12 Expensive Things Owned By Billionaire Rupert Murdoch

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch owns one of the largest media publishing companies on Earth, today we look at 12 expensive things inside his billionaire lifestyle.

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12 — Rosehearty Oyster Bay Home

Known for his impressive collection of real estate, Rupert Murdoch has made no exception with this amazing home that is reported to have cost $10.5 million dollars.

The estate is located in Oyster Bay, Long Island and features eleven bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a large guest house and its own attatched tennis court.

The property has got its own stretch of beach with its own dock and even features an eight-car garage.

Murdoch, it is understood, has now sold the home and it went for a cool $9.1 million dollars.

11 — Soho Apartment

Costing a substantial $6.5 million dollars, this 6,000 square foot penthouse is located in SoHo on Prince Street near West Broadway.

The penthouse features a 1,000 square foot living room with eight arched windows, five bedrooms, five bathrooms and 3,000 square feet of exterior space.

Outside you can find a greenhouse studio, outdoor shower and an extensive landscaped area, although we are still not sure why it has an outside shower.

The ground level is eqipped with an automated movie screen that can be seen in every room and the kitchen features black and red coloured counter tops.

The master bedroom has his and hers dressing rooms and the upstairs also features two laundry rooms, a skylight of stained glass, a dry sauna and a whirlpool bath.

10 — Fifth Avenue Apartment

Although Rupert Murdoch sold his Fifth Avenue Apertment in favor of his new SoHo home, this property is still notable after Murdoch purchased it for a cool $44 million and then sold it for $120 million.

The triplex-apartment is located on 834 fifth avenue at the corner of East 64th Street opposite the Central park Zoo.

The property underwent major renovations and Murdoch is thought to have added a $400,000 dollar gym on one of the homes floors.

As the picture above shows, some apartments in the block are lavish, however its reported that Murdoch never let anyone photograph his home.

9 — Rosehearty Yacht

Described as an 183-foot aliminium masterpiece, this yacht is the pride of the sailing seas for Rupert Murdoch.

The Rosehearty features five spacious guest suites, several luxurious salons, a private gym and master bedroom that features its own king sized bed.

The ship can comfortably accommodate up to ten guests and is available for charter in both the Mediterranean and Carribean.

Throughout this luxurious yacht, you will find that the interior reception rooms, the bedrooms and the large sofa’s all have the same color schemes.

The estimated price of the yacht is currently unknown, if you know the price please comment down below!

8 — Mayfair Apartment

Hiding away in the Mayfair district of London is one of the most technologically advanced houses in the city of London.

Rupert Murdoch’s Mayfair home has had some of the best smart technology available installed and this includes touch screen televisions and state of the art confrence facilities.

His and hers master suites feature giant walk-in-wardrobes and most rooms in the home feature computers, fax machines and phone lines.

The master bedroom has a wall of sliding mirrors that open to the en-suite bathroom and there is even a lampshade that is made of newspapers.

7 — Gulfstream G550

Arguably one of the world’s most versatile and stable long range business jets, the G550 boasts power and efficiancy that not many other private jets can match.

The jet will easily take you from New York to Tokyo and provides the advantage of flying both faster and higher than most commercial aircraft.

The private jet can hold up to eighteen passengers and has a cockpit decked out with state of the art technology.

There is a comprehensive entertainment on-board along with leather seats and conference facilities.

Its thought Rupert Murdoch paid roughly $42.9 million dollars for the jet in 2009.

6 — Vertigo Yacht

Adding a second luxury yacht to his collection was certainly a no-brainer for Rupert Murdoch and it was certainly not a small new edition.

The sailing yacht is 220 feet long and is considered to be the 7th largest sailing yacht in the world.

With accomodation for up to twelve guests and a crew of eleven, this yacht features five staterooms that are centered on a massive owners suite, convertible gym and large dining hall.

The yacht also features Hydraulic windows that add to the brightness inside.

We have, as with Murdoch’s first yacht, been unable to research a price so please comment down below if you are aware of the price.

5 — Beverly Hills Villa

Built in 1926, this Italian style villa features eleven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and sits on 8,700 square feet.

Rupert Murdoch has gone to great lengths to keep his home a closely guarded secret and it has been described by some as a mountain fortress.

The house is located in the Affluent Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles County, California, and the area is well known for some infamous residents including Michael Walberg, Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston.

4 — Boeing 747

Owning a Boeing Business Jet is something of a privallige for today’s world billionaires and media mougul Rupert Murdoch is no exception.

His 737–700 custom features ten additional fuel tanks, state of the art cockpit and custom leather seats that can hold eighteen guests up front.

Further back there is an on-board conference center with another 48 seats and the plane includes a bedroom, bathroom and dining area for relaxation.

The jets are thought to cost around $62 million dollars and with that price its clear to see why the jets have the highest reliability in the charter market.

3 — Beijing Mansion

Costing around $10 million, this Beijing Mansion is yet another amazing home owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Since his split from wife Wendi Deng in 2013, she has revealed rights to this home as part of the divorce settlement.

Notable visitors to this home have included Tony Blair, Actress Fan BingBing and the home has never been opened to the public.

Reportedly featuring 21,500 square feet of living space, it has an underground swimming pool, a simulated golf driving range and a billiards room.

Other facilities, including the number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms are unclear due to the amount of Secrecy.

2 — Melbourne Home

Another home thats shrouded in mystery, we were able to dig up a little more information on this amazing property.

One of a few free-standing residences in the suburbs of Elizabeth Bay, this residence occupies a significant 1,662 square meters and overlooks the water.

The home was built in 1886 and was then a ladies college that was thought to have been designed by Ben Jamin Brooks, who was also an early owner of the home.

Rupert Murdoch purchased the home in 1995 for around $6.85 million dollars and then in 2001, sold the property for $9.2 million dollars.

Its thought his house features a new kitchen, butlers pantry as well as five bedrooms all with en-suites.

The extensive grounds hold amazing palm trees, large swimming pool and sandstone terraces that overlook the bay.

1 — News Corporation

Founded in Adelaide, Australia in 1979, the crowning glory of our list comes down to the one major thing that has made Rupert Murdoch most of his money, the global media empire simply known as news Corp.

The empire consists mainly of news and newspaper companies and some of these include the Fox News Network and its subsidiaries, BskyB UK Broadcasting arm and The New York Post.

He owns both Sky Italia and Sky Deautschland and controls most of the media publishing for Wall Street.

Another large company within the brand is Twentieth Century Fox that produces films and Television products world-wide.

The company is thought to have yearly revenues of around $33.7 billion dollars and is headquatered in New York City.

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