Giorgia Meloni – Net Worth

Giorgia Meloni is an Italian politician who has been serving as the prime minister of Italy since 22 October 2022, the first woman to hold this position.

NET WORTH: $28 Million
Billionaire or Millionaire?Millionaire
Source of Wealth:Politics
Country of Origin:Italy
Height:1.63 m
Star Sign:Capricorn
Spouse:Andrea Giambruno
Born:15 January 1977
Last Updated:22/04/2023


Born in Rome in 1977, she began her political career as a member of the youth wing of the National Alliance party, which was the main conservative party in Italy at the time.

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Meloni rose through the ranks of the National Alliance, serving as a member of the Italian Parliament and the Minister of Youth in the government of Silvio Berlusconi.


Meloni has been involved in politics for much of her adult life and much of her net worth has come from her political ambitions.

She is currently thought to be worth around $28 Million dollars and we have no further information on any assets she may hold.


In 2012, she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies as a member of the newly-formed party Brothers of Italy, which was formed by a group of former National Alliance members who had become disenchanted with the party’s leadership.

Under Meloni’s leadership, Brothers of Italy has become one of the most prominent right-wing parties in Italy.

The party has been particularly vocal in its opposition to immigration and has taken a hard-line stance on issues such as border control and national sovereignty.

Meloni has also been a vocal critic of the European Union, advocating for Italy to assert more independence from the bloc.

Meloni’s political views have drawn both admiration and criticism.

Supporters view her as a strong and principled leader who is willing to stand up for the interests of Italy and its people.

Critics, however, accuse her of promoting xenophobic and nationalist policies that are harmful to Italy’s reputation and international standing.


Meloni’s father was a hospital porter, and her mother worked in a laundry and currently there is very little information on her mother that is public although it is known that both of her parents were working-class.

Meloni is married to Andrea Lattanzi, an entrepreneur, and the couple has two children together, a daughter and a son.

Meloni has spoken publicly about her close relationship with her family, and her parents have been supportive of her political career.


Here are some notable quotes by Giorgia Meloni:

  • “We don’t want a weak and submissive Italy, we want a strong and free Italy.”
  • “The problem is not immigration, but the irregular presence of those who exploit the loopholes of our laws and our welfare.”
  • “We believe in a world without borders, but also in a world where every country is free to decide who can enter its territory.”
  • “We want to defend the values of our civilization, which is based on the respect for life, family, and freedom.”
  • “Europe must not become a kind of Soviet Union, where power is centralized in Brussels and decisions are made without taking into account the will of the peoples.”
  • “The right to life is inviolable, from conception to natural death.”
  • “We don’t want a multicultural society where different cultures live side by side, but a society where different cultures integrate and enrich each other.”
  • “We must not be ashamed of our identity, of our traditions, of our history.”
  • “We believe in the free market, but not in a market that is devoid of ethics and morals.”
  • “We want a government that puts the interests of Italians first, not those of the European Union or the globalist elites.”


Despite the controversy surrounding her political views, Meloni’s career has been marked by her determination and drive.

She has shown a remarkable ability to mobilize support among right-wing voters and has built a powerful political machine in Brothers of Italy.

As Italy continues to grapple with a host of economic and social challenges, Meloni’s influence is likely to continue to grow, making her a major figure in Italian politics for years to come.

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