18 Crazy Mutated Sea Creatures Found Washed Up

We look at 18 Crazy Mutated Sea Creatures Found Washed Up on random beaches and investigate the questions around some of their origins.

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18 — Indonesian Kraken

In 2017, a 50 foot carcass appeared on the beach of an Indonesian island and turned the water a dark red with locals baffeled as to what it was.

The Seram Island indonesian Kraken as it came to be known had a clear jaw and bones visable along with ventral grooves and what looked like baleen plates.

While not a giant sea monster like the Kraken out of 1981’s Clash of the Titan’s, this wierd sea creature was actually a dead baleen whale that had washed ashore in a storm.

Now your probably wondering what killed this 50 foot beast, well thats never been revealed, meaning there is possibly something bigger out there!

17 — Maroochydore Beach Monster

Washing up on Maroochydore Beach in 2018, this carcas left beahc goers and holidaymakers stunned and confused as to what it was.

Some guessd it was a possum, others believed it may have been a kangaroo that had sucumed to the ocean waves.

The unrecognisable animal carcass was found by Frances Klein who realised it was some kind of heavily waterlogged marsupial.

Looking like something out of Tremors, this Grabloid actually turned out to be something much simpler… a wallaby

16 — River Kovashi Alien

Washing up on the banks of the River Kovashi in Russia, this alien looking creature left scientists baffled.

With the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant further up the river, some suggested that the creature had been mutated by radioactive waste seeping into the river.

The creature, which had a mysterious shaped skull, was initially thought to be a mutant chicken embryo but the creature did not seemto have a neck or wings.

Experts from the Institute of Biophysics also failed to shed light on the creature with scientists saying extensive studies were required to determine what kind of creature or organism it actually is.

While the creature probably is some kind of mutated frog, the experts have never actually found out what this is, maybe it is alien after all!

15 — Sakhalin Demon Dolphin

While not thought to be an actual demon when it was discovered, the horrific remains of a sea creature washed up on a beach in the Far East.

Twice the size of a human being and still having fur on its tail, this corpse featured some kind of birds beak and was found near the airport on Sakhalin Island.

Unlike anything ever found in Russia, some have claimed that it resembled a Ganges River dolphin however the presence of fur on the tail does not match that type of animal.

Other coments online billed the creature as a Duck Billed Platapus, however scientists later decided the mysterios corpse belonged to that of a Beaked whale or possibly a dolphin and was re-named the Sakhalin Island Woolly Whale.

14 — Russian Alien Corpse

Another corpse found in Russia, this small human fetus, nicknamed Alyoshenka, was found by an elderly woman and instantly gave rise to fears of extraterrestrial origins.

Several news companies in the area were charged for interviews with locals and the local population readily supported the rumour of alien existence.

About 25 centimetres (9.8 in) in length, the fetus featured large eyes covering most of the face and was covered in dark spots.

The story of this starts to take an even more terrifying turn when the corpse was given to authorities and later dissapeared.

The finder of the corpse was later admited to hospital for psychiatric problems, and after trying to escape, was killed in a car accident.

Authorities later revealed the corpse to be a small heavily deformed infant child, but to this day some are far from convinced.

13 — Chinese Mutated Starfish

Looking strangely like a human torso, this spooky looking creature was found on a beach in China and was still ALIVE!

It appeared to have a human like head and was moving what was left of its legs with many online instantly claiming it was an alien species.

Others gave a more simple explanation, however and stated that it could easily be part of a new species of sealife or a mutated star-fish.

The eerie creature was also deemed to be a fabricated hoax and could have been made with anything… but to this day its never been identified!

12 — East River Monster

Moving over to the United States now and during the summer of 2012, the strange remains of a bloated carcas washed up on the shore underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

Initially people on the scene thought the corpse may have been a giant rat or the body of a hog roast gone terribly wrong.

Other more sinister ideas floated around suggested the carcas could have come from a research lab or was a raccoon experiment gone wrong.

When authorities and animal experts came forward to claim that the carcas was infact that of a deceased dog that had been floating in the river for some time, its safe to say that many, especially online, were not convinced.

11 — Cape Town Madball

Picked up from the sands of a Cape Town Beach, this timy little creature was coloured red and had large teeth with angry looking eyes.

Found by a local resident from Worcester, pictures of the creature were posted online with a caption asking for someone to identify it.

With an aparent lack of fins, some claimed that it was not a fish at all and instead was some kind of mutated snail as it appeared to have a shell.

