15 CRAZY Expensive Things Mr Beast Owns Or Gave Away

The Mr Beast YouTube Channel is absolutely insane, just by being subscribed you could win anything from a $10,000 dollar pizza, a new house or evan a lamborghini, today Vidello productions takes a look at 15 CRAZY Expensive Things Mr Beast Owns Or Gave Away.

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BMW i8

Mr Beast’s 100,000 dollar BMW i8 was only featured in one of his videos and that video was deleted several years ago.

Currently the second-most expensive car in the brand’s range, the i8 has a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour and thanks to its turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder gas engine with an 11.6-kWh battery pack and two electric motors, it has a 0–60 speed of 4.4 seconds.

Along with a 4-wheel Anti-Lock-Braking System, Control Adaptive Suspension, Front And Rear Anti-Roll Bars and light alloy radial-spoke wheels, the car has LED Brake Lights and a Harmon Kardon sound system featuring 12 Speakers.

Included in the interior are Apple CarPlay Compatibility, Audio Theft Deterrent system and Enhanced USB & Bluetooth Smartphone Integration with 2 LCD monitors in the front providing Real-Time Traffic Display.

$1 Million Dollars

Back in 2020, Mr Beast published one of his most popular videos, where he gave four people the chance to win 1 Million Dollars just by touching it.

Featuring Omar, Kiera, Horhay and eventual winner, Mark, the three losing contestants suffered knee spasms and accidental mistakes that cost them the chance of becoming a millionaire.

What’s more, when Mark won the million dollar prize, he was given the chance to spend the entire amount in 24 hours.

Mark ended up purchasing a house worth 165,000 dollars, brand new car to replace his crumbling 2001 Toyota Camry and treated his friends and family to some luxury gifts.

World’s Largest Firework

Ever wondered what the world’s largest firework looks like? Well Mr Beast actually purchased this insane explosive device worth $160,000 dollars, eventually spending over $600,000 dollars on a range of fireworks of different sizes.

Several of the fireworks purchased by Mr Beast’s team included a $40,000 dollar firework with over 9000 shells and a $10,000 dollar firework that required FAA approval to launch.

The largest firework, which broke a world record and required a forklift truck to move, was activated by a remote control computer and rained down fire over a mile wide area.

Lamborghini Aventador

Literally anyone has the chance to win custom stuff just by subscribing to the Mr Beast Channel and this includes supercars, Lamborghini’s to be exact.

For his Lamborghini Race video, he gave away a Lamborghini Aventador worth over $393,695 dollars.

Featuring a 6.5 Liter V12 engine, the Aventador has a top speed of between 217.5 to 218.1 mph and can hit 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

The winner of this car turned out to be Chris after he completed the final challenge of successfully kicking an American football.

$10,000 Golden Steak

When you’re Mr Beast, you can literally afford to eat anything, and while he has purchased some crazy items over the years, food can be on a whole different level.

Featuring 24 carat gold, this tomahawk steak was one of a number of expensive items consumed by the team at an expensive steak restaurant.

Items eaten on the day included a $1000 dollar Kobi steak, 100 year old eggs, goose liver and a four figure shrimp/octopus medley.

Before the video ended, the team purchased another gold steak for the table next to them and left a $5000 dollar tip.

1 Million Scratch Cards

For scratch card fans, the thought of buying $1 million dollars worth of scratch cards may seem like the ultimate dream, yet Mr Beast actually did it.

Delivered by dump truck, the scratch cards literally covered the entire floor and required over 10 people to scratch continuously over 2 days.

After trying a number of tricks including buying a black cat, sitting under ladders and hiring a real life Leprechaun in an attempt to get lucky, the team only won back $720,971.

Beast also gave over 10% of the winnings to the people scratching off the tickets.

Mr Beast Burger

While the Mr Beast Burger restaurant chain is delivery only, Donaldson’s partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts has resulted in the chain opening up over 900 outlets.

After planning the project over several months, it was launched officially on November 10, 2020, in Wilson, North Carolina.

Donaldson advertised free food and gave away money, technology, and even a new car as part of a YouTube video to launch the store.

