15 Expensive Things Owned By Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has a total net worth of around $4.4 Billion Dollars, today Vidello Productions looks at 15 expensive things owned by Billionaire Richard Branson.

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15 – Majorca Country Estate

After initially selling this estate 13 years ago so Richard Branson has repurchased the site after initially being refused permission and to build a luxury hotel.

The 400 Acre Son Borneola Estate is thought to be worth around 11.2 million pounds and sits on their Islands west Coast.

Branson is planning to reignite the project and turn the estate into a five-star Eco Resort that will make up part of his virgin limited edition brand.

The estate features a 200 year old mansion with a circular turret at one end and a square one of the other number.

14- Necker Belle Yacht

Yacht but more a luxury catamaran Necker Bell was originally launched as Lady Barbaretta in 2003 and underwent refurbishment at Australia’s Azura Marina over a period of two years

The boat features A 14 meter beam and has four on three bedrooms that sick directly above the waterline that give guests fantastic views the interior

The boat is very much the same to Sir Richard Branson’s neck Island treat and features a main Lounge area that can also be converted into a double cabin with the ability to accommodate up to 10 guests and a crew of seven

The Necker Belle cruises along a 20 knots while under sale and 18 knots under power and if you’re looking to rent the boat out on a Charter then you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of 88,000 a week.

13 – Morris Mini Miner

It is one of the rarer antique cars from around the world and comes from an era where small cars ruled the road.

The Morris minor was an economy car, that was launched in 1959 and was initially available as a 2-door saloon and convertable.

This was later upgraded to a 4-door saloon in the 1960’s and the car has a top speed of around 72mph.

With fixed rear windows and rubber floor mats, this car emits all the class of the early 1960’s and is considered to be worth a small fortune to collectors.

12 – Necker Nymph

Just when you expect to see Richard Branson flying on one of his giant airplanes, think again, as you may in-fact find him somewhere under the ocean in his own personal sub-plane.

The billionaire, commissioned an underwater plane, called Necker Nymph, to explore the worlds oceans and take visitors to his luxury hideaway, Necker Island via an underwater joyride.

This amazing piece of technology can dive up to 130 feet and features fighter jet technology while using downward lift on the wings to glide through the water for up to two hours.

While this sub is available to hire for around $25,000 dollars per week, it is thought that Sir Richard Branson paid roughly $550,000 dollars to buy her.

11 – VSS Unity (Previously Enterprise)

Flying into space is a dream for most people and it was expected to become a reality for Richard Branson, who initially unveiled a 60-foot long spaceship called VSS Enterprise.

The craft was designed to seat up-to eight people, including six passengers and two pilots while letting people pay a hefty fee of around $200,000 for a two hour flight in sub-orbital space.

The ship featured full-lie flat seats that activated once reaching sub-orbital space and the space suits were supposed to be equipped with personal data and the ability to control in-flight cameras both inside and out.

On October 31st 2014, the ship crashed during a routine test-flight over California’s Mojave desert.

Another, newer version of the ship, named VSS Unity is currently undergoing testing so that it is ready to help launch Virgin Galactic.

10 – Ulusaba Safari Lodge Resort

Located in the amazing country of South Africa, this large game reserve offers up to 13,500 hectares of African bush for budding tourists to explore.

The private game reserve is located in the Sabi Sand Reserve which borders Kruger National Park with the nearest airport being Johannesburg international airport.

There are two main luxury accommodations in the park, the first being Rocky Lodge which is perched high up on a rocky hill, offering panoramic views of the jungle, 21 guest suites, spa treatments, fully equipped gym and private swimming pool.

Safari Lodge, is another world-class facility that is built along the banks of the dry Mabrak riverbed and features twenty one rooms in a tree house style that lets you watch the animals below.

Activities such as mobile tracking and viewing are also available when you visit one of these amazing retreats.

9 – Moskito Island

Thought to be one of the most ecologically friendly islands in the world, it is located in the North Sound, just off-shore from Anguilla Point.

The 120 acre island features some of the densest rainforests in the area and plans to transform the island into a showcase of biodiversity are currently afoot with several exotic species planned.

Richard Branson also plans to have as few buildings as possible on the island, limiting it to just one for himself and his family and possibly room for four or five other families.

These properties are expected to feature the most environmentally friendly technologies, including carbon-neutral villas and ecologically sound cement with power coming from wind, wave or solar based products.

It is also thought that there will be a butterfly park somewhere on the island.

8 – Kasbah Tamadot Resort

Located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, which he also purchased in 1998, this property is another one of the billionaires Virgin Limited Edition Retreats.

It features 27-amazing bedrooms and suites which also include nine Berber tents that offer a comfortable stay.

Each bedroom has its own unique name and is decorated with Moroccan furniture, antiques and artefact’s from all over the world.

