15 Most INSANE Things Owned By Mega Billionaires

Another jump into the Billionaire lifestyle and today we take a look at 15 Most INSANE Things Owned By Mega Billionaires including the Azzam Yacht and Palaces of Super Rich Arab Princes.

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15. Sultan of Brunei — Private Palace

Described as being bigger than the Vatican and on the same level as the Palace of Versailles, the insane $1.4 billion dollar Istana Nurul Iman Palace was created by Hassanal Bolkiah and is located on a leafy, riverside sprawl of hills and one of the craziest things owned by mega billionaires

Considered to be the world’s largest private residence in terms of floor area, people have been known to become lost in the closets, they are that large.

Features include a banquet hall that can seat up to 5,000 people, 257 bathrooms, a mosque accommodating 1,500 people a 110-car garage, an air conditioned stable for the Sultan’s 200 polo ponies, and five swimming pools.

A total of 564 chandeliers, 51,000 light bulbs, 44 stairwells and 18 elevators make up the interior of the palace which sits on 2,152,782 square feet of floor-space.

14. 15% of The Land on Earth — Hansjörg Wyss

This is a strange on, however it is true, 83-year-old Swiss-born megga billionaires steel magnate Hansjörg Wyss has said he is currently on a mission to buy up huge amounts of land including huge parts of the Amazon rainforest.

His aim is to protect the land from illegal logging and other climate change and aims to protect 30 percent of the planet’s surface by 2030.

Wyss has already donated $450 million to protect 40 million acres of land and water across the globe and other projects including anti-poaching, river restoration and national park improvements have cost another $1 billion.

Many of the places he intends to buy are already National Park Projects however they are not protected from logging or destruction.

Its nice to see a billionaire spending their money on things other than Yachts and Houses!

13. Malibu Kingdom — Larry Ellison

When one home is just not enough why not buy 15 of them and thats exactly what $54.5 billion dollar man Larry Ellison did on one of the most famous and expensive beaches in the world, Carbon beach.

He initially came up against some resistance from the locals but this soon changed when his cheque book came out and its reported he offered them sums they simply could not refuse.

He purchased so many homes on the beach that it even acquired the new nickname of Carbon Billionaires Beach.

But Ellison didn’t finish there, he purchased a whole host of other houses in the Malibu area and turned it into his own private kingdom.

This includes David Geffen’s former Malibu Compound for $85.5 million dollars and another 248 million dollars worth of properties that he only rents out to family and friends.

He now owns so much property in Malibu that his decisions now literally effect the prices of the islands entire real estate market.

12. Chelsea Football Club — Roman Abramovich

Buying a football club is seen as a big deal these days, especially with the amount of money changing hands, and that was the case for Billionaire Oil Tycoon Roman Abramovich who purchased Chelsea Football Club in July 2003 for £140 million.

This was not the end of the spending and over the course of a year Abramovich spent a cool $2 Billion dollars to put together an un-beatable team that won all three of UEFA’s main club competitions, and the only London club to have won the Champions League.

They are currently the eighth highest-earning football club in the world and have the sixth-largest fan-base in England with a net worth of around $2.576 billion dollars.

The buyout later spurned several other takeover bids of English clubs including the buyout of Manchester City Football Club by Sheikh Mansour for £210 million pounds and the on-going takeover of Newcastle United by Saudi Arabia for £350 million pounds.

11. Kim Jong Un — Ski Resort

Another insane purchase from another crazy billionaire and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un spent roughly $1 billion dollars to develop and build the Chagang Province Ski Resort.

Launching the expansion project only last month, the resort plays host to a large amount of up-to-date features including a ski equipment shop, multiple high speed lifts and three pistes.

The hotel on the site has indoor and outdoor spas and swimming pools, a billiard hall, a gym, and a golf simulator.

The resort was built by thousands of men and women, using sticks and shovels in blizzard conditions and reports that foreign travelers are welcome have been confirmed!

Jong-Un is no stranger to spending money as you might expect, he spent the equivalent of over $500 million dollars building a new theme park in the capital Pyongyang

10. Custom Boeing 757 — Donald Trump

The current president of the United States former method of transport, his Custom Boeing 757 is the epitome of the Boeing line.

The 43 seater private jet has the best Rolls Royce Engines on the market and features the latest electronic equipment available for board room meetings in the air.

Every seat features 24-carat gold plated seat belts, a personal TV screen and the couches convert into beds.

A built-in multiplex movie system has a library of 1,000 movies and 2,500 CDs and the plane is always spotless thanks to trumps love of cleanliness.

There is a bedroom on-board that has a private bathroom and staff include a private cook, stewardess and 2-pilot cabin crew.

After Trump became president he had to give up this $100 million private jet to travel on the more secure Air Force One, but more about that in another video coming soon!

9. Prince Alwaleed — Palatial Oasis

$20 Billion Dollar man Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia owns one of the biggest palaces in the country and it is located in the City of Riyadh

This insane home has 317 rooms covering 400,000 square feet, has a 20 foot fountain in the front garden, and a dual winding staircase foyer that reaches to 75 feet.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools litter the residence and other features include a bowling alley, private cinema and hair salon.

The palace is so large that workers need to communicate by radio and its easy to walk a quarter of a mile to get from one room to another.

The palace has 520 televisions and a staff of 180 due to the fact that Alwaleed needs to keep a constant eye on his business empire which spans the globe.

8. Renato Barros — Country of Pontinha

While not an actual Billionaire purchase we had to throw this in here as its just downright mental!