Professor Charles Griffiths of the University of Cape Town ‘s department of biological science waded in on the theory and said it could be from a species referred to as the Rocksucker.

The finder did not keep the mutant creature and to this day it has never been identified.

10 — Texas Beach Monster

Looking like some kind of dead seal or large eel, this mysterious sea monster washed up on the beach of the coastal town of Texas City, Texas.

Wild theory’s followed after pictures showed a mouth full of sharp pointy teeth and a strange tail behind.

It did not take long to identify this species however and the tusky eel as it has been named, was revealed in all its glory.

9 — Bay of Plenty Sea Monster

Another beach, this time in New Zealand and another large carcass of what was dubbed the Bay of Plenty Sea Monster arrived.

Resembling that of something ferocious and prehistoric, the corpse had a huge head and teeth with rudimentary flippers and was about 9 meters in length.

One clever marine biologist came to the rescue and identified the creature as a killer whale, or orca, but the original name definatly sounds better.

8 — The Montauk Monster

Known officially as the Montauk Monster, this creepy-looking creature showed up with reddish black discoloured skin and was completely hairless.

Discovered on the shores of Ditch Plains Beach, the corpse had our legs and a tail and appeared to have what looked like a beak and the remnants of sharp teeth.

Initially thought to have been the remains of a dog or pig, conspiracy theorists soon dubbed it a vile human experiment gone wrong.

News media began reporting that the creature could have escaped from the the nearby Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

Whats odd here is the corpse vanished without a trace, either taken by the government or by a member of the public.

7 — Giant Eyeball of Pompano Beach

Mystifying wildlife officials, this giant eyeball washed ashore and was found by a beachcomber in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The mystery eyeball was reported to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission with some claiming the eye had come from a dinosaur fish or giant octopus.

The grapefruit-sized eyeball was discovered by a man walking along the beach and became the story of the year before it was later revealed as belonging to a large swordfish.

6 — Folly beach Monster

Another beach and another monstor, this time found on Friday, March 22nd, 2012, on Folly Beach in South Carolina.

Consisting of a large, tan-and-green corpse sporting what appeared to be vestigial fins, prominent rows of bony scutes running the length of its body gave this odd creature a somewhat prehistoric look.

Photographs of the “monster” began to circulate online, it was later revealed that, although the body of an Atlantic Sturgeon, it had developed a necrotic tan thanks to prolonged exposure of dead flesh to the sun.

5 — Two Headed Calf

Heading over to the United States now and a farmer in Kentucky had quite a surprise when nature decided to throw them a curveball.

A two headed calf, named Lucky had been born with the condition known as Polycephaly and had two mouths, two noses, and four eyes, two of which shared one socket.

Although having two faces, the calf had only one brain, and while most calfs born this way only survive 40 or so days, Lucky, who became the family pet, passed away at 108 days.

4 — Roch Ness Monster

Enough to give you nightmares, this four foot-long beast lying dead on the shore of the Littleborough lake caused quite a stir back in August 2015.

Dubbed the Roch Ness Monster, it was initially feared this was a new species of creature that had survived or possibly a large python that had made its way into the lake.

Turns out, it was a slightly more simple explanation in the form of a large pike albeit with a ferocious set of teeth, dont worry tho, these animals wont kill you, just give you a painful bite.

3 — Australian 6 Foot Fish

Initially thought to be a large piece of driftwood lying on an Australian beach, as witnesses got closer, this dead animal was anything but.

The creature was extremely heavy and had rough skin that was almost as tough as a rhinoceros while having a shark like fin on the back.

While not alien, it turns out that this was the corpse of a harmless sunfish, and one that was small in size considering they can grow up to 13 feet long and have been known to sink yachts.

2 — The Malaysian Mutant Goat

Born on a remote farm in Sabah, Malaysia and named Tuah Jabang, this one eyed goat became one of the 16,000 animals each year to suffer the condition.

The condition, known as Cyclopia is caused when the two hemispheres of the brain do not separate which results in a formation of a single central cavity with one eye.

Rarely seen in these parts of the world, people began coming to worship the animal and although he had trouble feeding from his mother, it appears he survived.

1 — Chilean Blob

Found on Pinuno Beach in Los Muermos, Chile in July 2003, this large mass of tissue weighed 14 tons and mesured 39 feet across.

The carcass made headlines around the world after scientists were initially unable to identify it and speculated that it was some form of never before seen octopus.

After a year of trying to identify the creature, DNA tests matched it to that of a sperm whale and the mystery was finally solved.

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