Top 50 Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021

The Hottest Billionaires heirs and heiresses are popping up all over the world and they are already spending their fortunes on lavish homes, sleek new cars, massive yachts and private jets!

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50. Petra Ecclestone

The daughter of Billionaire Racing Magnate Bernie Ecclestone, Petra already has an estimated net worth of close to $400 million dollars and is part-heir to the Ecclestone $3.2 billion fortune.

When it comes to spending money, she is not shy and in 2011 she dropped a staggering $85 million dollars on the world famous spelling manor.

She sold the home in 2019 for $112 million dollars and has now moved to a $22.7 million dollar home, located in a gated Brentwood community in Los Angeles.

She also owns a huge Hermes Birkin bag collection that are worth $15,000 dollars each and once owned a London mansion in Chelsea valued at over $120 million dollars.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

49. Lydia Hearst-Shaw

American fashion model, actress, and lifestyle blogger Lydia Hearst-Shaw has an estimated net worth of close too $100 million dollars.

Having appeared in advertising campaigns for Prada, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, she is a well known face in the fashion world.

She is one of several heirs to the billion dollar Hearst media empire led by the late William Randolph Hearst and owns a historic Los Feliz estate.

Purchased for $11 million dollars, this home set records for prices in the local community and covers 8,240-square-feet

Three stories house eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a a den/library, a media room, offices, a gym, a wine room, normal living and dining rooms with a large swimming pool on the outside.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

48. Tiffany Trump

Born in 1993, Tiffany is worth over $10 million dollars and is an established, successful business woman in her own right, but shes also part-heir to the Trump family billions.

Her father, Donald Trump owns the Trump Family empire, thought to be worth close to $3.1 billion dollars.

Tiffany has worked as an intern for Vogue and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology with a concentration in law and society.

47. Jennifer Gates

Daughter of Bill Gates, Jennifer is the older of two siblings and heir to her father Bills fortune, much of which, she will not receive due to his membership of the giving Pledge.

Graduating Stanford University, Jennifer is set to be at least, financially stable and she already has an incredible net worth of over $20 million dollars.

46. Alexandre Arnault

Former CEO of high-end luggage brand Rimowa, Alexandre Arnault is heir to father Bernard Arnault’s $155 billion dollar fortune and has already amassed a fortune of $500 million.

Alexandre was born in France in May 1992 and studied at Telecom Paris-tech and Ecole Poly-technique with products designed by himself and his girlfriend often selling out within seconds.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

45. Marta Ortega

Daughter of Spanish billionaire businessman, Amancio Ortega, Marta is joint heir to a $65.9 billion dollar fortune.

Recently married in a low-key ceremony in Galicia, Spain this was followed by a lavish cocktail party at the Royal Yacht Club.

44. Megan Ellison

Daughter of Oracle Founder Larry Ellison, American film producer Megan has an estimated inheritance stretching into the region of $86.9 billion dollars.

She has recently sold a $37 million dollar home, located in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles that featured 10,000 square feet of interior living space and some of the best views in Los Angeles.

The home featured six bedrooms and eight bathrooms and outside there is a large pool and grotto.

43. Georgina Bloomberg

Owner of the equestrian team New York Empire, Georgina Bloomberg is a professional equestrian, and philanthropist.

She is the daughter of famous New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and heir to the family fortune estimated at $55.5 billion dollars.

Georgina Bloomberg has apartments in Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Wellington, Florida as well as also owning a large home in the Hampton’s.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

42. Isha Ambani

Daughter of Billionaire Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani, Isha Ambani is part Heir to her fathers $75 Billion dollar industry fortune.

Born on the 23rd October 1991, Isha Graduated Stanford School of Business in 2018 and Yale university in 2014.

Currently one of the youngest billionaire heiresses in the world, she reportedly loves to party and already has a wardrobe stretching into the millions.

She has an extensive jewelry collection made up of Emeralds, Diamonds and Gold Pieces and she is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Business World.

