Inside The Billionaire Lifestyle of Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s Sister

Today we go Inside The Billionaire Lifestyle of Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s famous Sister and look at 10 expensive things she owns.

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10. Luxurious Home

Believed to be in her early 30’s Kim Jo Yong has already ascended to the hierarchy of the Korean Workers party and lives in an amazing home fit for a queen.

The youngest child of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and his consort, Ko Yong Hui, her taste in home living has all the characteristics of a billionaire.

She lives in an executive mansion within the super fortified Ryonsong Residence, home to most of North Koreas elite Kim Family.

She has access to a number of servants, swimming pools, massage parlours, spa, home gym, home cinema and personal chef team.

Security on the home is of massive concern to the regime and includes intruder laser detection systems, armed guards, dogs and the outskirts of the compound are thought to have an electric fence, mines and a number of guard towers.

The home has its own anti-missile defence system and advanced satellite communication system!

She also has a number of holiday homes located throughout the world and the locations of these are top secret for obvious reasons.

9. Bulletproof Car Fleet

Just like her brother, Kim Yo Jong travels in style and she has her own fleet of super powered cars to ferry her to locations both inside and outside North Korea.

Her bullet proof Armored Mercedes Benz S550 S-Class has bodywork and windows that can withstand bullets and rocket-propelled grenades.

The Michelin tyres feature steel rings to ensure they don’t slip off in the event of a flat and run-flat technology stops any deflation of the tires while in transit.

The fuel tank is coated with a special material that closes any holes automatically and both steering and axles are all reinforced.

The Mercedes S550 is powered by a twin-turbo 6.0-litre 523bhp V12 engine and optional extras include a include a $10,000 fresh air system and a $2000 weapon safe.

Priced from close to $578,000 this is just one of a number of cars she has access to including the G500 Guard, the GLE Guard and new S-Class guard, all coming with their own 5 or 6 figure respective price tags.

While Mercedes do verify buyers before production to restrict access to criminals, its pretty easy to acquire the cars on the black market, hence why most top officials in North Korea have access to at least one.

8. Jewellery Collection

What is a woman without her jewellery and the Kim Yo Jong Jewellery Collection is extensive.

She is known to own several expensive wristbands including a 1.00 Carat Diamond 9K White Gold evening bracelet costing close to $2000 and a 3ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet Claw Set in 9K White Gold costing $3000 dollars.

She also owns a number of necklaces including this very expensive 60.00 carat Cartier Diamond Platinum Necklace worth $200,000 dollars.

Rumoured to be a huge fan of the Cartier brand, she also reportedly owns a $50,000 dollar Juste Un Clou Bracelet.

7. Rolex Watch Collection

Another large collection owned by Kim Yo Jong is her Rolex Watch Set, thought to have been gifted to her by her brother Kim Jong Un.

This collection includes the 18ct Rolex Ladies Date-just priced at close to $20,000 dollars and features a rich and enchanting silver Mother of Pearl dial with beautiful diamond dot hour markers and a discreet date window all surrounded by a diamond-set bezel.

Her second watch is the Rolex Ladies Pearlmaster priced at close to $15,000 dollars and is described as Rolex’s crowning jewelry watch.

It features soft curved lines and rich dials with exquisite gem settings of diamonds and ruby’s and is only available in 18 carat gold or everose gold.

6. Kim Yo Jong Handbag Collection

Often accompanying her brother on overseas trips when he ventures out of North Korea, Kim Yo Jong has an extensive handbag collection to help her on these trips.

Described as vast, her collection includes many trendy pieces including brand labels such as Fendi, Versace and Louis Vuitton.

Another favourite handbag includes the $1000 dollar Christian Dior and costs the average yearly wage for normal North Korean’s.

Most, if not all of the handbag collection is black, to adapt to the country’s strict dress policy when abroad and the bags often match her dark black North Korean Suits.

5. Wardrobe Collection

Often seen wearing her classic black suit on most public occasions, its believed that Kim Yo Jong has a taste for the finer things when it comes to her non-public attire.

While her brother, Kim Jong Un has favoured Mao style suits, she has opted for the more traditional western dress in public and in private? Well anything apparently goes!

Often appearing in fur coats and fur-lined clothing, her wardrobe is often designed for winter and is chosen by none other than herself.

She has also been seen in some rather expensive head-wear, both at the Winter Olympics in Seoul and in her home country, with fur, once again the theme.

Its completely unknown how much her wardrobe runs into when it comes to cost but you can rest assured that it goes into the millions.

4. Private Jet

Flying, like many other things in the luxurious lifestyle of Kim Yo Jong, is something of a security aspect and as she never fly’s directly alongside her brother, she needs her own aircraft.

Behold her $56 million dollar private jet complete with kitchen , bedroom, bathroom and bar area with every comfort having been spared no expense.

The North Koreans are unable to purchase luxurious items such as gulfstream jets and its thought this jet was converted from a previous model once owned by Kim Jong il.

The jet features conference facilities, on board Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and has both an on-board chef and dedicated flight crew with complete security clearance.

Its thought the jet has a military escort whenever it takes to the skies over North Korea and has a daily service while on the ground to keep it in tip top shape.

3. Land

Just like her brother, Kim Yo Jong owns a proportion of land in North Korea and has access to this land at any time while the uses for the land have been undisclosed.

The land is thought to be used for farming, horse breeding, business relations and for property that is rented out to high earning North Korean’s and the party faithful.

No idea on price for the land, rest assured that it runs into the millions.

2. Horses

Just like her brother, Kim Yo Jong is passionate about horse riding and owns a number of horses that she often rids on both days out with the ruling family members.

The horses are bred in stables on her own land with breeders kept to strict rules on the condition of the horses and how they are looked after 24/7.

Her horses are in prime condition and are sometimes used by her brother for journeys up Mount Paektu, also known as North Korea’s most sacred mountain on a white horse.

1. Private Yacht

When she is not travelling in her private jet or bullet proof car, Kim Yo Jong is relaxing on her massive private yacht which is often docked at her brothers luxurious resort located on a private island known as North Korea’s Ibiza.

The yacht features several bedrooms, bathrooms, a home theatre, swimming pool and a number of Jacuzzi’s on the top decks.

The yacht is occasionally used for boating trips to other parts of the country, however this is mainly done by plane.

Thought to have cost somewhere in the region of $7,000,000 dollars, the yacht is clad in gleaming white and shines on the seafront while being maintained by a legion of servants.

High end alcohol and jet ski’s are among the pleasure items on-board and it is reported to even have its own waterslide.

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