16 Expensive Things Owned By One Direction

One Direction (Including Zayn Malik who left in 2015) has a combined Net Worth of around $400 million dollars, we look at 16 expensive things they own.

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16 – Hollywood Mansion – Harry Styles

Kicking off our list, we take a look at one of the newest purchases that has been made by Harry Styles and it is definitely now cheap.

Its thought Harry paid around $6.8 million dollars for this amazing modern style home and it features glass walls, 10-foot ceilings and silver travertine floors.

The whole complex is around 4,100 feet and includes a gourmet kitchen, a home theatre, home gym, massive terrace and large master suite that overlooks the sunset strip.

Outside, there is a swimming pool, with adjoining spa and a large cabana with its own bathroom, while Harry is thought to have picked up this bachelor pad after selling his other Beverly Hills Home.

15 – Lamborghini Aventador – Harry Styles

With a top speed of 217mph and a speed of 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, it is easy to see why One Direction star, Liam Payne, enjoys this amazing piece of motoring technology.

With a colour choice of black matte, and a range of customizations that include select alloy wheels, upgraded suspension and on-board Wi-Fi, this car is thought to have cost him around £260,000.

14 – Bentley Continental GT – Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has been seen purchasing a Bentley Continental GT at one of his local car dealerships.

The car has a top speed of 205mph and 472 horsepower while the V8 engine lets the car go from 0-62 in just 4.2 seconds.

Lucky Zayn managed to pick up the car for close to £31,000 pounds, however if you are looking to buy the 2016 model, then you can expect to pay around £168,000 instead.

13 – Hertfordshire Home – Zayn Malik

Featuring 5 bedrooms and four bathrooms, this home is located in a quiet suburb and features some impressive mod cons.

The house has a spiral wine cellar, sun deck and jacuzzi, steam room, safe room while outside there is a large swimming pool and sun-terrace.

Its thought that band member Zayn paid around £3.5 million for the property and it has been surrounded by high walls to keep out the prying eyes of photographers and fans alike.

12 – North West London Mansion – Harry Styles

One of Harry Styles first major property purchases in London, he dropped a 7-figure lump sum on this home and he certainly knows where to choose his property.

He upgraded to this house after selling his east end flat for a reported £575,000 and it is thought the property features an underground garage capable of holding up to three cars.

The house features an amazing driveway, 4-bedrooms, 4-bathrooms, kitchen with marble tops, open plan living areas and a large private garden.

Harry is thought to have dropped a small fortune on this property, totalling around £3 million.

11 – Beverly Hills Home – Harry Styles

Sitting at an impressive 3,000 square feet, this is yet another of Harry Styles Hollywood homes that he has now sold for a better pad.

The house is kitted out with an amazing wooden floor style, floor to ceiling windows and wooden beam ceilings.

The home features 4-bedrooms, three bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, outdoor salt-water pool and a bridge that connects two parts of the house together for convenience.

Its understood that Harry sold the property for around $3.1 million sometime back in 2016.

10 – Audi R8 – Harry Styles

Continuing into Harry’s luxury lifestyle, and now we take a look at his cars with another expensive motor, the Audi R8 coupe.

This car goes from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 196mph and it is thought to have cost the star around £100,000 and that’s before he paid the insurance.

Its thought that Harry added custom alloy wheels and considering he paid around £15,000 to insure his range rover, previously owned by his father, you can only imagine how much it cost to insure the Audi.

9 – North London Mansion – Louis Tomlinson

This 6-bedroom Victorian style mansion sits in North London and is one of the most impressive homes on the block.

The massive home features 5-bedrooms, extensive gardens, large kitchen and is a massive step up from the old family home which was located in Doncaster.

It has been revealed that Louis had paid roughly $2.25 million for the home back in 2012.

8 – Porsche Boxster – Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson was often seen driving around in his Porsche Boxster, however it appears that he has now sold the car to a very lucky female fan for £45,000.

The car has a top speed of 172mph and can go from 0-60 in just 5-seconds with 311BHP to give it that extra boost on Britain’s roads.

The car is the third generation of Porsche’s mid-engine drop-top and has a powerful 3.4 litre engine.

