Liz Truss – Net Worth

Liz Truss is a British Politician and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Billionaire or Millionaire?Millionaire
Source of Wealth:Politics
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Height:5FT 5¼IN
Star Sign:Leo
Husband:Hugh O’Leary
Born:26th July 1975
Last Updated:25/11/2023


Born on July 26, 1975, in Oxford, she attended a comprehensive school, Roundhay School, in Leeds.

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Truss’s journey in public service began after earning a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from Merton College, Oxford.


Liz Truss has a current, estimated net worth of close to $8.5 million dollars as of November 2023 and we expect this to gradually tick up over the next few years.


Truss entered the political arena in the early 2000s, working for think tanks and gaining experience in economic policy.

In 2010, she was elected as the Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk, marking the initiation of her parliamentary career.

Truss quickly gained attention for her articulate advocacy of free-market reforms, earning a reputation as a rising star within the Conservative Party.

Her ministerial career gained momentum in 2012 when she was appointed as a junior minister in the Department for Education.

Truss played a pivotal role in championing education reforms, emphasizing the importance of rigorous standards and accountability in schools.

In 2014, Liz Truss assumed the role of Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Her tenure was marked by efforts to address agricultural challenges, promote British food exports, and advocate for sustainable farming practices.

A significant milestone in Truss’s career came in 2016 when she was appointed Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade in Theresa May’s government.

In this role, she played a key part in preparing the groundwork for post-Brexit trade agreements and fostering economic partnerships with countries around the world.

Continuing her upward trajectory, Liz Truss became the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs in September 2021 under Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In this role, she assumed responsibility for shaping the UK’s foreign policy and diplomatic relations.


Married to Hugh O’Leary, a finance director, the couple has two daughters.

Truss has been known for keeping her personal life private, and detailed information about her family life may not be extensively available in the public domain.


  • When I travel around the country, I see great companies with great ideas
  • I am a fighter and not a quitter. I have acted in the national interest to make sure that we have economic stability.
  • I am confident that together we can ride out the storm. We can rebuild our economy and we can become the modern brilliant Britain that I know we can be.
  • This is our vital mission to ensure opportunity and prosperity for all people and future generations


Truss’s career has been characterized by a commitment to economic liberalism, free trade, and a strong stance on global affairs.

As one of the prominent women in British politics, Liz Truss continues to navigate complex challenges, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s political landscape.

Her journey underscores the potential for determined individuals to shape policy and contribute significantly to the public sphere.

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