Olivia Cooke – Net Worth

Olivia Cooke - Net Worth

Olivia Cooke is a British Actress, best known for her role as Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair, we look at her net worth.

Billionaire or Millionaire?Millionaire
Source of Wealth:Acting
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Star Sign:Capricorn
Spouse:Jacob Ifan
Born:27th December 1993
Last Updated:20/12/2023


Born on December 27, 1993, in Oldham, Greater Manchester, Cooke attended Oldham Sixth Form College in Greater Manchester, England, for her post-secondary education.

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As of writing, Olivia Cooke has an estimated net worth of around $2 million, and this is thanks, mainly in part, to her work in the world of acting and other personal investments.


Cooke’s journey to stardom began with her breakout role in the British science fiction series “Black Mirror”.

Her episode, “White Christmas,” showcased her acting prowess and set the stage for a career marked by versatility and range.

It wasn’t long before Cooke made the leap to the big screen, leaving an indelible mark with her debut in the horror film “Ouija”.

However, it was her role as Rachel Kushner in “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” that truly established Cooke as a force to be reckoned with.

The film, a heartfelt exploration of friendship and terminal illness, earned her widespread praise for her poignant portrayal of a young woman facing the challenges of a life-altering diagnosis.

Cooke’s ascent continued with her lead role in “Thoroughbreds”, a dark comedy that further showcased her ability to navigate complex characters.

Her performance as Amanda, a detached and enigmatic teenager, earned accolades for its subtlety and depth.

The actress’s foray into period drama came with Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”, where she played the determined Art3mis.

Cooke’s ability to seamlessly transition between genres and time periods underscored her versatility as an actress.

More recently, Cooke has continued to make waves in the psychological thriller genre with her role in “Sound of Metal” and the darkly comedic “Pixie”.

With each project, she solidifies her status as a dynamic and compelling presence in the cinematic landscape.


  • My dad’s a retired policeman, and my mum is a sales representative, and they haven’t got the acting bug.
  • If I love the character, then that’s all that matters to me.


As of 2022, Olivia Cooke’s star is on the rise, and her future in the industry looks exceptionally promising.

Whether navigating the complexities of science fiction, drama, or comedy, Cooke’s talent and commitment to her craft mark her as a standout performer, and audiences eagerly await the next chapter in her already impressive career.

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