Top 20 Expensive Things Owned by the Spice Girls

Today, we take a look the Spice Girls multi-million dollar empire of cars, houses, jewellery and more, these are 25 expensive things owned by the Spice Girls!

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20 – Oxfordshire Estate – Geri Horner

We kick off our spice world list with a look inside Geri Horner’s Oxfordshire country estate that she currently lives on with her husband, Christian Horner.

Sitting on the extensive country estate outside Banbury, Oxfordshire, features include a large kitchen with customised Spice World cake mixer, AGA and an additional oven.

The house also features a retro jukebox worth more than £16,000 and horse stables to house the family’s miniature donkey’s.

The home has several reception rooms to choose from when entertaining guests and has a grey velvet sofa cantered around a marble fireplace.

The music room on the property features a grand piano and the land around the home offers plenty of opportunity for walks with the family dogs, or a spot of boating on the duck pond.

If she is looking to get from place to place quickly, then a quick hop on the personal quad bike is always a possibility with several parked up on-site.

19 – Ferrari California – Mel B

We dive into Scary Spices spending habits by taking a look at her Ferrari California which she is thought to have paid around £150,000 for and it is by far one of the best cars owned by any of the Spice Girls.

The car can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds and attain a top speed of 315 km/h.

Powered by a new twin-turbo 3.9 litre V8 engine and featuring a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, this is the first Ferrari road car with a completely modular type chassis and was made entirely of new aluminium alloy’s.

Production of the California amounted to about 8,000 units, spanning between 2008 and 2012 and only three cars were ever built with manual transmission.

18 – Koh Samui Villa – Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is known for her property-heavy lifestyle and this massive home, located in Ban Tai, on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand is just as imposing and was finished in mid-2008.

This Spice Girls home is spread over three floors and sits on 8 8cres, covered by lush greenery while the lavish home also features a glorious exterior architecture and an equally splendid fully-furnished interior.

Construction of the villa is thought to have cost her and husband David Beckham around $5.8 million with their friend and former England Team Coach, Sven Goran Erickson living close by.

17 – BMW X5 – Mel C

Known as the sporty member of the Spice Girls, Mel C has gone for the more sporty type of car for her driving privileges and stays true to her name, costing her around $80,000.

The car has a top speed of between 142.9 to 155.3 mph and can go from 0 – 100 km/h in just 7.4 seconds while having 20-inch alloy wheels.

Along with all-wheel drive, air suspension and BMW Live-Cockpit Professional, the X5 has the same dual 12.3-inch screen setup from the upcoming 8-series and it is very pleasing on the eyes.

Driver profiles can be stored in the car, allowing up to four friends to drive, with their settings automatically loaded before they set-off and a cool optional extra is a Harman Kardon stereo system.

16 – Hollywood Hills Home – Mel B

With custom-made chandeliers, a colourful art collection and even a spice girls themed costume room, Mel B’s former Hollywood Hills home has it all.

This home is thought to have been sold by The Spice Girls member after she decided to move to a bigger pad for her three children, Phoenix, Angel and Madison.

The home has a private hedge and stone steps leading up to her dark wooden arched front door, with two lamps either side and glass panels.

The singers entrance hallway is decked out with lavish white marble with a sweeping open staircase, which has a black and gold banister.

Other features of this amazing home include a large sitting room, indoor dining room, outdoor eating area and kitchen along with a huge terrace and garden.

The singer also has a huge swimming pool, which has its own balcony and terrace above it, complete with its own pillars.

15 – Aston Martin V8 Vantage – Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice is well known for her love of cars and her Aston Martin V8 Vantage is very much all about class and style, with it costing her around $120,000.

The Spice Girls car features a 4-litre engine that can propel it to a top speed of 60mph in just 3.5 seconds.

The car has an eight speed automatic transmission, 8-inch voice command infotainment system, and Bluetooth media streaming as standard.

The car has an eight-speed automatic transmission, 8-inch voice command infotainment system and Bluetooth media streaming as standard.

