25 Expensive Things Made From SOLID GOLD

Today Vidello Productions is taking a look at the top 25 Most Expensive Items In The World Made from solid Gold.

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25. Gold Pills

Marketed by luxury Line Citizen Citizen, these gold pills were designed by Tobias Wong and were made part of the New York Museum of Modern Art’s Indulgence Event

The pills are produced from gold leaf then dipped into a solid gold type mixture and then shaped.

The human body is actually un-able to digest gold so you could technically re-make these pills over and over again…. a very grim thought!

The pills cost around $425 dollars each, however if you required a months supply then you can total up a $13,000 dollar pharmacy bill.

24. Gold Cup-Cake

Infused with edible gold dust and costing a rather bank busting sum of $972 dolars is the Phoenix Gold Cup Cake made by Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes in Dubai.

The gold-wrapped chocolate cupcake is made from organic flour and butter with chocolate and edible gold sheets that weigh up to 23 carats.

If you thought that wasnt enough then this golden desert goes one step further being served on a gold-plated Mary Antoinette tea trolley and gold-painted cake stand.

23. Gold Facial Treatment

Why not upgrade your luxury spa day with this amazing gold facial treatment that was once used by Queen Cleopatra.

The $1000 dollar treatment takes around 2 hours and is marketed by a Japanese company called Umo, Inc.

The treatment can be found available in select Dubai hotels and Harrods in London, however certain scientists have questioned golds beneficial effects on the skin.

22. Golden Chair

Remember those old rickety chairs you used to sit on in school? Well welcome to your upgrade, a $2100 dollar solid gold chair.

Created by a company called Eames, who are known for creating exquisite furniture and while the legs are not made from gold, sitting in this chair will make you feel like a king.

21. Gold Fountain Pen

Looking to pen a letter to an old friend but dont want to use an ordinary Biro, good, because you can have access to this $10,000 dollar 21st Century Limited-Edition gold fountain pen.

Inspired by the original 1936 Century line, but designed for the 21st century, only 170 of these have ever been produced.

Each pen is made from 21KT solid gold with a genuine brilliant-cut diamond crowning the conical top and is hand made in the USA.

20. Fidget Spinner

All the range in 2017, Fidget Spinners took the world by storm and now you can take your bank balance by storm with this one that costs $13,000 dollars.

The spinner is the product of Russian luxury jewellery specialists Caviar coated in 100 grams of gold and it can be pre-ordered for around one million Russian rubles.

If this spinner is too expensive for your tastes then we have good news for you, as they produced several other ones that are priced in the $250 dollar range.

19. Gold Chocolate Pudding

So your not ill but hungry instead? Then why not pop along to a posh country house hotel in the lake district where you can eat what is claimed to be the most expensive desert in the world.

The cup-Cake is made from gold leaf, caviar and is crowned with a 2 carat diamond, which is the only part we really suggest you dont eat!

Orders for the desert have to be taken 2 weeks in advance and the full price for this scrumptious desert is only $35,000 dollars.

18. Gold Casket

Everybod dies, and what better way to be burried than in a solid gold coffin.

Produced by a company called Golden Caskets, this 24 carat gold handmade coffin features a Ruby Red velvet interior trim and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

There is a matching Gold Reflection Picture Frame and a Gold Keepsake Box that follow you into the afterlife.

No mention of prices are publicized from the company, however after some research, we found that the average price is around $50,000 dollars.

17. Gold Car Wax

Washing your car has never been fun, waxing your car on the other hand just got a whole lot more appealing with this solid gold car wax.

The wax is produced by Scottish car-care product maker Mitchell and King who initially started selling it to give cars a gold shimmer.

The bottle is adorned with diamonds and Swarovski crystals and is made from a layer of fine grade titanium coated with 24k gold

The price to give your car a gold shimmer with this wax, $65,000 dollars.

16. Reading Glasses

Feast your eyeballs (no pun intended) on this pair of very expensive reading glasses that are thought to cost around $75,000 dollars

The Clic Gold Reader is made of 18-karat gold and is sold by House of Solid Gold who claim that over 50 man hours were used to create the solid gold pair.

Exactly 300 pairs were produced and its thought many have already sold.

15. Cuban Link Princess Chain

If your shopping online or in London then this pricey piece of Jewellry may catch your eye.

Marketed by Frost of London, this stunning Cuban Link Princess Chain costs a whopping — $138,000 dollars.

The chain is 30 inches in length and weighs 549.37g and is made from 18KT gold and a selection of white diamonds.

Finance is actually available for this item, although we think you may need to have an excellent credit rating!

14. Gold BBQ Grill

Why go out and eat gold chocolate deserts when you can stay at home and cook on your $150,000 solid gold Beefeater BBQ.

The grill was designed for the 2007 Sydney Home Show by Australian Grill Making COmpany BeefEater.

The doors, the side panels, the cooking rack and even the nuts and bolts are all made out of solid 24KT gold.