41. Benji Wojin

Son of Billionaire Google Founder, Sergey Brin and Genetics Company Founder Anne Wojcicki, Benji’s last name is a mixture of both his parents last names.

Heir to an $89 billion dollar fortune along with his sister, Benji was born in December 2008 and is currently making his way through school life.

Its reported that his mother is intent on keeping him from the trappings of mega-wealth and hoping he leads a somewhat normal life.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

40. Alexa Dell

Heiress to the Billionaire Dell Fortune, Alexa Dell is the daughter of $41.8 billion dollar man Michael Dell.

She is married to Harrison Refoua, a millionaire real-estate investor who bought her a 12-carat diamond worth over $3 million dollars in 2017.

Dell currently lives in the family’s 33,000 square foot home known as the castle and she regularly wears trendy brands such as Gucci, Dior and Fendi.

39. Prince George of Cambridge

One of the most famous children in the world, Prince George will, one day, become King of the United Kingdom and is already thought to be worth an estimated at $3.6 Billion.

Son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, George has become a Royal Style Icon and anything he wears, sells out in hours.

When finally becoming King, George will have access to the Duchy of Lancaster and the Government-allocated Sovereign Grant.

His parents are worth close to $54 million dollars and he is expected to inherit a considerable number of properties and businesses.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

38. Valentina Paloma Pinault

Heiress to French Businessman and $44 billion dollar man François-Henri Pinault’s fortune, Valentina Paloma Pinault already has a net worth of close to $12 million dollars.

Sitting at the number 5 position in the top 10 wealthiest kids in the world, she is just 8 years old and also the daughter of the famous actress, Salma Hayek.

Her mother is worth an estimated $200 million dollars and with Valentina being the only daughter, she is set to inherit the lot.

37. Eric Trump

Son of Billionaire and former President, Donald Trmp, Eric is set to part-inherit his fathers estate, currently considered to be worth close to $3.1 billion dollars.

Currently having a self made net worth of $300 million dollars, he is well on his way to becoming a billionaire in his own right and owns a number of businesses and properties.

Eric owns a four-unit apartment above Central Park and a duplex on the grounds of Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, NY.

Along with his brother Don Jr, he owns a property in the iconic Mar-a-Lago resort worth $18.5 million which was once owned by their aunt, Maryanne Trump Barry.

36. Aerin Lauder

American billionaire heiress and businesswoman Aerin Lauder is set to inherit the Estée Lauder Companies fortune of $4.1 billion dollars.

Already having an estimated 16 million shares in the company, Lauder has her own cosmetic, perfume, fashion, and furniture lines which make her a small fortune.

She has homes in both Aspen Colorado and New York City where she lives with husband and Private Equity Financier Eric Zinterhofer.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

35. Peter Brant II

American socialite and model Peter Brant, Jr is son of American industrialist Peter Brant and American model and actress Stephanie Seymour.

Brants Parents are estimated to be worth $1 billion dollars combined and his inheritence is thought to include a large art collection as well as a large collection of thoroughbred horses.

Brant is expected to inherit the family’s large estate, White Birch Farm and also his parents house in Palm Beach, Florida.

34. Tamara Ecclestone

Daughter of Formula 1 racing Tycoon Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara already has a net worth touching $500 million dollars and is expected to recieve half her fathers fortune of $3.5 billion.

Tamara is already a top supermodel and owns a large $70 million dollar London Mansion, a home in Chelsea, a home in Bel Air and well over $25 million worth of Jewellry.

Tamara is also a fan of fast cars with her owning a number of them including a Ferrari 599 GTO and a Lamborghini Aventador.

She also owns heavier and more expensive cars such as the Bentley Continental GT and Rolls Royce Drophead.

33. Dylan Lauren

Daughter of American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Dylan Lauren has a current net worth of well over $50 million dollars, but this is just a drop in the ocean compared to whats coming.

Dylan is part Heiress to over $6.8 billion dollars thanks to her fathers powerhouse fashion company and his massive collection of rare automobiles.

