Top 10 Most Expensive Faberge Egg Pieces In The World

Faberge Egg pieces are one of the rarest and most expensive items in the world, with collectors worldwide seeking them, and some have still not been found!

10 – Rose Bud Faberge Egg

Rose Bud Faberge Egg

This Faberge Egg captivates the world and is a jewelled, enamelled Easter egg made by Michael Perchin under the supervision of Russian jeweller, Peter Karl Faberge in 1895.

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The egg was made for Nicolas the second of Russia who presented the completed egg to his wife.

The egg opens like a bonbonniere to reveal a yellow enamel rose bud in which, two surprises were originally contained.

The surprises are missing, but they were a golden crown with diamond’s and ruby’s and a separate ruby pendant.

In 2004 it was sold as part of the Forbes collection for over $100 million but is thought to be worth around $4 million as a single entity.

9 – The Hen Faberge Egg

The Hen Faberge Egg

The first Hen Faberge Egg, or Jewelled Egg as it is often referred too, is a Tsar imperial Faberge Egg, the first in a series of 54 jewelled eggs made under the supervision of Peter Karl Faberge for the Russian imperial family.

The crafting of the first Hen Egg is attributed to Eric Kolin of Faberge’s workshop and the egg is made from gold, completely coated with opaque white enamel, to look like a real egg-shell.

The two halves open to reveal a gold yolk with a matt finish containing a gold hen with ruby eyes which also revealed a diamond and gold crown that contained a ruby pendant.

Both surprises from this egg are still missing, but the egg alone is still said to be worth around $6 million dollars.

8 – The Order of St. George Faberge Egg

The Order of St. George Faberge Egg

The Order of St. George Egg is a jewelled enameled Easter egg made under the supervision of Peter Karl Faberge in 1916 and was made for Tsar Nicolas the second of Russia who later presented the egg too his mother.

Made during world-war-one, The Order of St. George Faberge Egg commemorates the order and its counterpart, Steel Military Egg, were given a modest design in keeping with the austerity of World War One.

This egg was part of a collection sold to a Russian buyer for over $100 million dollars and was valued on its own at somewhere in the region of $7 million.

7 – The Winter Faberge Egg

Heading into the more well known Faberge Egg collection now and the winter egg is one that is not to be sniffed at, even though it does not look like that much of a piece.

The egg is reported to have left Russia after the revolution and ended up in the collection of Mr Brian Ledbrook ESQ.

It was first sold at auction in 1994 at Christies in Geneva for $5.6 million, a world-record at the time for a Faberge egg sold at auction.

The egg, sold for $9.6 million at another auction at Christies in New York during a 2002 auction and the buyer was reported to be the Emir of Qatar.

6 – The 15th Anniversary Egg

This egg is made from gold, green and white enamel and is decorated with both diamonds and rock crystal’s.

The surface of the egg is divided into eighteen panels and is set with sixteen miniatures with the design commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Tsar Nicolas coronation on the second on the 26th May 1896 and was a gift for his wife.

Once again, this egg was purchased by our rich Russian collector of no name and has a loan-value of around, but not confirmed, of $12 million.

5 – Lilies of the Valley Faberge Egg

Coming in at the half-way point is the fabulous Lilies of the Valley egg, which is one of two eggs in the art novo style.

The egg is covered in pearls and topped with rose pink enamel with its own guilloche field.

The egg is supported by cabriolet legs of green and gold leaves with rose-cut diamond dew drops.

The gold stem lilies have green enameled leaves set with ruby’s pearl’s and diamond’s.

It comes as no surprise that the owner of this egg is our secret Russian billionaire collector and as a single entity, this egg is valued at close to $13 million.

4 – The Orange Tree Egg

Also known as the Bay Tree egg, it was made in 1911 and is based on an 18th centaury orange tree.

In 1917, the egg was confiscated by Russia’s provisional government and moved to the Kremlin, where it was sold to Emanuel Snowman in 1927.

Turning a tiny lever, disguised as one of the fruits hidden among the leaves of the tree, activates the hinged circular top of the tree and a feathered songbird rises and flaps its wings, turns its head, opens its beak and sings.

The egg, now resides inside the Faberge museum in St. Petersburg and has a total value of close to $15 million.

3 – The Coronation Egg

This egg is made from translucent lime yellow enamel on a guilloche field of starbursts that is in reference to the cloth of gold robe worn by Tsarina at her coronation.

It features bands of greenish gold Lavelle leaves mounted at multiple intersections by a gold imperial double headed eagle that is set with a rose diamond on its chest.

This pattern was also drawn from a coronation robe worn by the empress.

The egg was made in 1897 and was fitted inside a velvet-lined compartment and is an almost precise replica, about 4-inches long, of the 18th century imperial coach that carried Tsarina Alexandra to her coronation.

Estimates in price put this egg somewhere in the region of $18 million.

2 – The Rothschild Egg

Standing at second place, but possibly being first in the popularity category, this pink egg is a favorite among Russian’s, features a spectacular design and was created in 1902.

On the 8th December 2014, the Rothschild Egg was given to the Heritage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This occurred during a reception to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the museum, however it has been reported that the egg was donated too the Russian government in 2014 due to some serious tax issues by its original owner.

It is one of the few eggs that was not made for the Russian imperial family, and it had been inside the Rothschild family since its early days.

It is one of the most expensive eggs that has ever been made by Faberge and is thought to be worth up to $25 million dollars in todays money.

1 – Third Imperial Egg

It is the grand-daddy of them all and was made in 1887, and subsequently, lost years later until it showed up in a flea market, somewhere in the United States.

The egg quickly made headlines across the world and was sold to a private collector for an undisclosed sum of money.

The price was later revealed to be around $33 million dollars due to its little known status in the world of Faberge collections making this the most expensive Faberge Egg in the world today.

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