Robert Mugabe And 10 Expensive Things He’s Owned

Robert Mugabe had a net worth of around $10 Million dollars and owns a large home in Harare and a fleet of cars, we look at 10 Expensive Things he owns, check out the video below to find out more!

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10 – Hong Kong Mansion

This $4 million dollar mansion is set in the green hills of Hong Kong’s new territories and is thought to have been acquired in 2013.

The 1,300 square foot property is thought to contain numerous bedrooms, bathrooms and is decorated in elegance with a garden featuring both a driveway and private pool.

Some confusion has arisen as to exactly who owns the house, with one of Robert Mugabe’s former friends claiming the property was stolen from him.

The house was used extensively some years ago, while Bona Mugabe, Grace Mugabe’s daughter, was living their while studying in Hong Kong.

The Mugabe family apparently abandoned the home after it was burgled some years later and their own security detail, shaken by the event, moved them to a safer location.

9 – Harare Mansion

Located in Zimbabwe’s capital, this massive mansion is considered to be more of a palace than a house thanks to its sheer excellence and notoriety.

The mansion features 25-bedrooms and was reportedly constructed by a company from Serbia and designed by a company from China.

Outside the home, there are two lakes that sit on 44-acres of landscaped gardens and the whole compound is protected by a state of the art, multi-million dollar radar detection system.

The mansion features a large outdoor pool with roman style architecture, massive dining room with space for 30-plus guests and a large master suite with super-king-size bed.

Prices for the completion of the property are currently unknown, however its thought they run into the tens of millions of dollars.

8 – Luxury Travel Coach

Later down the list, you will find out about the Robert Mugabe car collection, however, first, we turn to his massive luxury coach which is thought to have cost around $1.7 million dollars.

The coach features a bedroom, rear salon, bathroom dining room and has its own small integrated kitchen for preparing meals on the move.

The living area is carpeted and Mugabe had all the fixtures and fittings made from solid gold, true to his flamboyant style.

The whole coach is computerized and features an intelligent air conditioning system that can be accessed from the tough of a button on one of the many computerized touch-screen display’s.

There is a 20KW on-board generator, roof mounted air conditioning unit, satellite navigation, 23-inch LG LED TV, 40-inch LG LED TV and three 28-inch LG LED TV’s.

Robert Mugabe had one of the finest travel coaches anywhere in the world and definatley the finest in Zimbabwe.

7 – Hamilton Palace

Robert Mugabe is thought to have once owned part of Hamilton Palace which is located in Sussex, England alongside his former business associate, Nicolas Van Hoogstraten.

The massive $40 million pound structure has been left incomplete after works on the property ceased when Hoogstraten left the UK foe business interests in Zimbabwe.

The property is surrounded by large gardens and a second building is partially constructed next to a large lake.

The mansion has been nicknamed the ghost house of Sussex after it was left a derelict construction site for many years, rotten and falling to pieces, angering locals and the community.

6 – Farmland

After the land seizures back in the year 2000, it is thought Robert Mugabe and his family, took at least twelve farms for themselves and converted some of them into personal retreats worth millions.

It is thought that some of the farms Mugabe owns cover around 15,000 hectares and some of them are used directly to feed government employees and soldiers.

5 – Balito Mansion

This home, which is located in a secluded private compound, is thought to have been built for the sole purpose of the retirement of Robert Mugabe and his family members.

The house has been described as a fortress with a personal bunker, bulletproof windows, guard towers and more personal security that a private army.

The compound features extensive parking areas, two man-made lakes and gardens that are fitted with lush vegetation.

It is thought that Robert Mugabe and his personal security services now have complete control and access both too and from the compound mega-fortress.

4 – Mercedes Benz S600L

Robert Mugabe’s Mercedes-Benz SL600 was custom built in Germany and is armored to a B7 Dragunov standard.

This means, the car, which is considerably better than the previous model, can withstand AK-47 bullets, landmines and grenades.

On-board features include a CD player, movie system, internet and various bugging devices designed to protect Mugabe.

The car was built in Germany and features a 4.7 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine and run-flat tires.

3 – State Rolls Royce

One of the original parts of the pomp and pageantry that accompanied state openings of parliament in Zimbabwe, this car was often escorted by over 200 soldiers and 30+ mounted policemen.

The car has the national standard on the front and is always guarded by the Robert Mugabe personal protection detail.

2 – Zimbabwe Diamond Company

Formed recently, this state diamond company was created to oversee the production of the countries diamond markets which are completely controlled by Robert Mugabe and his government.

The company was setup after Mugabe caught several diamond mines stealing from the government and he decided to clean house.

In a massive purge, the mines were stripped of workers and a new business government set of authorised workers were sent in too replace them.

The diamond mines are thought to have produced over $15 billion worth of diamonds over the last few years, while much of them were shipped out of the country behind the backs of the government for Mugabe’s own personal wealth fund.

1 – Zanu PF

Officially named the Zimbabwean African National Union Patriotic Front, this conservative socialist ideology is completely controlled by Robert Mugabe through a politburo and central command structure.

Anti nationalism and anti-imperialism in the form of opposition to western domination of the world and liberalism are key elements in the party ideology.

Mugabe basically rules with an iron fist and all enemies of the state are eliminated either by murder or by being dragged through the court and prison system later being executed.

The party controls all natural resources in the country from farms to oil and even grain and most food production.

More recently, the party and wife of Robert Mugabe stated that is he were to die, he would contest the upcoming elections as a corpse.

It is thought that members of the party have made hundreds of millions of dollars off the backs of ordinary Zimbabweans.

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