10 Expensive Things Owned By Multi Millionaire Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood with a net worth of $425 Million Dollars, that’s why Vidello productions is taking a look at 10 expensive things he owns.

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10. Malibu Home

With panoramic views of the ocean and featuring six bedrooms, ten bathrooms and gym, a library, a home office, an elevator, a lagoon pool and a Cabana this property has to be one of the nicest homes on Malibu.

Located in a guard gated neighborhood a few miles north of Carbon Canyon it also features a gourmet kitchen, a bar and a wine cellar.

The house was bought by Mel Gibson in 2008 for a staggering 11.5 million dollars.

9. Old Mill Farm Connecticut

This two-story stone and timber mock Tudor mansion was built in 1926 and has 28 rooms with the home covering almost 1500 square meters on the main house.

Featuring 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms the Great Hall has a 12-meter cathedral ceiling with a stone minstrels gallery and massive walk-in fireplace.

After that there is a formal screening room gourmet kitchen and the servants quarters the grounds include formal English gardens and clipped hedge maze, a terraced pool, tennis court, greenhouse, stable, staff offices, two guest houses, a log cabin and a pond.

Mel Gibson sold property in 2010 for a reported twenty $4 million dollars.

8. Costa Rica Beach Mansion

It’s possibly one of the biggest properties that Mel Gibson has ever owned before he put the mansion complex up for sale in 2010 and later 2014.

The three villa complex features in main house with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms with magnificent marble hallways and tile floors.

The smaller two villas Casa baya gonna and Casa darada each offered two bedrooms and three bathrooms and there is also a Balinese house shipped over from Indonesia.

Happily nestled in the grounds its remote location can only be by private jet or helicopter and each Villa is perched in a hilltop with its own pools jungle and beach views and is enclosed in a blanket of greenery.

The island was listed for sale with a whopping price tag of 30 million dollars.

7. 401 Sierra Creek Road

This 3.5 hectare property was bought by Mel Gibson in 2004 and is located in the Cornell area of Los Angeles.

According to reports a 47 year old worker committed suicide in the compound of the estate and that’s probably why Mel Gibson has never lived at this property.

The main house of features of four bedrooms and three bathrooms with underfloor heating and the grounds feature a private swimming pool and tennis court.

There is also a separate guest house next to the property just in case his friends come over to stay its dopant property was purchased for a price close to the two million dollar mark.

6. Lavender Hill Farm

One of the most prestigious properties in Malibu, this property, which is guarded by security 24/7 has only two roads of access and covers ten thousand four hundred square meters with the house of stretching over five hundred square meters.

The compound includes fruit orchards with shira shade trees organic Gardens, a floodlit tennis court, a beautiful pool, three guest houses, two offices, an attached gym and staff quarters.

The main house has six bedrooms six bathrooms Howard and stone floors throughout and there is an enormous first floor master suite with a separate sitting room.

It’s reported that Mel Gibson bought the property for a substantial amount possibly six million dollars in the year 2000 however the estate is now up for sale.

5. Gulf Stream 5

It’s one of the most luxurious private jets in the world and is one of the safest long-range business aircraft ever made.

The Gulfstream five private jet can reach any destination in the world in record time and can provide unparalleled comfort even at 51,000 feet.

It features a fully carpeted interior leather seats private bathroom onboard chef’s private bar and business center.

The Gulf Stream 5 on average costs roughly $48 million dollars.

4. Lexus LS 600

It’s the car that has been the face of Lexus since the company launched in 1989 and Mel Gibson owns a silver one.

The interior of the car features leather seats wooden styling and has a built in computerized display the controls navigation and the climate control.

The onboard occupant protection system features advanced impact avoiding technology with side rear and front airbags installed.

With hybrid power dynamic control intelligent lighting and all-wheel drive it’s easy to see why this car was the first choice for Mel Gibson for 2016 models retail at around one hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

3. 2008 Maserati Quattroporte

In 2009 Mel Gibson purchased a 2008 Maserati it would appear that he did not realize the power of the vehicle as crashed the car one evening, however, was unharmed.

Gibson’s Maserati features a sparkling black color exterior offering memorable styling along with comfy black leather seats with storage center arm rests in the interior to enhance the pleasure of driving.

Some of the other features included in the car include geolock zone climate control Bose premium speakers speed sensitive volume controls 4-wheel abs and power glass sunroof.

On average one of these cars will set you back $100,000.

2. Mercedes CLS 500

With a Batmobile like exterior design of this car turns head and includes a luxurious roomy interiors complete with a v8 5 litre 306 brake horsepower engine which has a top speed of 250 kilometers an hour.

The CLS 500 is a perfect blend of safety comfort performance and luxury and it is estimated at its set Gibson back around two hundred and ten thousand dollars.

1. Margot Island

Moving away from mansions a private island takes the top spot of our Mel Gibson list he is the proud owner of a five thousand four hundred acre private abode which he purchased from a private Japanese firm in 2005.

The island is known to be one of the largest in the Pacific and features several homes and before you ask there are no pictures.

The only other people are known to be living on the island are the staff looking after the property the island features no dock and the only way of reaching it is by air and a dirt landing strip of around 1,100 meters.

The island cost Gibson a whopping fifteen million dollars so it’s not completely out of the region for some of today’s lottery winners.

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