10 Expensive Things Owned By President Yoweri Museveni

Today Vidello Productions is taking a look at 10 Expensive Things Owned By President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

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10. Hotel Empire

Yoweri Museveni has made several large hotel investments within Uganda and it is reported he spent over $150,000,000 dollars on the purchase of one luxary hotel in the country.

The hotels Museveni owns are extravegant and feature top class rooms, large swimming pool and relaxation areas and only the most dedicated staff.

Guests are treated like royalty and everything has to be perfect for guests with complimentary champagne on arrival and hot towels waiting for guests in rooms.

One hotel in his empire is said to contain 251 rooms and 42 luxurious guest suites while covering over 100,000 square feet.

Also reported to own the extravegent Kampala Serena Hotel, formally the five star Nile Hotel, Museveni joined the Aga Khan in an inauguration ceremony in 2006.

The Serena is located in Kampala and sits on 17 acres of beautifully manicured water gardens while reaturing the ultra luxurious Royal Suite and exclusive dining area of the Bambara Lounge.

Many of Museveni’s hotels feature health clubs, cocktail bar’s, hair and beauty salon’s, business centre’s and private entrances for only the ultra-wealthy VIP’s

9. Kisozi Ranch

Used mainly for breeding cattle, this large ranch is located approximately 37 kilometres south-west of Kanoni and roughly 133 kilometres, south-west of Kampala.

The ranch is maintained by Museveni’s staff and serves Kisozi central market with both milk and food while sitting on the banks of the Katonga River.

Described as a key livelihood of the local community, the ranch has historically bred the long-horned Ankole cattle which can still be seen in the fields today.

In one famous visit to the ranch, Yoweri Museveni invited the President of Ethiopia to join him on a tour of the complex and introduced him to the origins of the ranch.

He can often be seen driving around the ranch in his off-time and has used it as a place to relax while always working to increase the yield of his cattle breeding.

8. Rwakitura Cattle Ranch

The second of several cattle ranches owned by Yoweri Museveni, his Rwakitura Cattle Ranch was purchased in 1967 and breeds the same horned Ankole cattle as on his Kisozi Ranch.

The farm has also been used for dairy farming and in a famous comment, Museveni stated that he wanted to take Miss World Vanessa Ponce on a tour of the estate.

Born in 1944 too a family of cattle keepers, he is now one of the leading ranchers in Uganda, and sells over 700 cattle a year from the farm and has over has over 6,000 heads of cattle at any one time.

7. Luzira State White House Complex

Perched on more than two acres of land this large white home has several entrances heavily guarded by state security as this is the main home of Yoweri Museveni.

Sitting less than 100 meters from Lake Victoria, the home is thought to have been purchased by Museveni in preperation for his possible up-coming retirement.

Surrounded by soilders, the property is often visited by many members of the first family and, before retirement kicks in, is used as a holiday home.

Looking slightly like the White House in Washington, the home has several large white colums on the front and even a balcony on the second floor.

6. Gulfstream G650

When you are as rich as Yoweri Museveni, private flying comes natural and his $65 million dollar Gulfstream G650 is the only plane of choice for getting from A to B in quick fashion.

Museveni can fly to any place on the globe thanks fo the jets total range of 11,263km while staying in the air for 16 hours and travelling at over 982 km/h.

Each aircraft is designed to the buyer’s specifications and its thought the plane took over 2 years to build with pattern materials on the carpets and guest seating for up to 15 passengers.

Museveni has access too four-zone cabin configuration for meetings, dining, and relaxation can be enjoyed in front of the personal 42-inch flat-screen TV.

Sixteen panoramic windows flood the cabin with natural light and the plane boasts a wide array of connectivity options including high speed data ports with Ka-band High-Speed Wi-Fi.

Museveni will never go hungry while travelling to world mertings as he has access to an Espre, so Machine, Full Refreshment Centre, Microwave and Warming Oven, Freezer and Refrigerator.

Powered by 2 Rolls-Royce BR725 AI-12 engines, the jet can circumnavigate the globe with only one stop!