Lauren runs a successful Candy store business and is the owner of the largest candy store in the world based in New York.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

32. Andrew Lauren

Producer and actor Andrew Lauren is also heir to part of father Ralph Lauren’s $6.8 billion dollar fortune.

Andrew purchased a large Fifth Avenue Apartment for $21 Million dollars in 2018 and it covers over 5000 square feet of space.

The apartment has an opulent entertaining space as well as three bedrooms, grand salon, dining room seating 18 and a formal library.

Andrew also owns two other adjacent properties which are currently used as a joint main residence.

31. Barron Trump

The youngest of the Trump Children, Barron Trump is joint heir to not only his fathers Billion Dollar fortune but also his mother, Melania Trump’s $50 million dollar fortune.

Barron already has an estimated net worth close to $3.5 million dollars which is set to increase to $10 million by the end of 2021.

Described a s a football fanatic, Barron also attended the $40,000 per year Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York.

He was the first son of a president to live in the White House since JFK Jr and is extremely tall at 6 feet 6 inches and still growing!

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

30. Rory Gates

Son of famous Computer enthusiast, Bill Gates, Rory John Gates is heir to his fathers $100 billion dollar fortune, even if hes only expected to receive a minuscule amount.

Currently living in his parents massive house on the shores of Lake Washington and he was not allowed to use a cell phone until age 13.

Rory is currently estimated to be worth close to $20 million dollars already and this is only expected to increase over time thanks to the possibility of him taking over Microsoft in the years to come.

He has both a degree in computer science and economics and an MBA degree from Fuqua School of Business.

29. Mariya Putina

Keeping well out of the Media Limelight, Mariya Putina is the eldest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin and heir to his estimated $70 billion dollar fortune.

She reportedly owned a penthouse atop the highest residential building in Voorschoten in the Netherlands but also has property in Moscow.

She studied biology at Saint Petersburg State University and is a graduate of medicine at Moscow State University.

As of late 2018, she is currently estimated to be worth close to $3.5 million dollars.

28. Wang Sicong

Chinese businessman and so of Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin, Wang Sicong is estimated to be heir to a $14.4 billion dollar fortune thanks to his fathers powerful real estate business.

He studied at Swiss School in Singapore and then entered Winchester College in United Kingdom before enrolling at the University College London.

He is the current chairman of Prometheus Capital, a private equity company and owns the $517 million dollar Wanda Reign seven-star hotel in Shanghai.

He has online nicknames such as “China’s most eligible bachelor”, or “China’s richest son and is often seen at parties and hanging with rich celebrities.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

27. Barron Nicholas Hilton II

Brother of Paris and Nicky Hilton, he is a model, foodie, Instagram influence and horror movie fan with an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.

Joint Heir to the Hilton fortune which could see him inherit over $4.5 billion dollars, he is married to Countess Tessa June von Walderdorff, herself worth over $5 million dollars.

26. Vanisha Mittal

The second daughter of Indian Billionaire Businessman Lakshmi Mittal, Vanisha Mittal is joint heiress to her fathers $15.4 billion dollar fortune.

Already worth close to $100 million dollars, Vanisha’s wedding is thought to have consumed close to $60 million dollars.

She graduated from SOAS University of London and is currently a non-independent Director of Arcelor-Mittal.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

25. Blue Ivy Carter

One of the richest children in the world, Blue Ivy Carter is the daughter of Billionaire couple Beyonce and Jay-z with an estimated inheritance of close to $1.35 billion dollars.

Carter already has her own net worth of $5 million dollars thanks to her collaboration on “Brown Skin Girl”, a song featuring her mother.

She is a model for Icy Park clothing line and already has a considerable fashion wardrobe of her own.

She is expected to inherit her parents many properties, cars and jewelry collections when she is older.

24. Sam Branson

Son of billionaire Richard Branson, Sam Branson is joint heir with his sister to his fathers billion dollar virgin empire which is currently estimated to be worth close to $5.6 billion dollars as of 2021.