13. Gold Valentine Stiletto

The perfect gift for the lady in your life, these amazing gold and diamond studded Valentine Stiletto’s are valued at £210,000 dollars.

They are designed by British bejewelled shoe designer Christopher Michael, these shoes feature solid white gold heels and gold straps encrusted with over 2000 diamonds.

There is also a carmine heart shaped sole that makes the shoes very comfortable to wear.

12. Golden Shirt

Costing a wallet busting $240,000 dollars and made from 14,000 pieces of 22 carat gold, by Rankar Jewelers, this custom gold shirt took 15 craftsmen 16 days to make.

Its thought the shirt contains so much gold that it weighs around 7 pounds and the buyer has said it does not get worn out to dinner parties that often… we can see why!

Indian gold investor Datta, who owns the shirt also says the shirt is lined with velvet and is most definately not washable.

During rare outings he is known to have securiry follow him around while he is wearing the shirt in public.

11. Tabletop Christmas Tree

Christmas has come early this year with this Tabletop Christmas Tree that is thought to be valued at around half a million dollars.

Created by Jeweller Steve Quick, this little ornament features five pounds solid 18K gold and a layer of 200 tiny diamonds that give the tree a sparkling look.

Atop the tree sits a 4.25 carat diamond in a platinum star… the perfect decoration for the cat to knock over this christmas!

10. Giant Gold Elizabeth Coin

Unveiled in 2007, Canadas Giant Gold Elizabeth Coin is thought to have a value close to $1 Million Dollars.

The coin is made from 99.999% pure gold, weighs 220 pounds, is 1.2 inches in thickness and measures 21 inches in diameter.

It cost roughly the same price to produce the coin which was minted to promote Canada’s one-ounce bullion coins and features Queen Elizabeth on the heads side of the coin.

9. Toilet Paper

If your stinking rich and thinking about throwing some money down the toilet, wait!

Your ambitions have been answered with this pure gold toilet roll that has been created by Australian company The Toilet Paper Man.

The golden toilet roll has a value of around $1.3 Million Dollars and possibly the most grotesque waste of money known to mankind.

8. Gold Toilet

Sitting down on the toilet has never been so much fun with this $2.5 Million dollar gold toilet, created by the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in 2001.

The toilet currently sits in one of the most expensive rest rooms in the world in the city of Hong Kong that features 24 carat gold and jewel embellished walls.

The toilet currently remains off limits to anyone who would want to use it.

7. Gold Bugatti Veyron Model

While you can expect to purchase a Bugatti Veyron for near to $4 Million dollars, this is how much you would need to cough up for a replica model of the car made in solid gold.

Currently thought to be the worlds most expensive model car, its made from 24KT gold, with platinum detailing and diamonds.

6. Messi’s Left Foot

Back in 2012, Messi scored a record 91 goals in the season and to commemorate this achievement a very unique item was created.

The 55 pound solid gold replica foot was created by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka and was put on sale in 2013 to benefit the Messi Foundation.

Its thought the winning bid reached over $5 Million dollars and to make things more interesting over 100 mini-feet were also made selling for $42,000 each.

Tanaka was still not finished and revealed another 50 gold-plated footprint molds that apparently went for $94,500 each.

5. Poker Set

Created by one of the finest game makers in the world, this Golden Poker set has a value close to $7.5 Million dollars.

The game was produced by London-based Deffri Parker comes housed in a genuine alligator skin case finished in the color of the client’s choice.

The case has 18KT gold combination locks with the inside of the case also featuring 18KT gold lining with diamonds and the game features 18KT gold poker chips and playing cards.

4. Gold Pocket Watch

Clearly not your average pocket watch, this Patek Philippie Super Complication Gold Pocket Watch has a price tag of $11 Million Dollars.

The piece was commissioned by banker Henry Graves in a competition with James Packard on who can own the most complicated watch.

The watch has micfro parts made out of jewels and diamonds, features a skyline of New York and is made completely from 18KT gold.

3. Dubai Christmas Tree

The people of Dubai always like to take things to the next level and that is exactly what they have done with this massive gold christmas tree.

Thought to have a value of $11 Million dollars, this tree is decorated with solid gold bows, diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones.

The tree is 40 feet tall and even the presents below the tree are covered in pure gold wrapping paper.

2. Gold iPhone

What would the world be without a solid gold iPhone to add to this list?

Costing an insane $15 Million dollars it has now been considered to be the most expensive cell phone in the world.

The phone is Manufactured by Stuart Hughes Jewelers, and is made from 22 carat solid gold with the Apple logo and sides covered in diamonds.

1. Gold Lamborghini

Our number one spot goes to something which is quite special.

This Lamborghini LP-700–4 has been hand crafted out of a solid block of gold and is thought to contain 25 kilograms of the precious metal.

The car is thought to be 8 times smaller than the original models, so while we are worrying about fitting into it most people are worrying about the $62 Million dollar price tag.

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