Gordon Brown – Net Worth

Gordon Brown is a British Politician and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Billionaire or Millionaire?Millionaire
Source of Wealth:Politics
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Star Sign:Pisces
Wife:Sarah Jane Brown
Born:20 February 1951
Last Updated:25/11/2023


Born on February 20, 1951, in Govan, Scotland, Gordon Brown began his journey in a working-class family.

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Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, attended various educational institutions during his academic career

He attended Kirkcaldy West Primary School and then went on to attend Kirkcaldy High School in Scotland for his secondary education.

Brown continued his education at the University of Edinburgh, where he studied history. He later earned a Ph.D. in history from the same university.

After completing his education, he entered the world of politics and became one of the prominent figures in the British Labour Party.


As of 2023, Gordon Brown has an estimated net worth of close to $15 million and this is expected to rise over the next few years.

Brown is thought to own a home in North Queensferry, Fife, Scotland, however no public information on this property is currently available.

He once owned a seven bedroom home in Kirkcaldy Manse, but this home was sold some years ago.


Entering the political arena, Brown became a Member of Parliament in 1983, representing Dunfermline East.

His rise through the ranks of the Labour Party saw him appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1997 under Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Brown’s tenure in this role was marked by economic stability, earning him praise for his prudent fiscal management.

In 2007, Brown ascended to the highest office, succeeding Tony Blair as Prime Minister.

His leadership faced immediate challenges, including the global financial crisis of 2008. Brown’s decisive actions, such as the bank bailout and coordinated international efforts, were pivotal in stabilizing the UK economy during a tumultuous period.

However, his premiership faced criticism, particularly regarding the handling of the Iraq War and issues within the Labour Party.

In the 2010 general election, Brown’s party faced defeat, leading to his resignation as Prime Minister and a subsequent departure from frontline politics.

Post-politics, Gordon Brown continued to contribute to public life.

He became involved in international initiatives, including education campaigns and efforts to address global poverty.

Brown also played a role in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, advocating for a strong union.

His later career saw Brown taking on roles such as United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, where he championed access to education for children worldwide.

His advocacy work extended to issues like global health, reinforcing his commitment to addressing pressing global challenges.


Brown married Sarah Macaulay in 2000 and the couple has two sons, John and Fraser.

Sarah, a barrister, often stayed out of the public eye, emphasizing their commitment to shielding their children from the spotlight.


  • Rigorous financial discipline that, together with monetary stability, ends once and for all the boom and bust that for 30 years has undermined stability.
  • We had lost the art of communication – but not, alas, the gift of speech.
  • I’m a father; that’s what matters most. Nothing matters more.
  • Once government’s objectives were economic growth and social cohesion. Now they are prosperity, fairness and environmental care.
  • Under this Government, Britain will not return to the boom and bust of the past.
  • I take full responsibility for what happened. That’s why the person who was responsible went immediately.


Gordon Brown’s career embodies a dedication to public service, economic stewardship, and international cooperation.

While opinions on his political legacy may vary, his impact on the economic landscape during a critical period and his continued advocacy for global issues underscore the complexity and significance of his career in British and international politics.

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