Available at an extra cost, which we are sure Victoria can afford, is a more powerful premium audio system and touchscreen infotainment system.

14 – Beverly Hills Home – Victoria Beckham

Quite the real estate collector, Victoria Beckham owns a mansion in the affluent Beverly Hills area that is rumoured to have set her back around $22 million.

Not only has the mansion played host to both Prince William and Kate Middleton, is has celebrity neighbours like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes living close by.

Designed in an exclusive H-Shape, the Italian-style mansion is spread over 13,000 square feet and features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Surrounded by tall hedges and providing entry via a huge iron gate, the mansion ensures optimum privacy and safety with many of the rooms inside offering amazing views of the ocean through specialist bullet-proof windows.

13 – Aston Martin DB5 – Geri Horner

Ginger Spice, AKA, Geri Horner, also loves the Aston Martin Brand, but she has gone for the much more classical and much more expensive DB5.

These makes of cars can have a price tag that goes up as far as £930,000 and the cars top speed is a reasonable 145mph.

Released in 1963, it was an evolution of the final series of DB4 and was named after Sir David Brown who was the owner of Aston Martin from 1947 to 1972.

The DB5 is the best-known cinematic James Bond car, first appearing in the film, GoldFinger, released in 1964.

The car has a 4-speed manual transmission, a 0-60mph acceleration of 8 seconds and is powered by a 4-litre inline-6 engine.

12 – Handbag Collection – Mel B

When it comes to celebrity handbag collections, Mel B can easily rival Victoria Beckham as she has some of the world’s nicest and she is also a leopard enthusiast.

Her collection includes the Dolce and Gabbana Miss Urban Leopard Satchel, several Louis Vuitton bags and the Givenchy Nightingale Bag worth a cool $1,800.

Other brands in her collection, include Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Lee Savage with her entire collection thought to be well over $500,000 dollars with one of her bags costing $25,000 and four others costing £20,000 each.

11 – Bentley Continental GT – Victoria Beckham

The second of Victoria Beckham’s cars on the list, and lets face it, would you really expect anything less than a Bentley Continental GT?

Her 2003 Bentley Continental GT, which has a starting price of £156,700, features a tan-leather interior, blacked out grille and badging with the back seats emblazoned with her initials.

A Torsen-based four wheel drive is standard with the vehicle and the car debuted in 2003 at the Geneva Motor Show.

10 – Wye Valley Home – Mel C

Located in a small village called Catbrook, this purchase caught the media off-guard after Spice Girl, Mel C, made several visits to the area.

The property features six bedrooms, three reception rooms and four bathrooms while sitting on more than an acre and a half of complete privacy.

She is thought to have paid around the £850,000 mark for the home which is situated just outside the village, but has access to the local church and the local village hall, which was once an American WW1 Military hospital.

9 – Cadillac Escalade ESV – Mel B

We are not exactly sure why Scary Spice, Mel B, decided to buy one of the most secure and powerful cars in the world, however this car literally stops bullets in their tracks.

Costing an insane $350,000, her Cadillac Escalade ESV will give an electric shock of up to 240 volts of non-lethal current to any attempted car-jackers, paparazzi or anyone else who is foolish enough to grab the door handle in a bid to gain entry.

The car also has the ability to dispense smoke grenades, and can deploy spikes to stop any other cars from following behind.

The car was delivered to her at her Beverly Hills Home and more resembles a car befitting a head of state and not a spice girl, however they do live in Texas, which is nicknamed “Gun Country”.

8 – Napa Vinery – Victoria Beckham

Coming to the conclusion that Victoria Beckham owns a lot of expensive things? Well you would not be alone in that thought, we have too, and the simple explanation is that she DOES own a lot of stuff.

This includes a gift from her Husband, David Beckham which turned out to be a Californian Vineyard with a price tag covering several million dollars.

He revealed the surprise gift by presenting a premium bottle of wine to Victoria, featuring her name on the label, while they were touring a winery with their celebrity friends in Spain.

7 – Private Island – Mel B

Officially offered to Ex-Husband, Stephen Belafonte as part of their divorce settlement, Mel B once owned this massive £1 million private island.

