10 Expensive Things Owned By Jay-Z

Jay-Z is a Millionaire American Rapper who has a net worth of around $400 Million Dollars, we look at ten expensive things he owns.

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10 – Trump Tower Apartment

Owning an apartment in the most luxurious building in the world is exactly where you want to be when you’re in a financial position like Jay Z.

The rapper owns a massive apartment that includes government kitchen personal library and separate maids quarters

As with most apartments in the Tower it offers amazing views of the city and is reported have costs somewhere in the region of $2-3 million dollars with gold-plated taps doors and pretty much everything else it’s easy to see why this was a New York choice for Jay-Z.

And to top things off he has basketball star Derek Jetta for his neighbor, what could get better than that?

9 – Ferrari F-430 Spyder

You may be asking why this is one of Jay Z’s favorite cars and it’s because the hard top on the car is quieter and family more efficient when raised.

With generous room for luggage and a sense of privacy when the roof is closed you will often see Jay Z driving this car around his favourite haunts.

The car has a top speed of 350 kilometers an hour and goes from 0 to 60 in just 3.9 seconds and this is in part thanks to the powerful 32 valve V8 engine under the hood.

Prices for this model can be anywhere around $220,000 dollars.

8 – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Definitely one of the most expensive and fastest cars on this list Bugatti Veyron Grand sport is the upgraded version of the car company’s masterpiece

The car was a present of Beyoncé and according to the Sun newspaper Beyonce ordered the car a year in advance to make sure he was one of the first people to receive one

With a blistering top speed of 48.84 kilometers an hour it’s the fastest road legal vehicle on the planet and if you think that’s impressive then check out the price these cars average out and around 2.7 million dollars.

7 – Art Collection

As art collections go this one is not too shabby as Jay-Z owns an art collection that features well in artists like Damien Hurst and Richard prince

One of the largest feather collections includes that from here that was bought from art basil Miami in 2008

It’s currently impossible to put a price on the art collection however it’s estimated to be worth in the millions.

6 – Scarsdale Home

Purchased in 2008 this Mansion is located in Scarsdale West Chester New York and was purchased by Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce.

The house is spread over 15 square feet sits on 2 acres of land and has already been torn down and rebuilt once.

It has multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and plenty of parking space the couples massive car collection.

The price paid for the massive property is currently unknown however maybe you can tell us down in the comments section below.

5 – Bombardier Challenger 850

Why travel by land when you have a bank balance the size of Jay-Z.

The rapper owns a Bombardier Challenger 850 which can transfer him to his various shows around the country next speeds.

The private jet was another gift from Beyoncé who is not shire spending on to Mounts of money on her man especially on Father’s Day.

This 40 million dollar personal jet conceived of the 15 passengers and features A cream leather living room two Bathrooms and a kitchen with on chef and steward.

4 – Pagani Zonda F

Supercars don’t get much better than this and the Pagani Zonda is a very special limited edition car.

Going from 0 to 60 in a matter of 3.6 seconds this amazing sports car is designed to achieve a top speed of 240 miles per hour.

The car features a powerful 7.3 liter engine and costs between 1.3 and 2 million dollars.

3 – Indian Creek Mansion

Built in 1991 this massive home sits between beautiful landscapes of Belle Harper and Miami Beach.

At the time of purchasing this property, the celeb couple paid around 9 million dollars on property.

The main house is 7,800 square feet and features 7 bedrooms, eight bathrooms with an extra two partial bathrooms on the side.

The neighborhood is currently one of the wealthiest in America and Jay-Z has some famous neighbors including Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula and modeler Adriana Lima.

2 – Hublot Big Bang Watch

If you’re wondering why some watches cost more than houses, feast your eyes upon Jay-Z’s diamond encrusted Hublot Big Bang Watch.

This insane timepiece was a 43rd birthday present and is currently the most precious watch ever created by Hublot.

Some of the larger diamonds in the watch contain 6,140 carats with the faceplate alone containing 637 Diamonds.

Overall the Watch contains a total of 1,282 diamonds on its case dial and bracelet.

If you’re wondering how much this insane timepiece may one day set your back try gathering together 5 million dollars.

1 – Ace of Spades Champagne

Champagne of choice for the rich and famous this brand has been seen in several of JV music videos and it’s clear that the star also enjoys the drinking and spoiling his party guests with this brand

Smaller bottles of this brand can actually be purchased from special surprise for around $200 however the bottle’s Jay-Z buys are thought to cost in the region of 130,000 dollars some of which I’ve purchased thin tops and Liberty clubs and bars.

Let us know below in the comment section how many bottles you think he has great between his many homes.

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