Top 5 Houses Billionaire Donald Trump Owns

Weather its his Beverly hills mansion, the Kluge Estate of his New York Penthouse, we are taking a look at the top 5 houses owned by Billionaire Donald Trump.

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5 — Kluge Estate

The Kluge estate is a 2000 acre estate that Donald Trump likes to use when he heads south.

The huge estate, which compramises a 23,000 square foot estate and a working winery and vineyard, was formally owned by german Entreprenuer John Kluge, formally the richest person in America.

Trump snagged the property for a bargain $14.5 million dollars after Kluge’s widow, Patricia Kluge defaulted on her loand and the bank of America took control of the home.

Trump first purchased the front and back yards and then let the gardens become overgrown and erected no trespassing signs all over the lawns before holding the bank over a barrel for the best price.

4 — Beverly Hills Mansion

When Donald Trump heads to the west coast, he does not stay in one of his own hotels, preferring to stay in his 23,000 acre mansion located on Rodeo Drive in beverly Hills.

Featuring a flood-lit tennis court, private pool, spa. library and media room with marble floors, original mouldings and a dramatic marble staircase fit for a movie star entrance.

Donald has recently sold the house for an undisclosed amount of money, reported to be in the millions.

3 — Seven Springs Estate

Located in Bedford New York, this sprawling mansion complex contains 60 rooms, 2 serving wings, 15 bedrooms, three pools, including one encased in Italian marble, a bowling alley and 230 acres of land.

There was originally a plan to build a golf course on the site, however these were later dropped and it became a family home after being aquired for just $7.5 million dollars in 1996.

2 — Mara-A-Lago

One of Trumps most prized assets is the Mara-A-Lago estate which is a 17 acre property with a 20,000 square foot ballroom that was formally used as a private mansion and is now used as a hotel.

The club is members only and comes at a pretty high price when you want to visit and is currently worth in escess of $250 million dollars which makes it just short of the $317 million dollars for the White House.

Donald Trump made Mara-A-Lago his permanant home residence in 2021 after leaving the presidency and has not returned to other properties since.

1 — New York Triplex

If you have ever seen Donald Trump’s building on fifth avenue, then you might not know that he actually lives on-top of it.

This three story penthouse is designed to look like the palace of Versailles and has almost unparalleled views of Central park, while being decked out in typical Trump Style.

Currently one of the most valuable properties in New York City, and could easily sell for over $100 million dollars.

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