5. BMW F06

Yoweri Museveni travels often and his 4 door variant of the BMW 6 series, the F06, was launched in June 2012 at the international motor show in Geneva.

The car, which has a turbocharged 3 Litre 24v Inline 6 petrol engine can accelerate to 62 mph in 5.4 seconds and has a maximum top speed of 155 mph.

With 4 doors and 5 seats, the car is rear wheel drive and Museveni has access to interior features such as climate control, cruise control and multi-function steering wheel.

The BMW ConnectedDrive system is now standard in all F06 cars and allows Yoweri Museveni access to his very own personal concierge service for booking at restaurants and accessing remote services in real-time.

There is an almost unlimited amount of extras for this car including the pricey Adaptive Drive system, available at £3,400 , a Harman Kardon sound system and M Sport double-spoke alloy wheels.

Adaptive cruise control and BMW’s head-up display system are also an optional extra with Museveni riding in comfort thanks to the full Merino leather interior.

He is thought to have paid roughly $84,800 for the car before the optional extras are included!

4. Armoured S600 Pullman Guard Limo

When Yoweri Museveni is not travelling around in his super luxurious BMW F06, he uses his Armoured S600 Pullman Guard Limo for state occasions and visits.

This is a beast of a car and has been used by several other dignitarys including North Koreas Kim Jong-Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin!

The car, which costs $1.6 million dollars before any upgrades, features bullet and bomb proof armour plating and bullet proof windows,

Powered by a superbly smooth 6 liter twelve-cylinder biturbo 530 horsepower V12 engine, speeds of up to 282 km/h can be achieved and the car, or tank if you prefer to call it that, can go from 0–60 in just 8.6 seconds.

The remarkably spacious interior features a partition between the driver’s seat and the passenger compartment and all the key communications and entertainment systems.

Museveni’s clan also enjoy private jet-like legroom and reclining captain’s chairs with sirens, flashing lights, emergency starter battery and external communication systems all included.

3. Range Rover Sport

Dropping down in price slightly, when Museveni is not attending state visits or needs ultra protection, he opts for the classy Range Rover Sport with a price tag close to $120,000 dollars new.

This car has a four wheel drive system with 8-speed automatic transmission and is powered by a powerful 5.0 L V8 engine.

Interior comunications include Apple car play, Bluetooth connectivity, SOS emergency call with automatic collision detection and Incontrol apps in vehicle touchscreen lets you load apps with just one touch.

Passengers in Museveni’s Sport wont have to worry about hayfever in the stifiling heat as the fans include pollen filters and the whole car benefits from auto air recirculation and climate control memory functions.

Top speeds come in at between 124.9 and 175.8 mph while 0–60 can be achieved in just 4.3 seconds.

2. Piranha Armoured Tanks

While Yoweri Museveni likes to keep a tight grip on power in the country he needs to back this up and what better way to do this than purchase over $110 million dollars worth of Piranha Armoured Tanks.

Designed by the Swiss company MOWAG, these all-wheeled Mowag Piranha’s weigh in at between 25 and 30 tons.

Some Piranha derivatives have been assigned roles as troop transports, command vehicles, fire support vehicles, tank trainers, and police vehicles.

Some of Museveni’s Piranha’s can even take part in amphibious operations thanks to twin propellers located on the vehicles, however this varient does not feature a gasoline engine.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

The vehicles Museveni uses mainly to traverse his vast ranches, his Toyota Land Cruiser is thought to have cost him in the region of $80,000 dollars.

This American car has a top speed of 108.7 mph and 0–60 can be achieved between 8.6 too 12.3 seconds thanks to its 2.8 Liter 4-cylinder diesel engine.

Newer versions of this car feature a JBL Premium Sound System with 14 speakers, 19″ Bi-tone dark grey machined-face alloy wheels and Multi-Terrain Select to help with those tricky bumps.

His Land Cruiser features a Power-telescopic steering wheel, Illuminated entry system and comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity while voice recognition is also installed.

The 8 inch Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with Smartphone integration incl Apple CarPlay allows you to connect your devices with ease and the car has numerous 12V power outlets to charge your devices.

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