Sam has a considerable following on some of his social media accounts with a verified Instagram and in 2012 Sam founded Sun-dog Pictures, a production company created with the specific ambition to deliver challenging, entertaining and informative content.

One of the Big Change founders, Sam is a large philanthropist and heavily supports change for young people in the UK.

Currently living between London and Bali, he is married to Isabella Branson and has one daughter Eva-Deia and a son Bluey.

23. Donald Trump Jr

One of the more familiar faces of Donald Trump’s election campaign, Donald Trump Jr, or Don Jr as he is often called has an estimated net worth of close to $25 million dollars.

Don Jr has helped to run his fathers company while he was president and is part heir along with his siblings to Mr Trumps multi-billion dollar estate.

Originally owning a $8 million dollar seven bedroom home in the Hampton’s, him and wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle now live in an $18.5 million Florida home close to Mar-a-Lago, nicknamed the winter-white-house.

Described as one of the finest mansions in Palm Beach, the home was built in 1956 and comes with roughly 194 feet of ocean frontage.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

22. Juliette Dell

A last name that should be familiar with everyone, Juliette Dell is the daughter of Dell corporation CEO Michael Dell.

A passionate horse rider, Juliette has a number of siblings including Kira Dell, Alexa Dell, Zachary Dell who are all joint heirs to their fathers staggering $41.8 billion dollar fortune.

While not as famous as her sister Alexa for her spending habits, Juliette has set her roots in a large family home and already has at least an eight figure net worth.

21. Caroline Jones

American country music singer, songwriter and a radio host Caroline Jones already has an estimated net worth of close to $5 million dollars.

Her father, hedge fund manager, conservationist and philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones is a billionaire in his own right with an estimated fortune of close to $7 billion dollars.

Jones was listed as one of the 10 need-to-know new country artists by Rolling Stone in 2017 and has quickly cemented herself in the world of country music.

In 2019, Jones was listed among the 40 Under 40 List put out by Connecticut Magazine and has performed music shows in many schools and colleges country-wide.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

20. Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah

The eldest son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and his wife Queen Saleha, Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah is considered to be one of the richest heirs to be in the world.

He is heir to his fathers $28 billion dollar fortune that includes a number of multi-million dollar properties in Kensington and Ascot.

Heir to one of the largest oil fortunes in the world, his father was also the richest person in the world in 1987 with a $40 billion dollar net worth.

The crown Prince can also be expected to inherit the Istana Nurul Iman Palace worth $1 billion dollars and up to 7,000 vehicles in a car collection worth close to $6.4 billion dollars.

He is also expected to take on his fathers massive aircraft fleet which includes a custom Airbus A340–212 nicknamed the flying palace with $124 million dollars worth of renovations.

19. Master Archie

Born on the 6th May 2019, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is Son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and is currently 7th in line to the British Throne.

Archie, who has no official royal title would be heir to his parents staggering net worth of close to $15 million dollars combined.

Their net worth is only expected to increase over time and by the time he turns 18, Archie could be worth closer to $100 million dollars, especially if some of his rich extended family members leave him trust funds.

18. Rashid Belhassa

Another famous face often seen in the YouTube community Rashid Belhassa, also known by his nickname Money Kicks is heir to his fathers $2.5 billion dollar fortune.

Dr. Ahmed Saif Belhasa owns several company’s in the UAE, most notably The Belhassa driving school as well as a large farm estate in the country.

Rashid, who already has one of the largest sneaker collections in the world is estimated to already be worth close to $900 million dollars.

Rashid also has his own clothing line and a large collection of exotic animals as well as a car collection that includes a custom wrapped Mercedes AMG G-Wagon.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

17. Holly Branson

The second of Richard Branson’s children to feature in our list, Holly Branson has calved a successful career in life without the need to rely on her fathers billions.

