15 Outrageous Billionaire Russian Mega Mansions of 2021

Russian billionaire are snapping up properties around the world like never before and these multi billionaire homes are filled with everything from underground bomb shelters to cinemas and swimming pools.

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15. Georgian Lodge, London

The personal home of Gazprom Billionaire Andrey Goncharenko this amazing home sits just a stones throw from the US Ambassador residence in Regents Park.

The home, estimated to be worth $150 million dollars, was once the Umited Kingdom’s most expensive home and was designed by renowned architect John Nash.

Originally purchased from Conservative peer Lord Bagri, the Russian Billionaire ripped out many of the features and installed a basement pool, sauna, spa, yoga area and cinema.

The home is covered in floor to ceiling marble and the taps are made from solid gold, truely one of London’s biggest and best homes!

14. Regal Residence, Moscow

Moscow’s Beverly Hills is named Rublyovka and this amazing $109 million dollar mansion is located right slap bang in the middle of it.

The home features custom chandaliers, rediculous amounts of marble and gold gilding can be found on just about every surface possible.

The property also has a billiard room, spa and massage area, a pool adorned with ceiling frescos and a multitude of marble bathrooms.

Many of the bedrooms feature four poster beds and the home has an almost unlimited amount of pricey persian carpets and fancy stone colums.

13. New York Gatsby Mansion

Literally looking like the house out of the film “the great gatsby”, this amazing home is the frmer home of real estate Billionaire Tamir Sapir and is located on Long Island.

Sapir passed away in 2014 and the home was put up for sale for $100 million dollars with the property later selling for a custy $68 million dollars.

This estate is insane and spans over 8 acres, with stunning manicured gardens and a bedroom count of 18.

Dating from 1928, the property has a line of sensational fountains, glimmering gold doors and a solarium covered in expensive marble.

Sapir had a taste for the finer things in life and the outside of the mansion has a massive swimming pool that looks out over the bay and the property’s own dock can accomodate the odd luxury yacht.

12. Witanhurst Mansion, London

Nicknamed the billionaire capital of Europe, London is hoem to more billionaires than any other city and Russian Billionaires and this home, owned by fertiliser tycoon Andrey Guryev, is reported to cost $68 million dollars.

The home is London’s largest private residence, second only in size to Buckingham Palace and sits on what has been dubbed Moscow-on-Thames by the british media.

The property features 25 bedrooms, large orangery, home cinema, 70-foot swimming pool, garage that holds 25 cars and private spa.

The 40,000 square foot subterranian village, built by Guryev after he purchased the home, has ballooned the property’s net worth to over $376 million dollars.

11. Chateau De Moscow, Russia

Looking like something out of a fairytail, this opulent castle-style home is fit for a Tsar and features an array of ornate balconies and turrets.

The estate has an imposing entrance and covers 3,239 square feet while featuring 40 acres of forest and lakeside shores to explore.

Nothing short of grandeur, this home features six bedrooms and ten bathrooms with marble floors and carved wood panelling on every wall.

The home has its own swimming pool with tiled mosaics and has every feature imaginable including a wine cellar, sauna and Turkish bath.

The third floor of the home, which seems to have been converted into an owners suite is filled wth gold and has its own library and cinema.

10. Krasnodar Krai Seaside Palace, Russia

Located on the Black Sea Cost and sitting behind a vast array of security features, it has been reported that this palace was built for none other than Russian Billionaire President Vladamir Putin.

Alexander Ponomarenko later purchased the home after Putins secret was revealed by the media and the home is thoughtto have cost the real estate billionaire $348m, a fraction of the cost of construction which was almost $1 billion dollars.

No expense was spared on this property, which features hand painted fresco’s on the walls and ceilings and spectacular chandeliers grace almost every room.

Each of the 30 bedrooms has a four poster bed and the walls are covered in silk with the finest gold detailing and gold door handles and taps, truly opulant living at its finest.

9. Californian Palatial Mansion, USA

Yuri Milner is Russia’s number one tech investor and he has ammased a fortune unlike many others in his field with stakes in Facebook, Alibaba, AirBnB and Spotify.

His main residence in Moscow is where he spends his off-days however his working life is based out of this amazing mansion in Silicon Valley.

Paying over $100 million dollars for the home, located in the Los Altos Hills area of San Fransisco, the home is designed like an 18th century Chateau.

25,000 square feet covers five bedrooms and 9 bathrooms with the unbelievable entrance hall featuring an arched mezzanine.

High ceilings, panelled walls and hardwood floors line the property on the inside and only the best possible materials have been used for decoration.