Several suites feature their own private plunge pools and if you fancy a bite to eat, then why not check out the Kanoun restaurant which features an intimate fireside bar and serves appetizing local and international cuisines.

The hotel also includes an indoor and outdoor infinity pool, a well equipped gym, tennis court, spa and marvellous fragrant gardens.

7 – London Mansion (Sold)

Located not too far from the home of David and Victoria Beckham, this grade II listed mansion was sold over 10-years ago for a reported price of £17.5 million.

The home was given a massive overhaul in 2008, long after Branson had sold the property and now features a huge underground subterranean complex complete with swimming pool, squash court, gym and cinema.

Above this, the house features six bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, conference rooms, catering kitchen, staff sitting room, staff bedrooms and a hobby room.

The house backs onto Holland Park and is now thought to be one of the most expensive homes in London with a price tag of around £53 million.

Other celebrity faces in the area include Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page.

6 – Makepeace Island

Located as Noosa on Australia’s Sunshine Gold Coast, the property on this island is available to lease all-year round.

Branson purchased the island back in 2003 and had plans to turn it into an eco retreat for the crews of his Virgin Australia Airline.

The island is shaped naturally like a heart and covers an area of around 25 acres with direct access from a nearby river-boat.

The island can accommodate around twenty-two guests who have access to luxuries such as Volcanic Boulder Bath-tubs, enormous sculptures and ornate lighting.

Other features on the island include a 500,000 litre lagoon-pool, bar facility, beach areas, nature walks, tennis court and spa facilities.

If you are looking to stay on the island then expect to pay around $8,000 per night for a taste of this private living.

5 – The Roof Garden’s London

Another one of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Limited Edition Properties, The Roof Garden’s is a unique retreat in the heart of Central London that includes themed gardens with more than 70 full-sized trees, fountains and flamingo’s.

The whole area sits over 100 feet above Kensington high-street and is currently one of the most stylish venues in London.

The private members club features several VIP areas and two bars that provide ease of service wherever you are seated.

The club offers a truly relaxed atmosphere and employs over 100 talented professionals that look after guests 24/7.

The garden’s can cater for most events and can hold up to 120 guests at any one time while guests can dine in the exclusive Babylon restaurant with its mouth watering cuisines.

4 – Necker Island

Hold onto your hats because this is going to be a big one!

It is one of the most famous and luxury resort islands in the world and was purchased for a small fee of around £180,000 in 1978.

After spending an additional £10 million and three years, Branson managed to turn the island into what it is today, a stunning private holiday retreat.

Some of the guests who have stayed here include the late princess of wales Diana, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, Kate Moss, Nick Lachey, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr.

The island has even been the venue for the 2010 Victoria’s secret swimsuit photo shoot.

Part of the British Virgin Islands, Necker covers 74-acres of land and is surrounded by pristine gold sandy beaches and beautiful Turquoise water.

The island features a great-house which is a massive sprawling property that includes 10-bedrooms with sea views, a second floor jacuzzi with master terrace, an airy and spacious dining area and even a Michelin starred restaurant.

There is plenty to do on the island and activities include sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving or fishing and there is even a personal submarine tour.

If you are looking to stay on the island then you can expect to pay roughly $54,000 dollars per day with access to a personal chef and all of the islands staff and amenities.

3 – The Lodge Verbier

Taking the Virgin Limited Edition side of the business to new heights, is The Lodge Verbier, a massive Luxury Private Lodge which is located in Verbier, Switzerland.

Offering world-class facilities such as two luxury master suites and an additional seven bedrooms, open plan kitchens, wine cellar, outdoor Jacuzzi’s, indoor pool and steam room with fully equipped gym, your stay here will be perfect.

The price paid for the estate is currently unknown.

2 – Mahali Mzuri Safari Resort

This time we are jumping over to Kenya, where Sir Richard Branson owns another one of his exclusive luxury retreats, Mahali Mzuri.

Featuring twelve sleeper-tents, that sit on an elevated platform, this resort can sleep up-to twenty four guests at any one time.

The tents feature a roomy sitting area and a large terrace that looks out over the amazing Kenyan landscape.

With a spa treatment and infinity pool, you will be well looked after when it comes to relaxation.

1 – Falcon 900 Ex Private Jet

With a cruising altitude of 36,000 feet and a speed of 662 miles per hour, Sir Richard Branson is certainly not hanging around when he boards his Falcon 900 EX.

Sir Richard made it clear that he wanted the jet to be a mobile advertisement for Virgin Galactic and the colours on the outside represent just that.

The jet can carry a maximum of 14 passengers and features luxury seats, on-board private crew and has access to a business centre and on-board bedroom.

It is thought Sir Richard paid roughly $36 million for this amazing private plane.

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