15 Millionaire Mafia Mansions Owned By Infamous Kingpins

Some of the worlds richest and infamous mafia crime lords lived in palaces, mansions and extravagant compounds with the best security known to man, today we go inside the spooky mansions of Millionaire Mafia Kingpins.

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15. Vincent Palermo’s Mega Mansion

Known to many as Vinny Ocean, this mobster-turned FBI agent ran New Jersey’s DeCavalcante crime family and was the inspiration for Tony Soprano in the Sopranos.

After grassing up his fellow associates he was placed in the witness protection program and purchased this amazing gated mansion in the city of Houston.

The five-bedroom cabana property on Memorial Drive is consdered nothing short of a palace and the front of the property features a massive fountain, large driveway and lines of trees.

There are many luxurious features fit for a king in here and they include a large swimming pool, marble flooring, marble colums, and even the walls are marble.

The bedroom features a four poster mahogany bed, ornate chandalier and marble fireplace while the private cinema keeps entertainment high.

The mansion was listed for sale in 2009 after Palermo had his cover blown by a newspaper article but it was not sold until 2015 when it exchanged hands for $2.9 million dollars.

14. Carmine Agnello’s Long Island Estate

Carmine the bull Agnello was well known in New York’s Gambino crime family and even married the bosses daughter in 1984.

They later moved into a five-bedroom home located in Long Island’s village of Westbury and they lived there with three sons.

After being sentanced to nine years in prison, Agnello lost the house to his wife who divorced him and later went on to star in a number of TV shows.

The home features a large living room, library, bedrooms with four poster beds and large ornate colums in every room.

The home was raided by the FBI in 2016 after suspecting tax evasion and was listed for sale for $3.5 million dollars several times but it would appear its notoriety is well known.

13. Vito Rizzuto’s Montreal Mansion

Once known as Montreal’s Teflon Don, Vito Rizzuto’s huge Canadian estate is located in Montreal’s Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough.

The alleged boss of the Sicilian Mafia, Rizzuto was head of the family, his 5 bedroom home is located on whats known as mafia row after four mafia kingpins are said to have had houses there.

The home has a sweeping staircase in the entry hall, persian rugs, luxury chandeliers, family room, en-suite bathrooms, two powder rooms and state-of-the-art kitchen.

After Rizzuto passed away from Lung Cancer in 2013 the home was sold for a substancial amount.

12. Tony Accardo’s River Forest Residence

One of Chicago’s biggest and best known gangsters, Big Tuna Accardo as he was known, lived in this amazing five bedroom palatial home in River Forest.

Located on Ashland Avenue he purchased the home while still second in command in 1964 and only cost around $100,000 dollars, something more like $1.3 million in todays money.

The home was sold after a robbery at the property for which Accardo was later said to have ordered the men killed.

He died of heart faliure in 1992 and the property was recently sold for $1.1 million dollars.

11. Paul Ricca’s Chicago Hideaway

Notorious Boss of Chicago’s Mafia gangs for at least 40 years, Paul Ricca AKA “The Waiter” owned this large home in River forest and was also the defacto to Al Capone in the 1930’s.

The magnificent mansion featured four fireplaces, parquet floors, a handsome library and the property reportedly featured a secret tunnel to rooms filled with hidden items.

The property was sold for in 1972 for $900,000 dollars after Ricca, who had been in jail for some time thanks to a tax evasion conviction, died of a heart attack.

10. Rakesh Saran’s Arlington Texas Mansion

Once belonging to online pharmacy Tsar Rakesh Saran, this massive home was listed for auction after he pled guilty and sold for $1.2 million dollars.

Today, the 22,000 square foot home is thought to be worth close to $3.7 million and features five fireplaces, marble tiles, indoor pool and sits just minutes from the Cowboys stadium.

Not much is known about the inside of the home as the reported buyers are very private but expect a warren of rooms and even a reported lift between floors.

9. Pezao’s Slum Mega Mansion

Located in possibly one of the poorest slums in Rio De Janeiro, Drug Lord Pezao built this triplex home in plain sight of his neighbors but hidden well enough from view not to be discovered.

Featuring air conditioning, LED televisions in every room and a well hidden swimming pool on the roof, the home even had its own Jacuzzi and state of the art kitchen.

The drug lord, being a huge fan of Justin Bieber had his own nightclub inside the property, appartnely underground to limit noise and its reported that 6 tons of drugs and weapons were hidden in the walls.

Found by a team of police cleaning the area in preperation for the Rio Olympics, the home was siezed, yet before this the whole favela was run by the gang that controlled billions.

8. Al Capone’s Miami Mansion

Boss of the world famous South Side Gand, very few people have not heard of Al Capone and many people also know of his notorious mega mansion.

Al Capone was in residence at this Palm Beach Villa which is located on Palm Island and is thought to be worth roughly $14.9 million today.

After purchasing the home for just $40,000 dollars, Capone reportedly spent another $140,000 on security measures and upgrades that included seven foot high walls, searchlights and a gatehouse, cabana and grotto.

The home has an amazing swimming pool on the outside and was reportedly where Al Capone spent his final days after being released from Alcatraz prison in 1939.

