10 Expensive Things Owned By James Cameron

Vidello Productions is taking a look at 10 expensive things Owned By $2 billion dollar man, James Cameron.

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10. Malibu Mansion

Spread over 8,272 square feet, this mansion feature six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, is thought to have cost the movie fanatic $ 5 Million Dollars and is currently his main home.

The home proudly boasts a tennis court, two swimming pools, gourmet kitchen, interior garden and courtyard, guest house and an indoor cinema.

Cameron has a large home office within the property and there is also a private movie studio fr work based projects.

James Cameron stays here with his wife Suzy Amis and their four children, Qunn, Claire, Elizabeth and Josephine.

9. Triton Submarines

Purchased back when he was filming Titanic, James Cameron purchased a fleet of Triton Submarines that were used to explore the wreck and recover artifacts.

He used a different vehicle to dive the Mariana trench, the deepest point in the ocean however all the underwater sequences of his movies were shot using the Triton fleet.

He has commissioned a submarine made from high-tech composite materials and powered by electric motors to shoot his next directorial venture, the sequel to his record-breaking movie Avtar.

Each submarine costs around $3 million dollars, can seat up to three occupants, feature a transparent acrylic sphere and can dive over 36,000 feet.

During his Mariana trench dive he used the Challenger Deep Vehicle that dropped over 7 miles to the deepest known part of the ocean and featured a 109cm sphere to protect him from the crushing pressure.

8. Private Winery

Located in the Comox Valley, the Beaufort Vineyard and Estate Winery started locally about eight years ago and was purchased by Cameron for $2.9 million dollars.

The entire operation covers 84 acres and has won 27 medals last year from the International Wine Challenge in London, the All Canadian Wine Championships, and the North-West Wine Summit in Oregon.

Its thought he has a real interest in organic and sustainable growing and how important farming is for the world.

The location of the winery, which was recently named a PGA Tour Canada qualifying school site is also thought to be planned as a home base for Cameron in the area.

7. New Zealand Home

Considered a home away from home for Cameron, this site features 2 large properties that sit on a large plot of land that cost him $20 million dollars.

At the time he bought more than 1000 hectares of land, he had a view to moving there “indefinitely” with his family.

The estate is located near Wellington and has several bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, home offices and a new kitchen.

6. Harley Davidson

James Cameron owns three Harley Davidson Motorcycles and his Harley makes perfect use of the 45-degree air-cooled V-Twins.

Cameron has been spotted riding his Harley Davidson with fellow Harley friends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralf Moeller.

He featured one of the bikes in the film, Terminator 2: Judgment Day! and to give you an idea of the top speeds they can reach, the last Harley-Davidson record of 322.15 mph (518.45 km/h) stood for 16 years.

5. Alucia2 Yacht

Synonymous with ocean conservation and global exploring over the last decade, James Cameron had this yacht kitted out with every scientific technology imaginable.

Built in 2010, the science yacht features a 40 ton man rated A-frame that can launch submersibles, drag nets and tow sonar machines.

The aft deck has launch systems for diving operations and a huge helicopter landing pad on the front allows a resident helicopter at all times.

The ship is powered by 2 1150kw bow thrusters and Dual 2.2mw Rolls Royce Azimuth electric motors to the rear.

The middle of the ship holds the enclosed submersible hanger that can hold three 1000 meter manned subs and a dedicated ROV deployment bay allows for independent launch and recovery.

Alucia 2 can carry and operate advanced camera systems needed in order to capture the oceans in extreme detail no matter the weather conditions and was used in the making of BBC Blue Planet 2.

4. Corvette C6 Convertible

James Cameron’s Corvette C6 Convertible features a powerful 6.2 Liter 430-hp LS3 V8 engine, six-piston front brakes and four-piston rear brakes.

Standstill to 62mph occurs in 4.3sec and the car has a 186mph top speed with a stiffer, lighter platform and a body that’s 140mm shorter than previous models.

There is a $2000 dollar optional power folding roof, which lowers, at the push of a button, in 18 seconds and is the first to be offered on a Corvette.

Inside, the interior is light years ahead of the previous models with simpler controls on the centre console.

Prices for the Corvette C6 Convertible range from $36,000 dollars to $55,000 dollars depending on the optional extras selected.

3. Rolex Deep-sea Watch

In modern times Rolex has been particularly conservative about their product development process with very few people receiving their own branded Rolex.

James Cameron on the other hand has, and it was made In honor of him and his new film with the watch being released on August 4th, 2014 and by doing so online, something that is very rare.

The Rolex Deep-sea D-Blue Dial watch is based on the standard Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep-sea 116660 watch but has a unique dial that starts blue at the top and using a gradient goes to black.

The color change on the dial is in reference to a very special event where Cameron visited the deepest point in the ocean.

Its understood the watch was retailed for around $13,000 dollars, but we know that Cameron defiantly got his for free!

2. Ducati 848 EVO

Weighing 60 pounds and featuring a smooth performance the 848 EVO’s engine features new pistons with a stratospheric 13.2:1 compression ratio.

The bike features a V-twin engine manufactured by Ducati and the original 848 was announced on November 6, 2007 for the 2008 model year, replacing the 749.

It features a 256 km/h (159 mph) top speed and the 2010 EVO edition features small revisions such as a black swing-arm, Mono-block Brembo brake calipers, steering damper mount as well as some very minor engine revisions.

The 848 trellis frame uses a simplified tube layout from the Ducati 749 featuring main section tubes that are enlarged in diameter from 28 mm to 34 mm, while being reduced in thickness

1. New Zealand Farms

Cameron has spent several million dollars expanding his New Zealand estate by adding new farmland and another property on the shores of Lake Pounui.

The low-lying 250-hectare dairy farm, sold by Heather and Rob McCreary, runs along the southern end of Western Lake Rd.

The property includes large sections of native bush, much of it covered by covenant, and was sold by Bill and Annette Shaw.

Cameron holds New Zealand residency and s known to have visited the properties at least once with him planning to work on the upcoming Avatar sequels in the coming years.

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