Fake Billionaire Lifestyle of Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev

Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev who is thought to have swindled over $10 million dollars from unsuspecting dates on various dating apps, today we dive inside the lavish billionaire lifestyle of Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev.

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Having over 200,000 followers on his, now deleted, Instagram account, Simon Leviev, claims he is the 31 year old diamond merchant son of billionaire Russian-Israeli mogul, Lev Leviev and has traveled the globe.

With pictures of flights on private jets such as the Gulfstream G650ER and a private Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter, you would think his luxury lifestyle comes with the job title.

He proudly sits behind the wheel of his red Lamborghini Aventador Spyder while also flaunting the good life in the backseat of a Rolls-Royce.

The reality of the people who gave him this luxurious lifestyle, however is somewhat different and he has been accused of stealing $10 million dollars from Tinder dates over a wide timeline.

Arrested in Israel during a 2019 special operation, Simon Leviev only served five months in prison and continued to post on social media during this time.

Thought to have a current net worth of close to $1 million dollars, money that was stolen from people such as Ayleen Charlotte, who lost hundreds of thousands of pounds and ended up with credit card debts after dating Leviev who claimed he was in danger.

Other victims include Cecilie Fjellhoy, conned out of £185,000 and and a Slovakian private jet firm that said they were owed close to $1 million dollars.

Tinder Swindler Watch & Clothing Collection

In virtually every photo you see of Simon Leviev, a watch can be seen, but its now been revealed that many, if not all of these watches are indeed fake.

In one picture, he can be seen wearing what looks to be a Hublot Big Bang while other pictures include gold rolexes and even a coveted and ridiculously expensive Richard Mille.

Its thought these were puchased from fake market stalls or from online shopping websites.

He was seen posing in luxurious clothing items from brands such as Versache trainers, t-shirts and jeans.

Luxurious Travel of Simon Leviev

While Leviev’s love of watches is abundently clear, so was his lust for travel, something he spent a considerable amount of his victims money on.

Pictures show that he enjoyed first class travel in private jets, chauffeur driven limo’s and has beenm onboard several luxury yachts.

Splurging the money he conned from his lonelyheart victims, Simon Leviev also built up thousands of pounds in luxury hotel stays with places such as the four seasons in London and penthouse suites in Bulgaria.

Private jet travel is of course, not cheap, and flights from one country to another often come with $100,000 dollar price tags.


Sometime in 2019, Simon Leviev was arrested in Israel after one of his victims tipped of police that he was flying into the country from Greece.

He was tried in Israel and sentanced to 15 months in prison while ordered to pay £31,000 to victims of a decade old crime spree and just $4200 in fines.

No charges were brought for the crime spree across Europe, and after just five months behind bars, he instantly resumed his lavish playboy lifestyle by posing in-front of a Bentley Continental GT.

Now wanted on an interpol warrent, its thought they are ready to arrest him, should he step foot outside his home country.

Continued Scams

Hiring a PR firm in a bid to polish his tarnished reputation, Leviev began posting pictures of himself with celebrities including Israeli big brother contestants and Instsgram Model Kate Konlin.

Leviev has also claimed he collaborated with Netflix on a new documentary that reveals the extent of his scams and says he should be called “the Tinder Donor” because of the money he spent on his many accusers.
More recently, he has been accused of posing as a medical worker in order to get an early Covid vaccination, which appears to have succeeded.

He has been seen relaxing on a luxury yacht while smoking an oversized cigar while taunting his victims and anothe picture shows a bright-red Ferrari worth £250,000.

He has also setup a website business offering financial advice and holds seminars to talk about how he made millions in the real estate business with each seminar costing an attendee roughly $500.

Outstanding Warrants

It would now appear that Simon Leviev, whos real name is Shimon Hayut, is wanted in seven different countries for romance fraud and money laundering.

He currently remains free to boast about his lavish lifestyle and mock his victims from afar while continuing to enjoy his lavish lifestyle and swindle more unsuspecting victims.

He is currently a fugative in Sweden, England, Germany, Denmark, and Norway and has become to be known as The fake billionaire.

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