7 – Classic Mercedes Benz – Harry Styles

Just when you thought you would expect to see Harry Styles driving round in a flash super car, think again, as Harry has been spotted driving around in a retro Mercedes Benz Convertible.

The 1966 Mercedes-Benz 230SL convertible was seen driving through Beverly Hills and has cream white paint and black leather interior.

The car has a 170 break horsepower engine and automatic gearbox with both soft-top and hard features.

Harry is thought to have paid between $50,000 and $60,000 for this car, however we are not currently sure on a date for the purchase.

6 – Hollywood Hills Home – Niall Hoare

Built in 1940, this One Direction home features 5-bedrooms and 6-bathrooms but is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a former actress.

Sitting on 4,412 square feet, the home also features two family rooms, an open top-of-the-line kitchen and adjoining dining space, two staircases to the second floor master wing with its own private balcony, a large walk-in closet, rooftop deck and two separate staff entrances.

The outside of the home is fully fenced off and has landscaped gardens, crystal blue pool and spa area that’s surrounded by comfy outdoor chairs.

Niall is thought to have paid around £1 million for this home.

5 – Wardrobe Collection – Every Band Member

We usually cover the celebrity fashion styles of one individual, however when it comes to the wardrobe of One Direction stars, the list is almost limitless.

We start off with Harry Styles who is a fan of several brands including both Calvin Klein and Obsession.

He also wears a variety of headbands and headscarf’s to which he is known to favour Alexander McQueen.

Louis Tomlinson’s fashion sense turns towards Adidas and he is credited with bringing back the three stripe style, however he has also been seen wearing much more expensive brands, such as Ellesse.

Although he has now left One Direction, Zayn Malik was never afraid to push the boundaries with his dress sense and was often see wearing both Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren.

Niall Horan often opts for a casual clean look when he steps out in public and has been seen wearing straight leg jeans, black tee’s, sneakers and classic sunglasses.

Finally, Liam Payne also has expensive taste when stepping out in public and has been seen regularly in Hugo Boss and Gucci brands.

All of One Direction’s members are major fans of Onesies and Suits, with the latter being seen in a number of music videos and especially on nights out.

4 – Surrey Home – Liam Payne

It is home to the rich and famous with Surrey’s Woking residential area one of the places Liam Payne is currently calling home thanks to his purchase of a massive home in the area.

The three-storey home is thought to feature a luxury swimming pool, stunning views, a tennis court a cinema and a ballet studio.

The home has some of the most strict security features in the area with controlled zones having both heat and motion detectors installed to warn off intruders.

The house also features a 700-bottle wine cellar to supply those massive parties and a home cinema where he can chill out.

Out front, there is a fabulous gated driveway that has a fountain situated in the middle and houses in the area are not thought to be cheap with Liam paying around £5 million for the property.

3 – Audemars Piguet Watch – Harry Styles

One of the nicest One Direction timepieces he owns, this watch is made up of 18-carat pink gold folding clasp and is fitted with a black hand-stitched crocodile strap.

The watch is self-winding and the faceplate is made from Royal Oak and is made up of 280 different parts.

Waterproof down to a level of 50-meters, the watch also features 40 jewels and this could be one of the main reasons why One Direction band member, Harry Styles, paid an estimated £23,000 for this piece of luxury wrist wear.

2 – Ferrari California Convertible – Harry Styles

One of the nicest cars in the massive collection of One Directions Harry Style, he is often seen driving this car through the streets of Hollywood.

The Ferrari California Convertible is black and features a 4.3 litre engine and has power steering with a top speed of 186 miles per hour and goes from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

Alloy wheels, superb stereo system and many other custom specifications that Harry has made to the car have made the £176,000 price tag all the more worthwhile.

1 – Royalties – Everyone

One Direction, including Zayn, who left recently, all collect substantial yearly royalties on the songs they have both written and performed and this also includes royalties from merchandise sales.

Merchandise sales include clothes, calendars and DVD’s, while each member of the band has a range of their own deodorant and then there is the personal private performances.

One Direction Personal clothing lines also bring the band members a few million each year and overall, this is where a major part of there net worth comes from after record sales.

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