I’m delving into the slightly weird here but bear with me as Renato Barros, who bought an actual nation the size of a bedroom sized rock does indeed exist.

With a mere cost of €25,000 in the year 2000, Pontinha is located on the Madeira coast near Portugal.

Barros holds a passport of Portugal and Pontinha with a number 1 on it and the self-declared king, yes he made himself King here… is the policeman, gardener, and caretaker!!

The country is literally the size of a one bedroom house and is powered by just a solar panel and a small windmill and even ended up in a spat with the governor of Madeira.

Perhaps he could sell his tiny island nation for $1 Billion dollars and become a billionaire? Who knows, just let us know what you think of this madness in the comments!

7. Palace of Putin — Vladamir Putin

Known as the palace on the Cape, this insane home was built near the village of Praskoveevka on the Black sea and is rumored to have cost a staggering $1 billion dollars.

While the Russian government denies that the palace has anything to do with Putin, activity in the area has been claimed as further evidence of state involvement.

The security grounds of this impenetrable fortress cover over 67 hectares and security is thought to include attack dogs, armed guards and patrols, a microwave and laser detection system along with guard towers and its own geo-stationary spy satellite.

Topped with a golden imperial eagle, this Tsar style Palace has a private theater, a landing pad with bays for three helicopters and formal gardens.

The palace is also said to have its own direct electricity line, motorway and members of the Kremlin Security Service are also present.

6. IMG Worlds of Adventure — Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Already home to some of the greatest and most amazing projects in the world, Dubai out spends and out creates almost every city on earth.

Sheikh Mohammed spent over $1 Billion dollars to create the worlds largest theme park, just a splash in the ocean for him as his wealth has ballooned to $14 billion.

Featuring Dubai’s fastest and tallest roller coaster, 28 dining outlets and 25 retail stores, the park measures some 1.5 million square feet in size.

The crazy thing is the park is not even finished with the extension set to add hotels, and a small city of houses and accommodation for up to $3 billion dollars extra as Dubai looks to move into a tourism market in preparation for oil supply’s begin to run low.

The park overall will have 5 extra “lands including Lego-land, Bollywood Park and River-land.

5. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan — Azzam Yacht

Just how big is Azzam? Well if you were to lay The Empire State Building on its side it would cover about a third of it at 400 feet and cost $600 million dollars.

The Emir of Abu Dhabi is the owner of this play-thing and it has some of the most insane features ever included on a floating city.

There is a 95ft long hair salon, its own missile defense system, a submarine, sky-deck, gas turbines connected to water jets and bullet-proof windows.

Most of the other features are completely top-secret, because Sheikh Khalifa is one of the most private people on the planet.

4. Laurence Graff — Hallucination Watch

As watches go this certainly is the most expensive one in the world, coming in with a record price tag of over $55 Million Dollars.

The concept of the Hallucination watch came directly from Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds, he has created something of Opulence and luxury at its finest.

Set into a platinum bracelet and made from 110 carats of rare colored diamonds of various cuts and finishes, this watch is a one of a kind.

Currently uncertain if he is the current owner, let us know in the comments!

3. Boeing 747–8 VIP — Anonymous Buyer

This anonymous buyer purchased one of the most incredible private jets ever built and reportedly came with a price tag of $358 million dollars.

Another $200 million dollars later and the renovations were complete with four General Electric GEnx 2B67 engines and a cruising speed of 1,044.44 km/hr.

The plane covers 4,786 square feet of space and features a stateroom, lounges, an office, and a massive dining room.

8,000 nautical miles nonstop can be achieved and thanks to the regal stateroom you can sleep comfortably while the trip progresses.

This plane almost makes some luxury hotels obsolete and the stately dining room c an even seat 14 guests along with another private lounge on the top deck.

This truly is private flying at its finest!

2. Car Collection — Sultan of Brunei

Remember our friend Hassanal Bolkiah from the start of the video, well hes back and he’s brought his insane car collection with him.

7000 cars are the total number in this record breaking vast array of models that include 600 Rolls Royce, 440 Mercedes Benz, 265 Audi’s and 237 BMWs.

There are some custom made models too and these include 225 Jaguars and 183 Land Rovers, while other interesting makes include, 230 Porsche’s and 350 Bentley’s.

Then there’s the super-car collection which includes 365 Ferrari’s, 275 Lamborghini’s, 258 Aston Martins.

He also has 172 Bugatti’s which alone cost him around $344 million dollars and we haven’t even counted the limited edition cars, gold limousines and giant replicas dotted about the country.

In total this whole collection is said to be worth $5 Billion dollars.

1. Elon Musk — Space Exploration Technologies Corp

When reaching for the stars some billionaires will go to the absolute limit to achieve their goals and this is no exception for the man dubbed the god king of Mars, Elon Musk.

Musk made his fortune through developing and later selling eCommerce payment platform PayPal and is currently worth an estimated $36.1 billion.

Musk founded Space Exploration Technologies Corp with $100 million dollars and almost went bankrupt before things turned around.

Now with over $10 billion dollars worth of Space hardware including the worlds largest operational rocket by a factor of 2 and the Star-link constellation well on the way to being completed, musk is setting his sights on colonizing Mars!

His Super-Heavy Star-ship project is well under way and costs roughly $2 million per launch, something Musk has done extremely well to bring down from the near $100 million the shuttle cost to launch.

He owns many other companies including the Borring company, Tesla and Solar City.

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