Pi Network Gets More Exchange Listings & Price Explosion

Pi Network has seen its fair share of controversy over the last 24 hours but with more exchange listings and a huge explosion in price, just what is going on with the worlds most used cryptocurrency?

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Pi Network Exchange Listings

Many exchanges have decided to list Pi Network over then last 24 hours but many have also disabled trading, deposits and withdrawals, mainly because Pi is currently sat behind a closed firewall and is locked into closed mainnet.

Huobi Exchange

Currently one of the most popular exchanges that have listed the name of Pi Network, this top 60 exchange was founded in 2013 in Beijing by Oracle veteran Li, Huobi.

Continuously grappling with the Chinese government’s crackdown on the sector, the company grew to become a major global cryptocurrency exchange in China and Asia.

Currently at the time of writing, Pi Network has a price of $51.70 on the Huobi exchange

Bitconomy Exchange

Currently the newest listing as of writing, Pi Network has only been listed on this exchange within the last few hours, and like all the other exchanges, currently does not allow deposits or the movement of coins to Pi wallets.

Bitcomomy have their own token, BIT, a decentralized digital asset based on the Binance Smart Chain and is BEP20 compliant

Biconomy ensured that the community has the most desirable terms and commissions when it comes to transferring the token.

Pi has a current price at the time of writing around $53.71 on Bitconomy.

XT.com Exchange

The first, and most controversial to list the Pi Network coin, XT.com set the ball rolling for the current hype of the token.

XT.COM is a trading platform with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies as well as efficient and professional crypto investment services.

At the time of writing the price of Pi Network is trading lower than the others at $30.50 on XT.com

SuperEx Exchange

The final exchange to have listed the token at this time, SuperEx is is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform based on the business concept of Web3.0 decentralization and technical solutions.

The exchange aims to achieve the ultimate form of decentralization of user assets and transactions, decentralization of community autonomy, and decentralization of the platform team.

At the time of writing, SuperEx has Pi Network at around $50.23.

Whats Going On With These Exchange Listings

When the exchanges above first announced the listing of Pi Network, it was treated extremely cautiously by Pioneers who thought it was just another scam.

Many people began posting messages that told pioneers not to get involved with the listings or buy the coins using USDT.

What now appears to be happening is a listing by name only, with Pi not transferable into the exchanges, this is literally a name only listing ready for open mainnet that will be coming in 2023.

Pi Network Price Explosion and Experiment?

For years, Pioneers have wondered what the price of Pi Network would be if it launched on exchanges.

With the listings, albeit not even tradable with peoples Pi, now pushing the price as high as almost $60 dollars, this is incredible with only four exchanges listing the tokens.

Many Pioneers have said that Pi would easily top $100 dollars at mainnet launch and this is now looking like they may be right.

Others have been disappointed with many working towards the global consensus price of $314,159 which is a price seen as impossible with the global crypto economy the way it is.

What is much more likely to be happening is the creation of a global infrastructure that will be able to handle the amount of Pi Network buyers and sellers that will hit the market once the coins launch in real life.


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