Pandora Papers – Secret Billionaire World Leader Lifestyles

We look at the secret billionaire lifestyles of 5 world leaders exposed by the Pandora Papers and take a look at exactly what they have been up to.

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5 — King of Jordans Malibu Mansions

Having been the king of Jordan since 1999, you can imagine that Abdullah II is a pretty rich guy, and you would not be wrong with him having an estimated net worth of close to $750 million dollars.

The Pandora Papers have revealed a massive property portfolio, perviously unknown and aparently completely legal with properties in the UK and US, mainly in Malibu, California and in London.

Worth more than $100 million dollars, his offshore property empire includes four apartments in Georgetown, Washington DC, three seven bedroom cliff-top homes in Malibu worth $50 million dollars and a seven bedroom apartment block bought for $6.5 million in 2012.

Also revealed in the papers were eight properties in London and the south-east England, purchased through offshore companies.
The king also owns a large yacht, named Sarafsa, which is often seen in Marmaris and is considered to be one of the largest 100 yachts in the world.

The four-level yacht operates with 20 personnel, is fitted with a heating system situated under the marble flooring and all of the faucets are gold-plated.

4 — Vladimir Putin’s Secret Monaco Apartment

Purchased by Brockville Development Ltd, this secret abode is located below the world famous Monaco casino.

Eventually traced back to the presidents alleged lover, the luxury fourth-floor flat is thought to have cost around $4.1million dollars and was purchased in secret.

Its understood that since becoming good friends with the president, and being rumoured to be his secret lover, she has amassed a luxury portfolio of assets which include a yacht and properties in moscow totalling over $100 million dollars.

Putin is known for his extravegent spending after a $1 billion dollar palace that featured a gold toilet was revealed by opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Other suspect properties in Putin’s portfolio several homes in Sochi and a large underground city, located in Siberia, dubbed the Putin Bunker.

The president is thought to have amassed a net worth of close to $200 billion dollars.

3 — Andrej Babis French Riviera Chateau

This Czech politician and businessman has been serving as the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic since December 2017 and made a secret multi million dollar purchase in 2009.

Located in the French Riviera, the massive $22 million dollar five-bedroom Chateau Bigaud sits on 9.4 acres and is nestled between medieval ruins and lush forests.

Hidden in a part of the world where Picasso spent the last 12 years of his life, the secret home was purchased through offshore companies and ownership was kept strictly a secret.

Having long rejected all allegations of wrongdoing, its also been revealed that Babis is alleged to have fraudulently obtained €2 million Euro’s of EU funds to build a hotel and conference centre named Storks Nest.

With a net worth of close to $4.6 billion dollars, Babis fortune comes from 210 different companies in everything from agriculture to renewable energy to media and originally started work as a fertilizer trader.

2 — Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s Property Empire

With more than $500 million dolllars of property deals including 17 properties and an office block at $44 milion dollars alone, this multi million dollar man has even sold property to the crown estate.

Aliyev is thought to have purchased the office block for his 11 year old son Hedyer Aliyev in the exclusive Borough of Mayfair in 2009.

Another office block, located close to the first was sold to the Crown Estate for $89.3million dollars, something the estate has said was completely legal at the time.

Aliyev is thought to have a 2022 net worth of around $900 million dollars and is often seen sailing on two state owned yachts worth $59 million dollars.

Each yacht uses $2,000 worth of fuel per hour while the average Azerbaijani earns just $5,040 per year.

1 — Najib Mikati’s Offshore Havens

Thought to be worth more than $3.2 billion dollars, Mikati is one of Lebanon’s richest people and launched a satellite phone company in 1982.

Now owning an investment company with assets in South Africa, Europe and the United States, he is said to have purchased a $10 million dollar mansion in Monaco through off-shore company Hessville Investment in 2008.

Mikati has also been linked to several British Virgin Islands-based companies through his son, Maher as well as an office in Central London.

Mikati’s M1 investments has recently purchased telecom operator Telenor Myanmar, a well known deal that was completed for $330 Million dollars with plans to spend another $330 million over the next three years.

Mikati has purchased many expensive items over the years including a large palace in central Tripoli and motor yacht ‘Mimtee’ which can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in 11 cabins with rumours of a private jet also used for business trips.

Among other assets in this billionaires portfolio is a massive Chelsea mansion that covers two properties and includes a massive underground swimming pool, large lower ground basement and a lift.

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