The island is said to be located on a lake somewhere in the state of Virginia and has been described by one of Mel’s friends as a White Elephant.

6 – Range Rover Sport – Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has more cars on this list than anyone else, and for a reason, she is currently worth an estimated $450 million, more than all of the other Spice Girls combined.

Now we come to her Range Rover Sport, which we must point out is now sold, and it is, of course, the special edition Range Rover she helped to design.

The fashion designer was commissioned by Land Rover to help build a limited run of the Evoque and just 200 of the £80,000 cars were ever built.

The special SUV has tanned leather seats and luxurious features including a TV, Sat-Nav and 16-speaker surround sound system along with 20-inch black alloy’s with Rose Gold detailing and there is a signed leather wallet containing the owners manual.

5 – Jewellery Collection – Mel B

Just when you thought Mel B’s handbag collection was something to be jealous over, just wait until you see her insane jewellery collection.

Mel’s diamond engagement ring is worth around £50,000 and she has a pair of Cartier Love Bracelets costing an impressive £8,100 each.

Her pear-shaped diamond ring, with a surround of Pave diamonds and a platinum setting is worth close to £425,000, and her huge yellow diamond ring is worth about £200,000.

She is regularly seen wearing her 3.5 carat diamond earrings that cost her around £50,000 and is considered a serial spender when it comes to anything shiny.

4 – Audi S8 – Victoria Beckham

Featuring a 4-litre Bi-Turbo V8 engine, Victoria Beckham’s Audi S8 can reach 0-62mph in around 3.8 seconds and costs close to $100,000.

This car is electronically limited to 189 miles per hour and if you loose the restrictor then it can easily reach a handsome 200mph.

The outside features include 20 inch alloy wheels, Audi Sport-tweaked air suspension, electronic differential and steering along with LED headlights and 360 degree cameras on the outside.

Inside, you will find a Bose sound system, a CD/DVD player, acoustic glazing, Valcona leather upholstery and 22-way electrically adjustable front seats.

3 – Beckingham Palace – Victoria Beckham

Sold long ago, this is possibly one of the more famous living abodes of Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham and was also co-owned by husband David.

The home is located in Sawbridgeworth. Hertfordshire, England and cost the couple £2.5 million in 1999 at the height of their success.

They spent around £3 million on refurbishment, including a maze in the grounds and in 2001, Victoria made a virtual tour of the mansion available online for fans and the media.

They sold the property in 2013, making a tidy profit on it, with the final sale price coming in at 11.35 million in 2014 after exchanging paperwork.

The home has seven bedrooms, woodland chapel, 17-acres of grounds, recording studio, an indoor swimming pool, snooker room and a gym.

There is also a £50,000 mini Beckingham Palace for the kids and the large BBQ area is perfect for entertaining large amounts of guests.

2 – Rolex Daytona Watch – Mel B

Making a statement with time, Scary Spice owns a scarily priced watch with her Rolex Daytona coming in with a price tag of £20,000.

Her watch features an Oyster Bracelet with ceramic Bezel and has a stainless steel case covered with Sapphire Glass.

It is understood that the Rolex Daytona carries the Watch-master Certificate for authenticity and quality with water resistance up to 100 meters, just encase she forgets to take it off during a dip in the pool.

1 – Porsche 911 – Victoria Beckham

We finish with, surprise surprise, Victoria Beckham and her white Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, which is thought to have cost her somewhere in the region of £112,552.

The car has a top speed of 190.1mph that is achieved thanks mainly too the 3-litre 6-cylinder engine and 0-62mph speed can easily be achieved in 4.1 seconds, thanks to its interesting sport+ mode.

There is a much sharper screen on the dashboard, that features better graphics and revised software, which includes Apple Car-Play to pair up your iPhone.

The Beckham’s actually own, or have owned, around 25-30 cars between them over the years and there million dollar garage has included a Bentley Bentayga, Bentley Mulsanne and even a McLaren MP4-12C Spyder.

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