7. Paul Yearsley’s British Mansion

Once on the market for $8 million pounds, this english estate was the former home of Paul Yearsley, one of the United Kingdoms most prolific gangsters and a former swimming pool supervisor.

Yearsley was sent to prison for his crimes and the home, now on the market for just over $6 million dollars, was described as being fit for a pop star.

The mansion, on the outskirts of Bolton near Manchester has some interesting features for a UK property including multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and a full underground cinema.

Spread across four other floors you will find two living rooms, a large open plan kitchen, an indoor pool, gymnasium, games room, bar and shower room.

He also had a fleet of luxury cars kept at the property, which were also siezed after his 5 year jail sentance.

6. Bugs Morans Chicago Hotel Suite

Another famous name and another massive living quaters, Bugs Morans lived in style thanks to his permanent home inside Chicago’s opulent Parkway Hotel.

The hotel was minutes away from where Morans gang stored all of its booze and counterfit goods and Moran lived in the suite for over 10 years.

The hotel gave Moran access to many entertainment features including a grand ballroom, high-end restaurant and of course its famous speakeasy.

Today it has been converted into flats, and as for Moran? He died in 1957 while still in prison where he was sent in 1939.

5. Billionaire Bolthole of Bugsy Siegel

One of the most feared gangsters of all time the founder of Murder, Inc., which acted as the enforcement arm of the Jewish mob and Italian-American Mafia built his large mansion in California in the 1930’s.

Sitting on a total of 1.8 acres the Holmby Hills mansion has five bedrooms, an enormous living room, oak-panelled library, imposing dining room, and a spacious home cinema.

No expense was spared on the property and he lived there with his wife and children while his bar had every drink imaginable including cognacs and champagnes.

Most homes of this time only had one vanity room, Bugsy built six and the dining room alone seated 30 people.

Manicured gardens and a swimming pool on the outside join the large driveway and its reported that the wardrobe in the atic housed a trapdoor letting him escape arrest on multiple occasions

He was arrested for murder in 1940, later aquitted but was shot dead at his girlfriends home in Beverly Hills, with the home selling for an undisclosed amount.

4. Pablo Escobar’s Mega Home Haul

There are few famous drug kingpins such as Pablo Escobar and few have achieved his power and wealth since, he also owned hundreds of properties, businesses and more!

Of particular intrest to the FBI was his massive Pink mansion was located in a waterfront plot in Miami beach and was said to be worth close to $16 million dollars.

The home was demolished in 2016 and the 30,000 square foot lot where it once stood is still valued at $15.9 million thanks in part to its notiriety.

Two hidden safes were found in the walls of the wrecked home and later dissapeared in mysterious circumstances while Escobars wealth was $30 billion at one point in his life.

Escobar was shot dead in 1993 and there are now plans to build a modern mansion on the site of his former residence, no doubt it will be worth a small fortune, especially if your a NARCO’s fan!

3. Albert Anastasia’s New Jersey Compound

Considered to be the lord high executioner of Murder INC, he would later go onto becone the boss of the feared Gambino crime family in the 1940’s

He lived in this amazing spanish-style New Jersey property from 1947 until 1957 and is also said to have comitted multiple crimes here while organising all gamg activities from the home.

The home sits on 1.3 acres, has 25 sprawling rooms and sits on Fort Lee, just across the river from Manhatten and is surrounded by 7 foot high walls once covered in steel spikes and barbed wire to keep out his enemies.

Multiple bedrooms, an ornate kitchen, a glass covered conservatory and windows offering amazing views of the New York Skyline are on offer in this property.

The home has a wood panelled office and the creepiest room in the house is the Jacuzzi room, also known in the gangsters time as the slaughter room, you can use your imagination as to why.

His reign of terror ended in 1957 when he was gunned down in a barbers shop and his home was later sold multiple times eventually for a high price of $6.9 million dollars.

2. El Chapo’s Mansion Collection

Another notorious drug lord whom is actually still alive, albeit incarcerated in one of the strongest prisons known to man, El Chapo had a net worth at his peak of $3 billion.

He ownd a vast array of different businesses and properties including one house, valued at $80,000 dollars in Culiacan that was used to aid his escape in 2016.

Another home, where the kingpin stayed while trying to evade the army is on sale for $90,000 dollars and his mother even owned a large property in the city.

Sitting on three floors and covering 700 meters of land, it is thought to be valued at $450,000 dollars and he once owned over 9 homes across the globe.

1. Michigan Manor of Pete Corrado

Dubbed the world famous Machine Gun Pete, Corrado belonged to the mafia in Detroit and lived in a 7,481-square-foot mansion on Middlesex Road in Grosse Pointe Park, just outside Detroit.

He made his money from an Italian Style Lottery, an illigal numbers racket and proceeds from his illegal activities were used to buy the home.

The home has a large fountain on the outside and was decorated in 1950’s style with two reception rooms, five bedrooms and the property has access to three bars, a wine cellar, pool room and spa.

The mob home had several hiding places and a series of tunnels run underneath the house with machine guns and other contraband reportedly once stored there and one tunnel even connects to a house across the road.

The home stayed in the family after Corrado’s death in 1957 and was owned by a Corrado until 1988, being purchased for $665,000 dollars and later sold again in 1995 for $715,000 dollars.

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