Top 10 Best Travel YouTube Channels

Travel YouTube channels give a glimpse into the world of travelling from a first-person perspective, today we look at the top ten YouTubers currently travelling the world.

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Top 10 Best Travel YouTube Channels

10 – Backpacker Ben

Known online as someone who visits some of the most dangerous countries in the world, Ben Frier gained the bug for travel during his gap year.

Visiting countries such as Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Syria, taking in the local cultures and experiencing the food and drink.

This experience led him to become a “Red List” traveller, visiting places so dangerous, that travel advice from the UK foreign office all but advises against going to them.

Two of his most dangerous places to travel include Afghanistan and most notably, Somalia which he said is one of the “scariest places I’ve ever been”.

Ben’s channel is a must for those into Danger Tourism.

9 – Adz Ventures

Slightly newer on the YouTube travel scene, Adz’, or Adz Ventures as his channel has been named, can be found exploring the world in his mobile camping van.

Van life adventures do not come better than this, with several trips to Europe and a vlog style showcasing real-time builds on his home while travelling.

Food is also a big part of his comedy travel adventures with tips on how to eat on-the-fly and even some dodgy encounters from some unwanted visitors.

If you enjoy comedy combined with van-life and food reviews, Adz Ventures is the channel for you!

8 – Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas

One of the first travel channels to start on YouTube, Wingin’ It! was created by Paul Lucas and initially focused on airplane seat reviews.

With over 1 MILLION air miles flown and 250,000 miles on trains, Lucas has travelled more than some of the other YouTubers on this list and his love for both travel and transport are evident from his videos.

Always interested in what you get if you pay a little more for your experience, Lucas can often be found in first class seating and the slightly more expensive hotel room from time to time.

One of his longer videos, travelling across Australia by train, has had over 3.5 million views alone, however its not just the best of the best, sometimes Paul even tries the worst!

7 – Bald and Bankrupt

One of the more daring travel channels on YouTube, Bald and Bankrupt explores the travels of Ben and some of the dangerous and unusual places he visits.

Fro, deep inside the soviet union to the dangerous deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, Ben and company travel light and taste the local delicacies while exploring how the local population live on a daily basis.

By far one of the best travel channels for rough and ready viewership, and yes, he has already had one run-in with the notorious Russian Security Services, the FSB!

6 – Sidemen

One of the most popular channel’s currently on YouTube the travel videos off the Sidemen have been some of their most popular videos ever, with some getting tens of millions of views.

The Sidemen consist of several well-known YouTubers, including KSI, Miniminter, TBJZL, Vikkstar123, Zerkaa, Behzinga, and W2S, among others and while the travel vlogs are the best, the channel also features vlogs and challenges at different locations around the world.

The Sidemen have a massive and dedicated fan base, making their videos highly popular and widely viewed on YouTube with many holiday-style videos pitting one team against the other on a good vs bad adventure.

5 – KBDProductionsTV

KBDProductionsTV is a culinary adventure waiting to be explored on YouTube, but you will be forgiven for thinking that Ken Domik’s channel is aimed simply at food reviews.

The channel, takes viewers on a gastronomic journey, featuring food reviews, fast-food taste tests, and quirky culinary challenges while exploring local areas and sometimes camping overnight on a van-life adventure.

With a dash of humor and a whole lot of enthusiasm, KBDProductionsTV keeps its audience entertained and informed.

Whether it’s daring to try the latest fast-food concoction or uncovering hidden gems in the food world, Ken’s charismatic approach adds a unique flavor to each video.

With a loyal following of foodies and travel enthusiasts, this channel offers a delectable escape for those craving culinary content with a side of laughter.

4 – Downie Live

With a commitment to high-quality audio and video production, Downie Live brings viewers closer to the raw, unfiltered magic of travelling the world.

Whether it’s travelling the world on a train, travelling on America’s longest ferry, or a day harvesting cranberry’s, Downie Live offers a diverse selection of travel adventures.

With a growing community of devoted fans, it’s the go-to destination for those seeking authentic, unmissable travel moments.

3 – Jeb Brooks

Jeb Brooks’ YouTube channel is a soaring success in the realm of aviation.

With a passionate and growing community of aviation enthusiasts, the channel offers a captivating journey through the skies.

Jeb, a licensed pilot, shares his in-depth knowledge and love for flying, providing viewers with a unique perspective on commercial aviation and travel.

His channel combines captivating flight experiences, informative cockpit tours, and engaging discussions about the aviation industry.

Jeb Brooks’ charismatic narration and keen insights make complex aviation topics accessible to all, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an aviation neophyte.

Join him on his adventures as he takes you behind the scenes of the airline industry and inspires a fascination with the world above the clouds.

2 – Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson’s YouTube channel is a captivating digital haven for travellers and vlogging enthusiasts..

With a dedicated fan base, this channel showcases Wilson’s journey’s and offers an inspiring glimpse into the world of random travel adventures.

What sets Simon Wilson apart is his boundless creativity and willingness to explore various locations, from traditional backpacking to living on the edge.

His channel is a source of inspiration for both novice and seasoned artists, encouraging them to push their creative boundaries.

Simon Wilson’s YouTube channel is a testament to the power of self-expression and an invitation to join him in the endless quest for artistic innovation.

1 – Trek Trendy

The Trek Trendy YouTube channel has become a digital haven for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

With a rapidly growing subscriber base, this channel has carved a niche in the world of travel and exploration.

Featuring breathtaking landscapes, exhilarating hiking experiences, plane journey’s and in-depth gear reviews, Trek Trendy is a one-stop destination for all things outdoors.

From solo backpacking journeys to group expeditions, the channel captures it all, inspiring viewers to embark on their adventures.

Through engaging storytelling and cinematic visuals, Trek Trendy not only educates but also entertains.

It’s a virtual guide, encouraging a newfound appreciation for nature and the importance of treading lightly making it one of the best travel YouTube channels.

Trek Trendy’s success lies in its ability to merge adventure and entertainment seamlessly, making it a must-watch for anyone craving the thrill of the great outdoors.

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