18 Secure Places To Survive Lockdown And The End of The World

Billionaires spend millions on security and with the threat of a world ending event ever present its probably best to look for a safe place to live should it happen….

places to visit in New York City

18. Roman Abramovich’s Yacht

Thinking a yacht may not be the safest place to hide during the end of the world? Think Again!

Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse not only cost him $500 million dollars its two main security defenses are an anti-paparazzi laser shield and a surface to air missile defense system.

The boat has its own armed security force, pressure sensitive floors, large CCTV system and if you get past all this security he has access to his very own James Bond-style submarine in the stern!

Bulletproof windows and an enhanced radar detection system complete this fort Knox of the seas, and yes, it does have all the mod cons of a normal giga-yacht when your not under attack!

17. The Ryongsong Residence

One place where the end of the world, or should we say your own country is North Korea and where better to spend the rest of your days than in North Korea’s most secure building.

The Ryongsong Residence is the main home of Kim Jong-Un in Pyongyang and as you can probably imagine, security is tight.

Constructed by a Korean People’s Army is was completed in 1983 under the rule of then leader Kim Il-sung and later used by his son.

Security features include underground wartime headquarters that is fortified with a lead case and walls with iron rods built in along with concrete 18 feet thick.

Numerous military protect the headquarters and they are stationed around the complex and in possession of mass scale conventional weapons.

Surrounding the residence is an electric fence, mine fields, security checkpoints, underground tunnels and a private train station.

When it comes to entertainment… it has everything, literally EVERYTHING!

16. The Corbi Residence

Described as a home for for a bond villain, this fortress-style mansion is located high in the Hollywood Hills and does not feature a standard set of keys.

Bio-metric security takes precedence here and the home, Built in 2001, has fingerprint scanners. iris recognition scanners and DNA key-card security before you even get through the front door.

the home’s security system was set up by Corbi’s firm Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments and is reported to be totally Earthquake proof.

Its wine cellar doubles as a bunker that also releases a disorientating fog spray to trap and confuse home intruders and has two panic rooms and steel-reinforced concrete walls.

If thats not enough the home has bullet proof windows, a helipad for a quick escape and a series of iPad’s mounted into the walls provide 100% CCTV coverage.

Laying in bed when there’s trouble? Well fear not, the bedrooms are described as ‘safe core’ and can both be sealed off from the rest of the home with 1-turn of a vault style key.

15. The World’s Safest House

Nicknamed “The Tsui House” (Fish House) this near-indestructible structure is located in Berkeley, California and its walls are made from a mix of recycled Styrofoam and cement.

invulnerable to both termites and fire, the home is built on the Heyward Earthquake fault and is yet also immune to these natural disasters.

Constructed between 1994 and 1995 the home has its own storm drain system to prevent flooding, its own natural solar heating and wind cooling systems and several levels below ground.

14. The Kardashian-West Mega Secure Mansion

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West purchased this $60 million fortress, they made sure a 24/7 manned security pod was installed in their garage.

Layers of Pentagon-level security lead up to the front door which is lowered over a secure style moat-type structure and armed security is everywhere.

Also on the compound is the most secure CCTV system you could have in any home with several panic rooms and dogs patrolling 24/7

13. The End of the World Rice House

If you thought Kim and Kanye’s house was secure then feast your eyes on The $14.7 million dollar Rice House, located in Atlanta and carrying the nickname “Georgia’s Presidential Compound”.

Security expert, Al Corbi is behind the features here and the home, designed for an acting president, has its own bunker, just like the White House and perfect for riding out the end of the world.

The command center covers 15,000 square feet and is fortified with concrete while every bedroom in the home has its own panic room.

Ballistic doors on the panic rooms and every entrance to the home have three layers of Kevlar and can be automatically locked via an app from anywhere in the world.

The walls on the home are also both fire and termite proof with bullet-proof windows and a ‘Bat-cave’ garage is hidden behind a waterfall.

The home has its own self-sufficient water, heat and electricity, secret spiral staircase entry and its own glass-floored observation tower.

Described as “one of the, if not the safest houses in america” its perfect for even the most paranoid of billionaires.

12. Saddam Hussein’s Bunker

Moving into the world of amazing bunkers now and if you haven’t seen our video on 11 Expensive Billionaire Apocalypse Bunkers For The Super Rich then check it out at the end!

Long Before Hussein was toppled in the American Led invasion, he had many bunkers located around IRAQ, none quite so extreme however, as the one underneath the Presidential Palace in Baghdad.

Able to withstand a nuclear bomb the size of the one dropped on Hiroshima, detonating 250 yards away, this fortress was designed by German security consultant Karl Essar.

The bunker cost £96 million to construct in the 1980’s and was fitted out with a water recycling unit, air filter, electricity generator and secure lift to all floors.

Six foot Reinforced Concrete walls filled with Tungsten rods surround the inner structure which has 5 floors with giant steel springs to absorb bombing attacks.

The escape tunnel is equipped with blast doors and the living quarters located 90 feet down on the bottom floor can house 50–80 people at one time.

The bunker also had its own hardened war-room among other amenities such as bedrooms, staff quarters and areas for the revolutionary guard.

11. Atlas Missile Silo House

When you dont want to build your safe home above ground, why not construct it inside an abandoned missile silo, which is exactly how the Adriondack Park Missile Silo House has been completed.

This 3,000 square foot living space nestled underground within the silo’s walls and build underneath a main home has blast-proof doors that weigh 907 kg each.

Should you not feel safe in this underground fortress then you could always escape into the skies as the complex has its own airstrip!

10. The Kremlin

You have seen it in the movies now experience the Apocalypse inside one of the most secure buildings in the Russian empire.

