10 Expensive Things Owned By Multi-Millionaire Lady Gaga

She’s Lady Gaga and Vidello Productions is taking a look at 10 expensive things she owns.

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10. California Mansion

Sitting in around 200 Acres of beautiful gardens this home features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms and has a 1,300 square-foot ballroom with three kitchens.

There is a large master bedroom, screening hall, living room with large balcony and a large gaming area.

Her $5.25 million dollar Hollywood hills home includes a double-height art gallery, recording studio a greenhouse, a swimming pool, a rooftop tennis court, and gardens that feature “one-of-a-kind mosaic art.

The quasi-Tudor-style 6,700 square foot main house also has an attached staff apartment and two very contemporary detached guesthouses.

9. Private 757

When you think of celebrity air travel, you think of private jets and forst class seating, however you would be wrong in thinking that Lady Gaga has any time for these choices.

She has access to her very own Private 757 which was provided to her by her promotion team at Live Nation and yes its totally customized.

The plane has its own on-board kitchen with private chefs, several bedrooms with access to private bathrooms and a large.

The plane is so personalized that it even includes towels with Gaga’s name on them and the planes are not cheap, coming in at a very impressive US$65 million dollars.

8. New York Home

When she’s not entertaining and living life on the west coast, Lady Gaga is performing on the east coast in places such as Miami and New York City.

One home she has recently sold is her upper west side apartment in New York City which is thought to have views of central park.

This swanky penthouse apartment has floor to ceiling windows and covers nearly 2,000 square feet with a formal dining room, a chef’s kitchen, a Hollywood staircase, a huge master bathroom, and access to the building’s many amenities.

Lady Gaga is also thought to have rented another apartment in the same area for around $22,000 dollars a month while her other home was undergoing renovations.

7. Lincoln MKZ

Lady Gaga’s Lincoln MKZ has a Twin-Turbocharged 3.0 Liter V6 engine produces 400 horsepower and provides an exhilarating driving experience.

The car has a number of features, including an adaptive suspension and Dynamic Torque Vectoring, that help to harness and control power, creating an even more thrilling driving experience.

There is a panoramic retractable glass roof that slides back to create the largest opening among sedans that only requires the push of a button.

The interior provides Venetian leather and Active Noise control with microphones even monitoring the interior sound profile of the cabin.

There is a unique grille, 19-inch wheels and painted brake calipers with Dynamic Torque Vectoring and an adaptive sport-tuned suspension.

6. Malibu Estate

Spread over 10,000 square feet and thought to have cost Lady Gaga around $23 million dollars, this massive Malibu compound is reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa, and comes complete with mountain and ocean views.

The property features a saltwater pool and Jacuzzi, a basketball court and a long porch that stretches the back exterior of the house.

There is an 8-horse stable for those who love to ride and the whole mansion is surrounded by riding and walking tracks with the private beach also accessible.

Moving inside now and it begins to get interesting, not least with the underground bat cave that features a games room and its own bowling alley.

Next up we have both a large living room and dining room with access to the house’s own home cinema and for friends staying over there are 5 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

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5. Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban is one of the longest-running models sold in the United States and was debuted in 1936, and can reach 60 mph in less than 9 seconds.

It has a 6-speed automatic transmission with a top speed of 108 mph and a price tag new in the region of $46,000 dollars.

There is a V8 engine included and the interior of the car is immense with up to six USB ports and six power outlets and rear-seat entertainment system with dual screens.

The car has Key-less entry and push-button start technology and there is an eight-inch color touch screen radio with next-generation My-link connectivity

4. Conchella Retreat

Why stay at a swanky London hotel for your performances when you can own your own 4 bedroom 5 bathroom penthouse located north of Oxford Street.

The building will boast a modern concrete exterior, floor-to-ceiling windows, four luxury penthouses, a roof garden and a communal courtyard, an insider claimed.

The building boasts a modern concrete exterior, floor-ceiling windows and a roof garden and a communal courtyard.

With the property being four penthouses in one, it also boasts spectacular city views from all sides of the building.

3. Rolls-Royce Corniche III

One of the more expensive cars on the list, the Rolls-Royce Corniche III is not only collectible, it is also one of the best cars to be showcased in 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Cars in good condition can sell for around $200,000 dollars and features a 3 speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive.

The car has all the modern accessories including ABS with injector, air conditioning, electric hood, electrically adjustable seats.

The car has a 6.75 litre V8 engine, a top speed of 190 km/h and a 0-60 speed of around 7 seconds

2. Diamond iPad

Most people have traditional iPads, Lady Gaga has a pink iPad that is covered in Diamonds and even has her name on it.

The limited edition polished White Gold Plated iPad 2 has had a complete makeover by one of the premier names in luxury gadgets, Computer Choppers.

The amazing Apple iPad 2, boasts 228 white VS diamonds that are inscribed in the Apple logo, which itself is made of solid 14-carat Gold, while sporting a lovely Pink color.

1. Audi R8

With a top speed of 320 km/hour and a zero to 100 km/hour speed time of 3.5 seconds, Lady Gaga’s Audi R8 takes the top prize in her car collection.

This car comes with a price tag of between $150,000 and $200,000 dollars and features an automatic transmission, 5.2-litre Direct Injection engine and seats two people.

There is an on-board Navigation System, Adjustable Seats, DVD player, four different drive modes and Power Steering.

With regards to safety features, the car has an Anti-Lock Braking System, front and rear Parking Sensors, Smart Entry and brake assist, Crash Sensors and Engine Immobilizer.

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