After three months of opening, Mr Beast had sold over 1 million burgers and the ordering app had reached the number one spot on both the App store and Google Play Store.

The reaction to the food has been mixed with some praising and others complaining and one location outside Dallas reported earning over $7,000 on their first day open.

The restaurants have since expanded into the United Kingdom and with the average burger costing $7.99, the chain expects a turnover of around $32 million dollars in its first year.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Thought to originally be Mr Beast’s own personal car, his Lamborghini Gallardo came with a retail price of $151,000.

Yet again, he decided to give the car away in spectacular fashion, giving the car away to one lucky uber rider at the end of the video.

With a top speed of 202 mph, the Gallardo has a 5.0 Liter V10 engine and can hit 100km an hour in between 3.3–4.1 secs while also featuring a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

$70,000 Dollar Pizza

Following on from the $10,000 dollar steak video, Beast and the team went on another restaurant binge trying out different foods.

These included golden chicken wings, golden milkshake, grilled cheese and a $1000 dollar sundae with Tahitian Ice Cream.

Other dishes included super expensive Black Wagyu Ribs and Tuna while the $70,000 dollar pizza included $4000 white truffle, $16,000 Almas Osetra Caviar, 1oz of gold leaf and smoked sea salt.

Each slice of this pizza was over $4400 dollars and even featured a gold crust with the pizza unofficially becoming the worlds most expensive.

The video was also one of the most popular in Mr Beast history, gaining over 108 million views!

Private Island

Costing over $800,000 dollars, this island, located in the Caribbean, became the set for one of the most popular videos on the Mr Beast Channel.

Featuring eight contestants, the last to leave the private island actually became the owner and saw the group taking on a number of challenges including hide and seek, swimming and coconut tossing.

The winner of the island challenge ended up being Chandler who won over $700,000 dollars and helped the video reach almost 100 million views.

Custom House

Mr Beast is not known to own a large mansion, he does indeed live in a nice area in North Carolina and while he has owned several smaller houses, they have all been given away in videos.

One such house was given to him by fellow YouTuber ZHC and was later given away after being decorated by both Beast and ZHC.

The lucky winner of the house was Nolan, one of Donaldson’s subscribers and is now definitely worth more than it was purchased for.

Custom Tesla Model S

After giving the Mr Beast team custom designed iPhones, YouTuber ZHC decided to go one step further and buy Jimmy Donaldson a Tesla Model S and customized it with his own art.

Coming with its own self-driving software, Beast’s new Tesla costs on average $79,990 and was covered in custom art which took days to complete.

In true Mr Beast organised a quick Rock, Paper, Scissors competition between Chandler and Chris with Chris eventually winning the car.

Worlds Largest Mystery Crate

In another 75 million viewer video, Mr Beast spent over $500,000 dollars on several mystery boxes including a $250,000 box dubbed the world’s most expensive.

Smaller Box contents included thousands of fortune cookies, custom trainers, Signed Lebron James poster and basketball and a rare pokemon card.

The larger boxes included $10,000 dollars in cash, full gaming setup, slingshot car, wi-fi bbq grill and a custom nike shoe collection.

As for the mysterious $250,000 mystery box, the contents included a Lamborghini Profiline FZ 30 and a Lamborghini Aventador.

40 Cars (For Giveaway)

In one of his largest challenges ever, Doanaldson decided to surprise his 40 millionth subscriber with over 40 cars he personally purchased.

The cars included a black porsche, chrysler, custom 40 million subscriber tesla and a spongebob car.

Its thought Donaldson spent over $500,000 dollars on the cars which were loaded up onto transporters and parked on his 40 millionth subscribers lawn.

Other cars included a Mustang, Grand Cherokee, Subaru and after managing to give 39 cars away to friends and family, Luke won the custom wrapped Tesla.

Car Dealership

Opening up his own brief car dealership, Mr Beast spent over $100,000 dollars on twelve cars and then reduced the prices by over 99%.

Cars purchased went for crazy prices including one for $0.50 cent and another was given away completely free with him even giving one to his own brother.

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