The Kremlin is the main government building in Moscow and is protected by 3 layers of human security including a special security unit, army regiment and members of the FSO, Russia’s federal protection service.

It includes five battalions, two of which are directly responsible for guarding the fortress, honor guard units on posts and another 500 men with tanks and armed vehicles based in a Moscow suburb.

Next comes the elaborate network of CCTV cameras and sensors with the walls covered in them and no space left un-monitored and the walls climb-proof.

All flights over the Kremlin are prohibited, including for quadro-copters, the walls are 21 feet thick.

And just a mile to the south lies Russia’s massive state of the art military command and control center with hundreds of military personnel from every military department.

9. Buckingham Palace

Protected by one of the largest armed personal protection guard services in the world, Buckingham Palace is protected by the Queens guard who are armed with ammunition in their Assault Rifles and by law are allowed to disable, or kill a threat.

The palace is protected by a considerable set of steel and iron gates along with a fence and the Protection Command detail of the Metropolitan police, along with heat sensors, motion sensors and CCTV.

Several incidents of people breaking into the palace have been recorded over they years, this may not be the most 100% secure place to live out the apocalypse!

8. The KWK Safe House

Nicknamed “Poland’s Zombie-Proof Home” it has been built just outside Warsaw and features 7 foot outer walls which are completely move-able being made with steel and mineral wool.

Heavy shutters cover the windows and a drawbridge stops all access to the upper levels if necessary.

The doors are blast proof and the windows close to turn this place into a blast proof fortress and CCTV cameras cover every wall and internal room in the home.

Its not all doom and gloom for this home tho, it features a secure swimming pool and massive entertainment system that can be watched on one of the outer walls

7. Vatican Secret Archives

Located deep under the Vatican City, these archives are rarely seen by human eyes, very few pictures also exist, they are that secure and secret.

The Secret Archive is separate from the Vatican Library and remained closed to outsiders until the late 19th century and is only accessible by entry card.

Anyone entering needs an introductory letter from either a recognized institute of research or a suitably qualified person in their field of historical research and your name and address are required for entry, oh and you must be over 75 years old!

6. Cheyenne Mountain

Famous for appearing in the Star-gate movies, this place actually exists in real life, and was up until recently the location of NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

The complex is the only high-altitude facility certified by the Department of Defense to withstand an electromagnetic pulse and its 25-ton blast doors also protect against biological and nuclear attack.

5. Indian Creek Island

Nicknamed Miami’s Billionaire Bunker, this gated private island community has a 13 person police force for its 42 residents and its own armed guardhouse with only one bridge entry point.

There are just 34 homes on this island which is made up of a large golf course and has residents such as billionaire investor Carl Icahn, supermodel Adriana Lima and former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula.

Police patrols are both on land and at sea and you need to be on the guest list just to enter, with no photos allowed anywhere.

An eight-bedroom, Mediterranean-style mansion will easily set you back $24 million dollars here and they have their own security too including panic rooms, armed security and CCTV.

Security is so tight here that if you are visiting, you cant even get out of your car unless someone knows you!

4. Granite Mountain

Known simply as “The Vault” this huge complex is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and lies 600 feet into the north side of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Housing the world’s largest collection of genealogical records construction was started and completed in 1965.

The atmosphere inside is climate controlled and entry requires you to pass through several checkpoints manned by guards and dogs.

3. Area 51

Its the most secure and protected military base in the world, and a good contender for the safest place on the planet to survive the apocalypse.

Motion-triggered sensors surround the perimeter, patrols of armed guards are constantly surveying the grounds and the base has its own air-defense system with a large secret weapon reportedly on-site, possibly giant a rail-gun.

The airspace above Area 51 is restricted to all commercial and military flights not originating from the base itself and use of deadly force is authorized for anyone trespassing past the markers.

Armed guards known as “Cammo Dudes” patrol the perimeter and stop anyone attempting to get onto the site.

2. The White House

Another building that would be perfect for Surviving Lockdown After The End of The World, the White house is a contender for the most secure building in the world.

The official residence and and office space of the President of the United States, security is mainly handled by the United States Secret Service.

The windows on the building are some of the most impenetrable windows known to man and the grounds are covered in sensors.

Weight-sensitive pressure pads have been installed under the carpet and a number of trinkets are loaded with alarms in the Oval Office.

The air pressure is kept at a higher level than usual to help expel elements in the event of a biological attack and radiation detectors run 24/7.

Agents wear sunglasses equipped with video and spy cameras and overall there are 1500 agents protecting the building at any one time.

Facial recognition technology is commonplace, their is an anti missile defense system and the Presidential Emergency Operations Center is located under the east wing.

The main bunker, however supposedly lies under the North Lawn and is five story’s underground with room for the entire white house staff.

1. United States Bullion Depository

The home of Americas gold, Fort Knox has been called the most secure vault on the planet and for good reason, no one is getting in here!

Starting with the fences, which are electric, you need to get through at least three of them and they are also surrounded by land mines for extra protection.

Machine guns are reported to deploy when laser beams are triggered and a radar surveillance system keeps watch over the ground and the skies.

Then there is the manned deployment… Guard boxes sit at each of the building’s four corners, plus sentry boxes by the entrance and on the roof.

Then there is the army base, and were not even inside yet, which holds around 40,000 members of the US Army with access to tanks and heavy artillery.

If you manage to get inside you have access to a vault door weighing 20 tons and measuring 21 feet thick, you will also need at least three members of staff who each have one part of the code to get inside.

If you get past all this, you then have to contend with the rumored flamethrowers, vault flooding system and incapacitating gas located in the corridors.

Fort Knox is by far the safest place to survive the Apocalypse, if it does not kill you first!

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