Other features available to Milner include a spacious wine cellar, car wash, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, home cinema and a ballroom that has amazing views of San Fransisco Bay.

8. New York Double Town House

One of the billionaire capitals of the world, living in the centre of New York is not for those without deep pockets and Russian Banking Billionaire Alexei Kuzmichev has deeper pockets than most.

Picking up two huge quadruplex townhouses in the Brownstone Building in New York’s Upper East Side in 2016.

These homes feture some of the most amazing roof-top terraces in the city and they feature stylish seating areas and your own hot tub.

The properties were purchased for roughly $48 million dollars and on the inside you will find a huge living room and a dining room with gold chairs.

7. Park Place, Oxfordshire

Purchased for a staggering $230 million dollars, this large estate is the home of Russia’s richest man, steel tycoon Vladimir Lisin.

built in the 18th century near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, the home is over 300 years old and the interior was recently refurbished by former owner Michael Spink.

The price tag also aquired Mr Lisin over 200 acres of parkland and gardens, listed monuments, guest houses, stables and the estate has its own boat house.

Once dubbed Britain’s most expensive home, it was owned by the son of George II and Shipping billionaire John Latsis.

Other features included with this incredible purchase includes two golf courses, 27 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms and a series of large caves and tunnels underneath that were built at the tie of the french revolution.

6. Althorne House, United Kingdom

Located in the Ultra-Rich Higate area, Althorne House was built in 1872 and was purchased last year by chairman of investment business and billionaire Oligarch Mikhail Fridman.

The home was originally the residence of several important London industrialists and was designed by Edward Salomons and John Philpot.

Sitting just 30 minutes outside London, the home is currently undergoing renovations by its current owner to restore it to its former glory.

Purchasing the home for $75 million dollars, its thought that planning permission was agreed to make substatial changes to the property while keeping the exterior look.

5. Tower of Lethendy, Scotland

One of Scotland’s most luxurious homes, Tower of Lethendy sits on a 39-acre estate that is owned by Russian billionaire Boris Mints.

The eight bedroom property has been the recipient of constant seizure orders after banks tried to repo the property in relation to the collapse of Mr Mints banking empire, which he says he had no involvement in.

Purchased for $4.6 million dollars in 2016, the property features its own golf course, large swimming pool, two tennis courts seven bathrooms and three large reception rooms.

Also included on the estate are two gated lodges and two seperate cottages for guest lodging or renting.

4. Château de Gairaut, France

Another Russian Billionaire to have run into trouble with the Russian Government, Sergei Pugachev is the former owner of the French luxury grocery brand Hediard and the daily newspaper France Soir.

He also owns the amazing Château de Gairaut which is located in the southern french city of Nice, where 1 bedroom apartments alone sell for $500,000 dollars.

The home is now split up into multiple properties and the hallways feature marble floors, walls and collums with window views of the glistening blue sea.

3. Futuristic villa, Barvikha, Russia

Looking like a futuristic spaceship and located in one of Moscow’s enclaves for the mega-wealthy, this massive home has its own shopping mall and a Ferrari dealership on its doorstep.

Designed by Zaha Hadid, who recently passed away, it was the architects only private house to be completed and was commissioned by billionaire real estate mogul and art collector Vladislav Doronin.

The home features a tower that rises above the treetops, ground-floor swimming pool and a number of rooms with curves and floor to ceiling windows.

2. Maison de L’Amitie, Florida, USA

Purchased in 2008 from Billionaire Donald Trump, Dmitry Rybolovlev spent $95 million dollars to aquire this property, located in Palm Beach, Florida.

The home, was at the time, Palm Beaches most expensive property’s and covered 35,000 square feet, with the white colonial style house being known as Maison de L’Amitie.

Having been overtaken and infested with mould, the property developer took the drastic action to demolish the 6.26 acre home completely and dividing the home into a series of smaller plots.

1. Chateau de la Croe, Cote De Azur, France

Another one of Billionaire Football Star Roman Abramovich’s property’s he owns way more than this with a property empire spanning the globe.

His home in the south of France, however is also amazing and was once lived in by King Edward, who abdicated the British throne in 1936.

Said to be worth €100 million, Abramovich purchased the home in 2001 and is said to have spent over €180 million Euro’s in restoration costs.

The property features a large underground basement and a pool was installed on the roof of the home with a 400 square-metre ‘ecological’ pool fed by a vast waterfall also on-site.

Roman often spends much of his time here after falling foul of the UK government, meaning he was temporarily barred from entering the UK.

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