Holly resides on Necker Island but splits her time between London and has worked in the Virgin Management Leadership team across many virgin companies.

Graduating from University College London with Medical and Physiology degrees Holly Branson has worked as a junior doctor at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

She published her first book in 2018 and has often been seen on many adventures with her father including several grueling Virgin Strive Challenges to raise funds for Big Change.

16. Josie Ho

Singer and actress Josie Ho harks from Hong Kong and is one heir to the business fortune of Macao casino magnate Stanley Ho.

Josie Ho has an extensive acting career and has three elder sisters with her marrying musician-actor Conroy Chan Chi-chung in Australia.

Part heir to Stanley Ho’s $2.5 billion dollar fortune, Josie has recently starred in several horror movies and is known as the rebel daughter.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

15. Kira Dell

Another heir to the massive Dell family fortune, less is known about Kira Dell, daughter of $45 billion dollar man Michael Dell.

An American entrepreneur at Endeavor, Kira has kept her life mostly private but graduated from Vassar College in 2015 with a BA in international studies.

She attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2016, the School for International Training, Brazil in 2013 and the School of International Training, South Africa, in 2012.

Kira is fluent in four languages English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish and with her work at Endevour its estimated her net worth is already in the millions.

14. Ariana Rockefeller

One name synonymous with Money, the Rockefeller family are well known for having deep pockets with fashion designer and amateur show jumper Ariana Rockefeller a member of the clan.

Ariana is the great-great-granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil and the daughter of David Rockefeller Jr.

Ariana is already estimated to be worth $30 million dollars and sits on an inheritance estimated at $3.3 billion dollars.

13. Carlos Slim Domit

The son of Carlos Slim Helú, Carlos Slim Domit joins several brothers and sisters in waiting on an inheritance that is one of the largest in the world.

Their father is currently worth close to $70 billion dollars and owns many properties around Brazil including the Duke Seaman’s mansion, a 20,000 square foot home which he bought for $44 million in 2010.

Slim is the wealthiest man in Latin America and even if the inheritance was split between all six children, it would still come to roughly $10.8 billion dollars each.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

12. Paris Hilton

Famous and rich in her own right, Paris Hilton has an estimated net worth of close to $300 million dollars and is one of Americas most famous socialites.

Hilton has achieved many things in her career as a fashion model, DJ and social media celebrity.

Credited with influencing the revival of the famous for being famous phenomenon throughout the 2000’s, Hilton has cemented herself in the public image.

Heir to the $750 million dollar Hilton hotel fortune, its currently unclear if Paris will now make it to the billionaires club in her lifetime, but she only needs to make another couple hundred million to be in with a chance.

11. — Suri Cruise

Daughter of Multi-Millionaire film actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise already has an estimated net worth of $800 million dollars.

At almost 15 years old Suri Cruise is expected to inherit the $600 million dollar fortune of her parents, and she might even make the billion dollar club before that.

Suri lives with her mother full-time in their New York City and often visits Toledo and her father owns a $39.5 Million dollar mountain ranch in Colorado although this is now up for sale.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

10. Tessa Thomson

Daughter to David Thomson, chair of the world famous Thomson Reuters news agency, her family is one of Canada’s richest with an estimated net worth of $39 billion dollars.

Studying business at the University of Miami, she is expected to be incorporated into the family business and keep the money train rolling.

Having over 3,400 followers on Instagram already she also seems to be heading into the world of modeling.

9. Katerina Putina

Not many people know that Vladamir Putin has one daughter, let alone two, but he does and Katerina is one of the heirs to his multi-billion dollar fortune, some people even say is worth 400 billion dollars.

Putins wealth stretches towards oil and businesses in Russia, as well as his time in the Kremlin he has amassed a number of properties and mansions all over the country.

Katerina became an acrobatic dancer, and director of two initiatives at Moscow State University while its thought she has a current estimated net worth of $900 million dollars.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

8. Courtin-Clarins Cousins

The Courtin-Clarins cousins are Four girls, Virginie, Claire, Prisca, and Jenna who are joint heirs to the French cosmetics brand empire, Clarins.

