as the Bombardier Continental.

The plane can carry nine passengers, has a crew of two and can cover a range of 3,200 nautical miles / 5,926 km with an overall altitude Ceiling of 45,000 ft / 13,716 m.

8. Raymond Dalio – Alucia Yacht

$20 Million Dollars is what Hedge-fund manager Raymond Dalio paid for Private expedition yacht and submersible support ship ALUCIA.

Combining state of the art exploration, scientific and film-making capabilities with five-star accommodation and comfort, this yacht is over 183 feet long.

The yacht has a helipad on the back and has mainly been used for global, deep oceanographic research.

Originally bearing the name Nadir, she was commissioned as the support ship for the French research submersible Nautile.

7. David Tepper – Hamptons Mansion

Another Billionaire mansion, this time located in the Hampton’s that took over 5 years to build and sits on the grounds of his boss’ former home after he purchased it for $43.5 million dollars.

The new 11,268-square foot home is almost exactly twice the size of his boss’s home, and boasts a giant swimming pool and pool house, three-car garage and tennis court with the home facing out towards the ocean.

The home is surrounded by lush green rolling lawns, has a separate guest house, a massive driveway with manicured gardens and a Jacuzzi relaxation area overlooking the ocean.

6. Kenneth Griffin – London Mansion

In a deal that was not long ago completed, Billionaire Ken Griffin has purchased a $122 million London mansion located at 3 Carlton Gardens.

It is thought to be the most expensive property sold in London in more than a decade and the deal is the latest in Griffin’s insane global shopping spree for real estate.

The mansion is just round the corner from Buckingham Palace, covers more than 16,000 square feet and has an indoor swimming pool and large staff quarters.

His property portfolio contains over $750 million dollars worth of homes in areas such as Chicago, New York, Miami, Palm Beach and Florida, gaining six real estate records in the process.

His new home was used by Charles de Galle during World War II and later by MI6 according to reports.

5. Daniel Loeb – NYC Penthouse

Considered to be one of the most powerful addresses in the entire world, 15 Central Park West has been home to a long list of bankers and celebrities, including Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Sting.

Just some of the things that come with the purchase of this property are an in-house chef, a lap pool, and a private screening room.

Other amenities include a library, private restaurant, a health club with private massage rooms and yoga area.

Hedge-fund manager Daniel Loeb bought an eight-bedroom, 10,700-square-foot penthouse condo, paying a record-breaking $45 million back in 2005… not bad at all!

4. David Shaw – Westchester Compound

Westchester is home to many a millionaire and billionaire, it is even home to the world famous Bam Margera, The star of hit TV show Jackass.

Its also the home of many super-rich hedge fund managers including David Shaw, who is also an Investor and computer scientist worth over $3.6 Billion Dollars.

The contemporary structure and accompanying pool house together measure more than 30,000 square feet and the underground garage is another 3,572 square feet, massive amounts of parking for the many parties he must have.

Construction costs on the massive home were estimated at more than $40 million and some residents have called the over-the-top home out of character for the area.

3. David Siegel – Florida Mansion

Another home of another Hedge Fund Manager, this time American businessman David Siegel who has a net worth of $1 billion dollars.

He owns an 85,000 square-foot home named Versailles house, that is under construction at 6121 Kirkstone Lane, Windermere, Florida.

It is designed in the style of a French Chateau, and is named and modeled after the Palace of Versailles in France.

Once complete the house is expected to be worth over $100 million dollars and will feature 11 kitchens, 14 bedrooms, 32 bathrooms, a 30-car garage, a two-lane bowling alley, and an indoor roller rink,

He does not finish there however, as it also has three indoor pools, two outdoor pools, a video arcade, a ballroom, a two-story movie theater with a balcony, a fitness center with a 10,000 square-foot spa, yoga studios, and 20,000-bottle wine cellar.

To complete the home there is an exotic-fish aquarium, two tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a formal outdoor garden, and an elevator in the master bedroom closet.

To give you an idea of just how seriously he is taking the property, the doors inside alone are thought to have cost $4 Million Dollars.

The entryway will feature a 30-foot stained-glass domed oculus and the residence will have ten staff quarters, each with a Jacuzzi and a kitchen.

2. Carl Ichan – Starfire Yacht

Calming down a little bit now from Mr Siegel’s house building antics and feast your eyes upon, Starfire, a $13.9 million yacht once owned by Carl Ichan, a hedge fund manager with a bank balance of $17 billion dollars.

Accommodating 12 guests in six cabins consisting of a full-beam master suite on the main deck she also has a VIP suite, two double rooms and two twin rooms.

All the rooms feature entertainment centers, television screens and en-suite bathroom facilities and the ship can accommodate 12 crew.

The yacht has an entertainment center with bar, piano, comfortable seating, upper deck saloon is wrapped in glass, modern audio visual system and dramatic fiber-optic lighting.

The aft deck is superbly equipped for al-fresco entertaining and dining, with a table and chairs plus an outdoor cinema system, while the sundeck offers dining for 12 and a glass enclosed fitness center featuring a gym, sauna and shower.

Helicopter capability, WiFi internet access throughout, a Jacuzzi, and a Ku-Band satellite communication system are just some of the tech features included.

1. George Soros – Bedford Mansion

This 19-room mansion spread over 63 acres is the home of investor and philanthropist, George Soros, who up until recently was one of the worlds richest men.

He purchased the property in 2003 from the ‘Jurassic Park’ author Michael Crichton and then added a 19 room extension onto the already extensive home.

Features inside are said to include a movie theater, multiple en-suite bedrooms, large swimming pools on the inside and out and a massive chefs kitchen.

There are currently no pictures from inside the home as Mr Soros is one of the most private people in the world…. we don’t blame him!

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