Billionaire Paris Hilton And 10 Expensive Things She Owns

Paris Hilton is a billionaire businesswoman, actress, socialite and model with a net worth of over $100 million dollars, in this video, Will from Vidello Productions takes a look at 10 expensive things she owns.

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10. Massive Dog House

Yes, you are reading that correctly, Paris Hilton purchased a two-story doghouse with a design of the same type of houses found in Beverly Hills.

This two-story deluxe dog house features beds, feeding stations, air conditioning and a central heating system.

The dog house also features a fully walled in lawn garden complete with a tree full of dogs toilet needs the 12 feet high property features an inside staircase that leads to a second level complete with an iron rail balcony and lighting fixtures.

The estimated cost for this purchase is currently unknown although its thought to have set her back tens of thousands of dollars.

9. Beverly Hills Mansion

This mansion lies in the gated community of Mahal and estates and was built in 1991.

The 8700 square foot house features a makeup room private office and one whole room dedicated solely to Paris’s wardrobe bathrooms with marble floors and a large hot tub also feature in the house.

There is a specially enclosed heated swimming pool to the rear and the price for this piece of luxury real estate cost Paris a cool $80 Million Dollars.

8. Manhattan Penthouse

For her visits to the Big Apple Paris needed a place to stay and where better than her 3,300 Square foot penthouse near star Palace

This swanky pad features a home automation system, two skylights, wooden floors and a dining area with a marble fireplace.

The first bathroom has a glass shower while the second Bathroom has double sinks marble walls, floor and a jetted hot tub
Paris paid just $4.9 million dollars for a taste of the New York lifestyle.

7. Wardrobe Collection

Paris has one of the biggest closing collections on the planet including 104 pairs of jeans that she has never even worn.

She owns brands of clothing that range from Victoria Beckham to Franky B and more.

One of her favorite clothing brands was Von Dutch and her favorite jeans type you ask, well give JNC jeans a good look.

It’s clear that Paris’s wardrobe runs into the millions of dollars once you add up all the dresses from the red-carpet events.

6. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Joining Britney Spears in the car club, Paris owns a jaw-dropping mercedes-benz SLR McLaren which is a limited edition model and only 75 of the cars were ever built

The car can reach top speeds of 217 miles per hour and can go from 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds and features gullwing doors and this ride definitely suits her socialite reputation especially with a price tag of $561,000 dollars for the limited edition version.

5. The Lexus LFA

What better present could you get for your 30th birthday than the Lexus LFA sports car and that’s exactly what Paris got when boyfriend CJ weights gifted her a yellow one

This limited-edition car Sprint from 0 to 60 mile per hour in under 3.7 seconds and the car is particularly special as it is a limited edition with only 500 ever made.

4. Ferrari California

Paris car list continues at number four with an edition of a 2012 Ferrari California which was delivered to her house on the 27th of November 2001

The V8 engine and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission make this car glorious to drive and with a retractable roof, everyone can see Paris driving her pride and joy with the price tag for this car coming in at around $200,000 new.

3. Pink Bentley Continental GT

Possibly one of Paris Hilton’s nicest cars, the pink Bentley Continental GT comes in at a massive $400,000 price tag and features a diamond-encrusted dash board

This car has Paris Hilton’s initials almost everywhere including on the Bentley badge rims and even on the seat

This version of the Bentley is one of the most expensive and with its Barbie style theme it is very hard to miss her when she is driving around in this car.

2. Bentley Continental GT Convertible Edition

If it wasn’t enough to own a pink Bentley, Paris also has access to her very own convertible version of the same car

So, if it’s too hot to take out the pink one Paris can pull the roof down on the blue car and ride out in style

The price tag for her backup Bentley is just two hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars.

1. Rolls-Royce Ghost

Topping off our list is yet another car which clearly shows how serious Paris takes her motors

She has twice been spotted picking up her kids from school in this monster of a car and it features a twin-turbo v12 engine and can crank out 563 horsepower

The car can reach 250 kilometres an hour, 100 kilometres of which can be reached in just a 4.8 seconds

The entertainment package equips the ghost with a 16 speaker 600 watt twin subwoofer enabled audio system, 9.2 inch LCD screen and USB connectivity

It is currently one of the most luxurious cars on the planet with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of about $315,000.

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