Owned by Olivier Courtin-Clarins and Christian Courtin-Clarins, the family business, which began in 1954 was more recently acquired by L’Oreal.

Having been featured in Vogue Magazine and made it to Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list, all four girls are already millionaires in their own right and could one day be billionaires if their parents, as expected, make another few billion.

7. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Joining her brother Prince George as one of the richest children in the world, its estimated that Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is already worth close to £3.8 billion pounds, however its expected she wont receive any substantial money until she turns 18 years old.

Valued in the billions through name and reputation alone its also been mentioned that she could be worth up to $3.8 billion to the British Economy.

Charlotte’s father is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and her mother, Catherine Middleton are high ranking members of the British Royal Family.

Her grandparents, both Queen Elizabeth and The Middleton’s are worth millions of pounds and her parents are also holding substantial fortunes.

This combined with the massive fashion sense surrounding the young royal means she is most certainly to be making waves in both the Royal world and the world of money in the coming years.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

6. Ivanka Trump

Famous for standing next to her father during his presidential campaign and presidency, Ivanka is by far the favorite child of the former president.

Ivanka has made her name in the fashion and real estate business by being clever and helping to build the family business into an international brand.

Ivanka has a current net worth of close to $300 million dollars and owns a vast array of properties up and down the east coast including a Bedminster Cottage and a $30 million dollar home in the gated island of Indian Creek in Miami.

Projecting a more polished and intellectual version of the Trump brand has been the cornerstone of Ivanka’s success and looks set to make her a billionaire in the future.

5. Zachary Dell

Another heir to the Dell Multi-Billion family fortune, Zachary Dell has caused controversy with some of his Instagram posts in recent years.

Known for flaunting hi wealth, Zachary has been pictured floating in bathtubs with a gold American Express Card and is known for runnig up five figure receipts from clubhouses and more.

Michael Dell spends $2.7 million a year on security for his family and its thought that a tight grip is kept on what can and cannot be posted on socil media, especially their locations.

Zachary and his sisters have often been spotted living the high life while flying around on private jets.

4. Chloe Green

Daughter of billionaire high street mogul Sir Philip Green, Chloe Green has been spotted on luxury vacations traveling the world for months with her then boyfriend Jeremy Meek’s.

Green is heir to her fathers Arcadia Group empire which actually stands at close to $930 million dollars, but with her estimated net worth now at $100 million dollars, that would put her into the billionaires club.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

3. Prince Louis

Another royal with the trappings of luxury life, Prince Louis of Cambridge is already fifth in line to the British Throne and already has a net worth close to $1 billion dollars.

While Louis will probably never be king he does have a number of other avenues to make money including fashion and public speaking later in life.

He also has a significant inheritance to receive from his parents whom are both high ranking members of the Royal Family and financially stable in their own right.

2. Jared Kushner

Son-In-Law to Donald Trump and married to his daughter Ivanka, Jared has an $800 million dollar portfolio of his own at the age of just 40.

He owns real estate company Kushner LLC which owns a number of properties in the New York City area.

Major holdings in the city include the Puck Building and the retail space at 229 West 43rd Street, as well as 666 Fifth Avenue until its 2018 sale.

A number of high profile eviction notices were served during the Pandemic with tenants reportedly taken to court.

She is Hottest Billionaires To Be In 2021.

1. Sofia Abramovich

Coming in at number one, Roman Abramovich’s daughter, Sofia Abramovich is one of a number of siblings due to receive the inheritance from their father.

He is one of Russia’s richest men with a net worth close to $14.3 billion dollars and Sofia started 2021 on the Caribbean Island of St Bart’s with her mystery fiance.

Sofia is also estimated to be worth close to the $1 billion dollar mark, so she may even make the club before she one day takes over her fathers billion dollar empire.

She is number one on the Hottest Billionaires to be list in 2021.

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