ImJayStation – Net Worth

ImJayStation - Net Worth

ImJayStation was a popular YouTuber who created small scary videos and overnight challenges.

Billionaire or Millionaire?Millionaire
Source of Wealth:YouTube Videos
Country of Origin:Canada
Height:5ft 10in
Star Sign:Libra
Born:14th February 1990
Last Updated:26/11/2023


Born, Jason Matthew Ethier in Ottawa, Canada on the 14th February 1990, ImJayStation as he was known on YouTube was a controversial figure.

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It is currently un-clear where he went to school, but is thought to have grown up somewhere in Canada, possibly Ottawa.


As of writing, ImJayStation has an estimated net worth of under $1 million, and it is currently unclear how much he made off his YouTube Channel, it could also be more, due to a connection in real estate.

He posted a video on YouTube claiming to be making money in real estate and said he was making way more money than he ever earned on YouTube.

At the height of his fame, the ImJayStation channels were making around $100,000 per month.


ImJayStation initially gained attention through his “24-Hour Challenge” videos, where he claimed to spend extended periods in various locations, often after closing hours.

These challenges often took place in supposedly haunted or forbidden locations, contributing to the mystique of his content. His willingness to engage in seemingly risky and unconventional activities garnered him a significant following.

One of ImJayStation’s most well-known series was his paranormal videos, where he purported to communicate with spirits using methods like the Ouija board or conducting séances.

These videos often had dramatic and suspenseful elements, attracting viewers interested in the supernatural.

However, ImJayStation’s rise to fame was accompanied by controversies. He faced criticism for allegedly faking some of his videos, leading to accusations of exploiting sensitive topics for views.

One of the most notable incidents involved a video claiming that he had communicated with the late Mac Miller, a popular rapper who had recently passed away.

The video sparked outrage, as many viewers deemed it inappropriate and disrespectful.

ImJayStation’s approach to content creation resulted in YouTube taking action against his channel.

In 2020, his main channel, “ImJayStation,” was suspended for violating YouTube’s policies.

Despite the controversies, ImJayStation continued to maintain a presence on other social media platforms and attempted to rebuild his online presence.


He is known to have a sister named Jacqueline Ethier, however other family members are currently private or not public online.


  • Basically, overnight, my source of income was gone
  • I didn’t think I went to far with my videos
  • I’m sorry for creating any of the content that offended anyone
  • Welcome back to another 3am challenge guys


While ImJayStation’s career has been marked by its fair share of drama and criticism, his impact on YouTube’s landscape is undeniable.

His content, characterized by a blend of suspenseful challenges and paranormal themes, reflects the evolving nature of online entertainment and the blurred lines between reality and fiction in the digital age.

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