Alia Shelesh Net Worth

Alia Shelesh, better known as “SSSniperWolf,” is a popular YouTuber and internet personality known for her gaming content, vlogs, and reaction videos. She has over 30 million subscribers on YouTube.

NET WORTH: $16 Million
Source of Wealth:Social Media
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Star Sign:Libra
Born:22 October 1992
Last Updated:03/04/2023


Alia Shelesh, better known as “SSSniperWolf,” was born on October 22, 1992, in England.

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She grew up in a family of mixed Turkish and Greek Cypriot heritage, with her parents and two younger brothers.

Alia developed a love for video games at an early age and spent much of her childhood playing them.

Her parents were initially hesitant about her passion for gaming, but they eventually came around and supported her interests.

Alia attended a local high school before pursuing a degree in nursing, however, she dropped out of college to focus on her growing YouTube channel, which eventually led to her becoming one of the most popular female gamers and influencers on the platform.


Alia Shelesh owns a massive mansion located in Los Angeles, California and the home is one of the nicest to be owned by any YouTuber on the planet.

Her home includes an air-conditioned wine cellar, a gigantic master bathroom,  incredible backyard, heated infinity pool and a hot tub and views down the hillside and across the city.

An outside bar and a built-in BBQ are also included with the property thought to have cost well over $7 million dollars.


Alia’s career began in 2013 when she started her YouTube channel, SSSniperWolf, and began sharing gaming videos, vlogs, and reaction videos.

Her content mainly focuses on first-person shooters, survival games, and other popular games like Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Her unique personality and entertaining commentary have earned her a loyal fanbase, and she has amassed over 30 million subscribers on YouTube as of 2023.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Alia is also active on Twitch, where she streams live gameplay sessions for her followers.

Her Twitch channel has over 5 million followers, and she often collaborates with other popular gamers and content creators.

Alia has also expanded her brand beyond gaming by creating her own fashion line, “Little Lia,” which features a range of clothing items and accessories designed for her fans.

She has also been featured in several commercials and advertisements for brands like G Fuel, Samsung, and Monster Energy.

Despite facing some controversies over the years, including accusations of plagiarism and insensitive comments, Alia has managed to maintain her popularity and continue to grow her career.

She is known for her dedication to her fans and her passion for gaming, and she has inspired many young women to pursue careers in gaming and content creation.


Alia Shelesh is good friends with several other popular content creators and gamers including collaborators in the YouTube and gaming community that include FaZe Adapt, FaZe Rug, FaZe Banks, Evan Fong (VanossGaming), LazarBeam, and Valkyrae.


Alia Shelesh enjoys several activities that help her unwind and relax. One of her favorite ways to relax is by spending time with her pets, which include a few dogs and a cat.

She often shares pictures and videos of her pets on her social media accounts and mentions how they help her feel calm and happy.

In addition to spending time with her pets, Alia also enjoys watching TV shows and movies, especially ones that are related to her interests in gaming and technology.

She has mentioned in interviews that she enjoys shows like “Black Mirror” and “Westworld,” as well as movies like “Ready Player One” and “The Matrix.”

Alia Shelesh also enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and spending time in nature. She often shares pictures and videos of her hikes and outdoor adventures on her social media accounts.

Finally, Alia Shelesh also practices self-care by taking breaks from social media and gaming when she needs to recharge.

She has mentioned in interviews that she makes a conscious effort to take time away from screens and spend time with friends and family to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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