Pi Network Upcoming Roadmap – What To Expect?

One of the biggest Cryptocurrency’s in the world to date, Pi Network has almost as many users as Bitcoin and has become the fastest growing community in Crypto history.

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Many pioneers are eagerly awaiting what lies ahead once the cryptocurrency’s highly anticipated main-net launch finally materializes and allows pioneers access to sell their coins for real money.

The project has come lightyears ahead of any competition and Pi is set to disrupt the crypto space very very soon.

Pi Network Coin Price Prediction

Pi Network

Pi network price predictions are, just that, predictions, as the currency has not launched yet and is often portrayed in the IOU price, that is what most exchanges expect the price of the currency to be on launch.

Many of these IOU’s exploded on the news that an updated roadmap for the coins was on its way and a push to migrate more wallets has also seen an up-tick in price.

Demand is growing for Pi even in its immature pre-mainnet form and once the firewall is removed, who knows how high the price may soar.

At the tie of writing this article, the price of the Pi Network was $45.60 with a 15-day high price of $58.60.

Pi Network Wallet Migration

One of the main announcements that has come out recently, is the milestone of over 3 million wallets being migrated.

This is up significantly on the previous number and means that it looks like KYC has been ramping up.

More wallet migrations are expected to be announced in the roadmap and this will also mean that KYC progress is expected to be announced and, of-course, ramped up!

KYC Updates

Pi Network

Another one of the key roadmap features for the launch of the open mainnet, KYC has to be complete to a certain extent before the core team considers open mainnet a reality.

Many issues have crept up over the last few months and a large number of pioneers have said that they cannot access the KYC system due to errors or no places available to them.

The core team announced recently, that an up-tick of 30% in successful KYC applications had been achieved, raising the possibility of open mainnet coming sooner.

It is still too early to say what impact this broader KYC success will have during the roadmap, but expect it to be included.

Two Roadmap Versions

Announced in the last few days, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, CEO of Pi Network, revealed plans to release the much-awaited roadmap in two versions, v1 and v2.

The roadmap has been nicknamed the “Mainnet Roadmap” due to the fact that pioneers and mods expect specific dates to when the open mainnet may be launched in the future.

Version one will reportedly drop in mid-October, with v2 following in the fourth quarter (Q4) although it has not been stated which year this could be.

Some have suggested v2 could be launching around Pi Day 2024 which would be in Q4 of the 2023-2024 financial year.

Many users criticized the CEO’s decision to announce on Discord rather than on the official Pi Network app and the delay in releasing the roadmap also led to questions about the protocol’s credibility.

More Hackathon News

Pi Network

Hackathons have become a major part of the Pi Network ecosystem expansion and much of the core teams resources have been thrown at inviting major developers onto the platform.

Naturally, any open mainnet launch will need a substantial amount of developers and businesses to be offering products to be bought with Pi for it to maintain a decent price.

Many Pioneers hope that one day, websites such as amazon may offer a “Pay by Pi” button to allow users to directly order products through these websites.

Hackathons allow such businesses to develop apps on the decentralised platform and thus increase Pi’s availability in the wider Web3 world.

Pi Fireside Forum Updates

Whats considered to be a major feature to Pi’s “way of getting news out”, Fireside forum is Pi Networks social media platform and many new updates may be coming in the roadmap.

The ability to share links on the platform was announced recently and the core team has been busy upgrading the platform to make it the strongest in the Web3 community.

Pi Summary

The Pi network is controversial among many who see it as a possible scam, while others see a growing cryptocurrency that could, one day, outshine Ethereum and possibly even Bitcoin if enough users adopt it.

The Pi Core Team are running out of time to convince many in the wider industry, that the platform is legitimate and not just taking users for a ride in terms of both mining and ad-revenue.

We should know a great deal more about what plans are ins store for Pi Network by the end of the year and the roadmap will give us a fascinating glimpse inside the plans for one of the largest crypto networks on earth.

The Pi Network World YouTube channel is run by William Jackson and aims to bring official news to Pioneers through occasional video updates…

We do not speculate and we do not guess, we only focus on what the core team are planning, but are in NO WAY involved with them!

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