Michael Jackson And 10 Expensive Things He Previously Owned

Multi-Millionaire singer/songwriter Michael Jackson had a net worth of $600 Million dollars when he died in California and he owned a vast amount of property.

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10 – White Sequined Rhinestone Glove

Worn by Michael Jackson on many occasions, including his first moonwalk performance and hundreds of live shows, this glove became one of the pop icon’s greatest wardrobe features and was copied by millions of fans around the world.

The gloves origins, lie in a tour of the production facilities at the company, Robert Abel & Associates, where Jackson saw Chief Editor Rick Ross wearing a white glove while editing some film.

The glove was the only one which Michael Jackson wore on his left hand, and has a coveted value of close to $100,000 dollars.

9 – Clothing Collection

Whether it was his extravagant jackets or pristine costumes from his younger years, Michael Jackson owned one of the biggest wardrobe collections in Hollywood.

His wardrobe collection was so big, that it actually went on display in a London art gallery and this included a Scream video outfit and the helmet from the King of Pop’s 30th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden.

Overall, the jackets, gloves and costumes have a combined value of somewhere in the region of $100 million dollars, maybe more.

8 – Sunglasses Collection

Michael Jackson was a big time fan of sunglasses and owned many from the likes of Ray Ban and he was even seen wearing the aviator styles including the Ray Ban’s 3025’s

He went through a period of wearing Ray Ban’s Wayfarer’s and was often seen wearing prescription frames as well.

Overall, it was very rare to see him out in public without a pair of sunglasses on his face.

7 – Los Angeles Home

It was the home where he spent his final days and was known as the Holmby Hills mansion with massive rooms, ornate fireplaces and a huge kitchen.

The mega Mansion also boasts seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces, a screening room, wine cellar, guest house and swimming pool, all sat on 1.25 acres of land in a secluded Los Angeles Neighbourhood.

The home was recently sold to an un-disclosed buyer for $18.1 million dollars.

6 – Art Collection

It has been one of the most elusive collections of the last half-century, however Michael Jackson’s art collection is vast with works from Maurice Vtrillo, Carl Johan Newman and Paul Pascal.

He was also known to be an avid drawer himself and created hundreds of drawings and portraits of things that influenced his life, including visits to famous places and people he met.

The collection of self-inspired drawings which include one of the door to the white house, is said to be worth in excess of $90 million dollars and that’s before the paintings he owned by other people.

5 – Las Vegas Home

Nicknamed “The Thriller Villa”, this seven bedroom mega mansion also features twelve bathrooms with one stone bathroom featuring a huge shower and three sinks with a vanity.

Hidden in the basement is a private art gallery that had to be accessed from the outside by a private tunnel that Michael often used to avoid the paparazzi.

To get even more serious, this home features a magnificent chapel that can seat over 70 people and if you are not into weddings, then the pitch perfect sound system can also be used for a recording studio.

Away from the main building is a 2,983-square foot guest house, swimming pool and a stable that can house five horses.

This property is valued at close to $10 million dollars.

4 – Custom Rolls Royce Limousine

This one-of-a-kind dark blue coloured Rolls Royce Seraph limousine was custom made with everything the king of pop needed to travel in-style.

From custom-made furniture, to curtains on the windows, the seats have been upholstered with some of the most expensive leather in the world and the floors have been lined with high-end rugs.

The car has full-gold trim and can reach top speeds of 100/km per hour in just 3.9 seconds.

3 – Bahrain Home

During his infamous stay in Bahrain, Michael Jackson purchased a mansion in Sanad, about 10km south of Manama.

Not much is known about this home, however it is known to have featured at least five bedrooms and seven bathrooms with a private swimming pool and was surrounded with private walls and electric gates.

The rumoured price for this piece of luxury Middle Eastern real estate, was a cool $8 million dollars.

2 – Extravagant Car Collection

When it comes to cars, Michael Jackson was the king of Automobiles and his vast collection of 75-motors out-ranks many of today’s Hollywood Celebrities.

As well as the limousine we mentioned earlier, he also owned three others including a 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II.

Other cars in his private collection included a heavily modified 1993 Ford Econoline Van, a 1909 Model B Roadster and a 1998 GMC Jimmy.

All of this, is even before we get to the collectors editions which he owned and a set of sports cars including Ferrari’s and a one of a kind Super-Hot-Car that looks like something from the future.

1 – Neverland Ranch

It is one of the most iconic homes in the world and one of the most photographed estate’s of all time.

Michael Jackson’s neverland ranch, which spreads across 2,700 acres in Los Olivos, California, is officially named Sycamore Valley Ranch, but it was re-named after the King of Pop bought it back in 1987.

The ranch was transformed into a huge amusement park with a 6-bedroom mansion at the centre with two trains tracks, magnificent station with floral clock and many amusement rides.

The home also features a massive viewing room, numerous swimming pools, a mountain named after Michael Jackson’s mother and several guest houses where friends and family would often stay.

The ranch has a 10,000 volume library and a petting zoo with a massive kitchen also on-hand, with the whole complex estimated to be worth in the region of $100-million dollars.

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