10 Expensive Things Associated With Billionaire Mega-City Dubai

One of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is expected to host the world Expo in 2020, today we look at 10 Expensive Things Associated with this Billionaire Mega-City.

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10. Burj Khalifa

Currently the largest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is 2,722 feet tall and has 164 floors with it claiming the world record in January 2010.

The building houses a large amount of residential condos on its upper floors and these have access to a private gym and private car park within the building.

The Burj Khalifa has 24,348 windows and it takes 26 workers roughly 4 months to clean the entire outside of the building.

The building has over 21 elevators, an observation deck, a 27 acre park, 3 sky lobby’s, a 3 floor hotel, corporate suites and even a restaurant on the 122nd floor.

The prices for an average apartment in the Burj can start from around $100,000 and go all the way up to $1.5 Million dollars.

Notable residents who reside within the towers walls include Shilpa Shetty, former football star David Beckham and Internet Millionaire Saygin Yalcin, who owns Middle Eastern Car Company Sellanycar.com

9. Burj Al Arab

Ever wanted to visit one of the most expensive hotels in the entire world, then feast your eyes on the only hotel to unofficially have a 7 star rating, however the hotel claim it is a more reasonable 5 stars.

One of the most recognizable symbols for the hotel is the large helipad which is situated on the top of the building and is said to feature its own passport control center, allowing billionaires to come and go from the country without the need for an airport.

The hotel features 202 bedroom suites that are situated across 28 double floors and the price to stay in the Royal Suite, the hotels most expensive, comes in at around $24,000 a night.

The hotel also features several restaurants including “The Ultimate” which is located 660 feet above the Persian Gulf with great views of Dubai and the “Oyster” restaurant with a large aquarium and submarine entrance experience.

The whole hotel is built on a custom made island and rests on 230 forty meter long concrete poles which are driven 130 feet into the sand.

8. The Mall of Dubai

Billed as the largest mall in the world by area, The Dubai Mall covers 502,000 square metres, has over 1200 shops and services and was opened on 4 November 2008.

The all features a kids edutainment park called Kidzania that encourages education through play and offers youngsters the opportunity to experience adult life in a child-sized city.

The mall also has features including a rain-forest cafe with tropical theme, a 22 screen cinema, a 250 luxury room hotel, 120 restaurants and cafe’s and 3 car parks each with their own valet and car locating ticket system

The mall features a 76,000 square feet arcade theme park that features over 150 amusement games dedicated to SEGA classics and sonic the hedgehog.

Construction of the entire complex is thought to have cost somewhere in the region of $1.2 Billion dollars.

7. Wild Wadi Water Park

Situated right next door to the Burj Al Arab, the Wild Wadi Water Park is an outdoor theme park that featured the largest water-slide outside North America until its removal.

The park has two gift shops, three restaurants and two snack stands and features a large waterfall that goes off every 10 minutes.

Wild Wadi has a heated/cooled wave pool, multiple water slides and two artificial surfing machines.

In total guests have access to 17 water-slides and a river rapids style ride with Breakers Bay taking the record as the largest wave pool in the Middle East.

The Park has been the subject of several YouTube videos including several attempts to stay in the park overnight and a vlog from Famous Dubai YouTube star Mo Vlogs.

6. Mall of The Emirates

Another mall located in the shopping district of Dubai is Mall of the Emirates which is surrounded by 2 five star hotels, opened in November 2005 and sits on Sheikh Zayed road.

The mall features more than 630 retail outlets, 7900 parking spaces, over 100 restaurants & Cafes, 80 luxury stores and 250 flagship stores.

It features several unique experiences including the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort and snow park and the 500-seat capacity Dubai Community Theater.

The total retail floor space covers 2,400,000 square feet and the whole mall is thought to have cost around $218 million dollars to build, with another major re-development costing roughly the same money.

The mall also includes the Magic Planet family entertainment area and a 14-screen VOX Cinema located in the new expansion area on level 2.

5. Palm Jumeirah

Thought to have cost an estimated $12 Billion dollars to construct, the Palm Jumeirah is considered to be one of the largest man made islands ever created.

The palm is well known for its glitzy and glamorous hotels including Atlantis, The Kingdom of Sheba and the Viceroy Hotel.

Constructions of the palm actually extended the coastline of Dubai by about 520 kilometres and the islands were created using land reclamation by a company called Nakheel.

The island features a 5.4 kilometre long monorail that connects the Palm to the mainland and upgrades to connect it to the cities metro system are also underway.

The island contains roughly 4,500 houses, several shopping centers and several up-market restaurants including Club Vista Mare.

4. Emirates Towers

The Emirates towers are situated in over 42 acres of gardens, lakes, waterfalls and public seating areas.

The towers have parking spaces for up to 1,800 cars and construction on both buildings was completed in 1999 with the grand opening on the 15th April 2000.

The two towers rise to 1,165 ft and 1,014 ft respectively and stand as the 42nd and 100th tallest buildings in the world.

One very interesting aspect of the towers is that the taller tower actually contains less floors than the smaller tower, because the individual floor heights of the office tower are greater than that of the hotel.

3. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

One thing we did not mention when covering the Dubai Mall was its Aquarium and Underwater Zoo which makes up a large part of the complex.

The ten million-litre Dubai Aquarium tank, located on the Ground Level of The Dubai Mall, showcases hundreds of sharks and rays, including the largest collection of Sand Tiger sharks in the world.

The aquarium is home to over 300 different species and includes one of the largest underwater tunnels in the world.

Visitors can marvel at the animals on a huge floor to ceiling aquarium window and see sharks and rays as they move past.

2. Legoland Dubai

If you have ever been to Legoland Windsor then prepare to be amazed as Legoland Dubai is possibly one of the biggest and best experiences in the city.

The park opened in 2016 and features 6 areas: Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure, and the first indoor Mini-land.

Children have access to fairground rides, shopping’s experiences and Lego Models with the entire park costing roughly $300 Million dollars to build.

1. The World Artificial Islands

Located in the waters of the Persian Gulf, 4.0 kilometres off the coast of Dubai, The World archipelago islands are composed mainly of sand dredged from Dubai’s shallow coastal waters.

The construction of the 300 Islands began in 2003 and the whole project is thought to have cost somewhere in the region of $13 Billion Dollars.

The whole project covers around 8–9 kilometres and several of the islands have now been developed along with a floating seahorse project that sits along side several of the islands.

The project ground to a halt in 2008 during the financial crisis and it has been reported that Michael Schumacher is one of the celebrities to own an island on the project.

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